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The Oxford Club is a private investment club, which provides its members with investment newsletters, reports, and opportunities from Investment Director Alexander Green.

Alexander Green is the author of multiple newsletters and books concerning investment and wealth in the United States, and has over 20 years of experience working on Wall Street.

To subscribe the Oxford Club and their multiple publications, a Premiere Membership costs $149 a year, while a Provisional Membership – which offers the majority of benefits of a Premiere Membership – sells for just $99 a year.

What Benefits Do You Get With Your Membership?

When you first become a member at The Oxford Club, you will receive five different detailed research reports available on current investment opportunities, including investment in gold, oil drilling, and pharmaceuticals, among others.

You will also get two monthly newsletters, The Communique and The Ultimate Income Letter, which will keep you informed on opportunities throughout the year, as well as email alerts if Oxford Club believes that the stock has hit a ceiling.

If you opt for the Provisional Membership instead of the Premiere, the only benefit you lose is access to the Membership Exchange, with one free listing each year.

All memberships at The Oxford Club are automatically renewed, so if you do not wish to continue your membership after the first year, you must cancel your subscription in advance.

Concerns About Oxford Club

Some of the stocks recommended by The Oxford Club are microcap stocks, or stocks that are generally very cheap per share. These stocks are often criticized because of how easy they are to manipulate.

A company can buy a large amount of shares at the affordable price, then encourage others to purchase the stock to instigate a rise in the share price. Once the price has risen significantly, the company can then sell their shares, resulting in the stock price dropping.

It’s important to double check all stock recommendations that you receive, as ultimately all investments, gains, and losses will be your responsibility.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Oxford Club " is 2.39 out of 5 based on 227 reviews.
  • Info on the $3 Stock?
  • Well, very interesting comments and responses. I've just invested $99 in what was presented by Mr. Green. As a wise sage once said: "We'll see."
  • I am a former subscriber and soon to be a resubscriber.3 years ago they recommended Mercado Libra or(Meli) it was at the time floating from 80 -120. Per share .as of today the stocks is almost 4 times higher than 120.Thanks Communique.
  • Matthew Carr has actually changed my life. His recommendation of Canopy Growth enabled me to buy a new car, thank you Matt. I have also closed out many options recommendations for hundreds of percent gains, as well as the gains in the underlying stocks. The only problem I'm having is getting filled on a number of options plays even if I'm sitting at the computer when the recommendation comes in. He might recommend something where the option is trading at $1.40, I will go to trade it literally seconds later and it's already $1.90.
  • I have enjoyed my many years association with the Oxford Club. I have profited (and lost some money) from its many reccomendations which I choose to use as starting points for my own analysis in trading options, stocks and bonds. To this end their recommendations have never failed to cover the cost of subscription. I think the Club provides an excellent platform for inexperienced and/or DIY investors to learn and use the markets (training stops,position sizing, trade strategies, etc.) as well as provide useful information for more experienced traders to use. But I would also offer the caveat that the Club and any similar agency is not a fiduciary. Therefore one should use its services as they are intended, as recommendations for further review against a given investors’s criteria for risk tolerance, market understanding, life stage and stress level.
  • Thank you for your feedback.

    I believe he is just selling club membership for $49 ....
  • I’m a 82 yr old grandmother, who thought it would be good for my 2 grandsons college funds. Mind you, I depend on my Social Security check but invested on this One Stock for our children’s future. It was in September 2018, and you sing the same song with no results. Where’s the Money?! Shame on you, Mr. Green, Oxford Club, and every name on your company letterhead!!! Your rating: F
    • Hi Janette, Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We are sorry to hear that you might have some concerns regarding an investment recommendation by one of our Editors. The Oxford Club takes the satisfaction of our subscribers, and Members very seriously---and always try to ensure the best experience. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss this further with you. If you would be willing to talk further, please send us an email at [email protected] with your details (including name and best contact information), and I would be happy to personally follow up with you.

      Thank you,

      Nikki Roeill

      Member Loyalty Specialist
  • How do these scammers avoid prosecution?
    • Hi Melvin, Thanks for writing. The Oxford Club takes the satisfaction and successes of our Members very seriously. We take into consideration every piece of feedback that we come across, and diligently ensure that we are always improving in order to meet the needs of our Members. If you would like to connect, please send us an email at [email protected], and I would be happy to schedule a time to talk further.

      Thank you,

      Nikki Roeill

      Member Loyalty Specialist
  • Just a few quick thought's here is true, as gar as known companies go. The question is, are you willing to give him money for a company name. More than likely, if the company is what he says it is, you will make a lot of money over the years it takes to establish it. If it becomes the boom he believes, every dollor you invest will help raise the stock price too. So you have to ask yourself, do you nelieve in hom enough and are you willing to invest how ever much money in his pick. If yes, go for it. If no, don't. My recommendation, do the due diligence and figure out what the company is on your own. Then check them out and make your own decision. He gave enough information in the speel to research it online. Whose made computer boxes for all the major players, has thousands of electronics patients, etc.etc.
    • Hi Mike, Thank you for providing such a thoughtful review. It's not easy to distill our "purpose" into one short phrase. However, The Oxford Club's ultimate goal is to connect like-minded individuals, like yourself, and help our Members achieve a Rich Life... We say that to become truly rich, you should be building not only financial capital, but intellectual and social capital as well. The Oxford Club affords our Members many opportunities to do this, by providing:

      - Unbiased, premium investment research

      - Building and establishing strong industry connections, networks, and relationships with independent-minded people

      - Extraordinary experiences

      - Educational resources

      …And much more.

      The Oxford Club takes the satisfaction and successes of our Members very seriously. We take into consideration every piece of feedback that we come across, and diligently ensure that we are always improving in order to meet the needs of our Members. If you would like to connect, please send us an email at [email protected], and I would be happy to schedule a time to talk further.

      Thank you,

      Nikki Roeill

      Member Loyalty Specialist
  • (You forget the 799.00 charged to me,which equal to $ 0 cost to you and (you), invest 1000,00 in a ETF,) of your choice,(send me that one best ETF) and I will invest with you from start with my cash , and I be part of your team to make that ETF grow and we will both win, (You will win big time with the many members investing growing the ETF bottom line for us. (It looks like you want to win double, Reap the benifits up front). See the bad BBS reviews your getting with your poor approach to your opportunity position. Take the 799.00 from future gains someway from the group and pay your company from that if that is nessasary to be fair them. Also re-arrange your guarantee to be quided if your group Gains or looses. You have the confidence in your quarantee not your members.
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