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The Oxford Club is a private investment club, which provides its members with investment newsletters, reports, and opportunities from Investment Director Alexander Green.

Alexander Green is the author of multiple newsletters and books concerning investment and wealth in the United States, and has over 20 years of experience working on Wall Street.

To subscribe the Oxford Club and their multiple publications, a Premiere Membership costs $149 a year, while a Provisional Membership – which offers the majority of benefits of a Premiere Membership – sells for just $99 a year.

What Benefits Do You Get With Your Membership?

When you first become a member at The Oxford Club, you will receive five different detailed research reports available on current investment opportunities, including investment in gold, oil drilling, and pharmaceuticals, among others.

You will also get two monthly newsletters, The Communique and The Ultimate Income Letter, which will keep you informed on opportunities throughout the year, as well as email alerts if Oxford Club believes that the stock has hit a ceiling.

If you opt for the Provisional Membership instead of the Premiere, the only benefit you lose is access to the Membership Exchange, with one free listing each year.

All memberships at The Oxford Club are automatically renewed, so if you do not wish to continue your membership after the first year, you must cancel your subscription in advance.

Concerns About Oxford Club

Some of the stocks recommended by The Oxford Club are microcap stocks, or stocks that are generally very cheap per share. These stocks are often criticized because of how easy they are to manipulate.

A company can buy a large amount of shares at the affordable price, then encourage others to purchase the stock to instigate a rise in the share price. Once the price has risen significantly, the company can then sell their shares, resulting in the stock price dropping.

It’s important to double check all stock recommendations that you receive, as ultimately all investments, gains, and losses will be your responsibility.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Oxford Club " is 2.38 out of 5 based on 239 reviews.
  • I read every body Review about there Oxford club, interest and membership and about that new product called hyper-fi, the new Wi-Fi and every body waiting in a limbo to get played from the money they invested it's left me wondering and waiting myself and because of that I won't invest my money in to that but every body got there own choice and opioning that's my choice.
  • I recently heard about the Bond Advantage, the Payroll Certificates. can someone please tell me if this is real
    • Stay away from this 'service'. Too many of his bonds have defaulted and are not very safe. I keep getting bankruptcy notices on his recommendations.
    • payroll certificates are merely the oxford club catch phrase for short term hi yield corporate bonds. This service can be successful, and I am in it. Two cautionary points:

      1.Pick the bonds labeled b- or better, although the yields are less.

      2. Beware of his sell recommendations at a capital loss, which he advertises as "minor" sometimes they are NOT. Try to stay 3-5 years out, good companies, and buy at a discount, and you will be fine. Reject his hi-flyers. He has some flameouts and bankruptcies in those issues, and he has no insider info at all---that I can see.
  • I am a very Senior and would like an opportunity to make some investments that are reliable and not to expensive , if if do invest, could I list my children as beneficiaries ? I do not wish to leave anything that would be left in Limbo ! I did some investing years ago and had a very good income, but every time my kids needed money it was " Hey Mom" and i would give it to them and was never paid back .

    Right now I do not know how much more time i have left and would not like to leave them without any assets ! I did buy some precious metals and that might be a good alternative, but you never know if that will be a good investment as the government is always threatening to confiscate any money that we have saved, right now more than ever ! I am not pleased as to what they are doing to the citizens of the US ! this is not a letter for a review but an impression of life as it is today !

    Is it a good time to invest under these conditions ?
    • I will say the market has out-performed High-Yield bonds tenfold over the last year. Why invest in high-risk assets with low rates of returns especially if you are a senior?
    • for doesn't matter.

      I am not sure what planet you are living on, but the government is already confiscating citizen's money via asset seizure all across America, without warrant or probable cause. The Health Care legislation is also confiscation via taxes and surcharges on the middle class to support this grandiose scheme---with no positive benefit as to health care for the poor or anyone else----just more expensive for the majority of us, and unbelievable intrusion into our personal data and the doctors practice. If things become dicey, expect capital controls and a government haircut to your bank and brokerage accounts a la Cyprus.

      Yes, it can happen here and probably will if more pseudo-Marxists get into power.
    • you are correct sir. I would stay away from the stock market and invest in short term hi yield bonds as I have described above in the Oxford Bond Advantage---read the above notes.

      5-10% in silver and gold bullion, as cheap as possible, will probably be good too.

      This administration is bent on wealth redistribution, which was exactly what the Health Care legislation accomplished with no improvement in health care for the poor.

      The immigration enthusiasts also want to pick our pocket to support 20-40 million south of the border folks who will require food, housing, medical care, schools, jails, courts, etc.----so taxes will go up to support these "new" voters who vote their pocketbook and freebies only.
    • PS. The government is NOT going to confiscate your savings, either. Stop watching Faux News.
    • I don't know which is worse, buying gold or handing out money to your kids every time they think they need it.

      Get a competent fee-based financial advisor. That does NOT mean someone who gets paid by commission. It will cost you a few hundred, but it's better than throwing your money away like you have been doing.
  • I enroll the Oxford membership and they charge the membership without any authorization. It frighten me and disconnect from them.
    • They are also quick to cancel upon request and are courteous about it. As with any stock recommendations, research tools are widly available on the internet. I find Yahoo Finance to be an uncomplicates source of plausable research. Maybe you are not communicating with them properly.
  • Pick and choose wisely.If it sounds to good to be true then it probably is not.Research and make a common sense decision.I do not pay for the extra hype they try to sell. I like what advice Marc Lichtenfeld has offered.
  • I listened to the pitch on the internet. Reminded me of the old Amway sales pitches as well as the old "Investor Properties" pitches used in the 1970's. All I can say is be cautious.
    • Hey VERN, There is NOTHING wrong with AMWAY " AMERICAN WAY" Its just you have to get off you fat ass and work it, its NOT a GET RICH SCHEME,YOU can get RICH, but it takes WORK ! I know because my family was at the top !
  • what a crock of s--t
  • I am already a member of the Oxford Club. Where can I find information on how to join in the investments I have read about.
    • Try Yahoo Finance - a good basic source. Enter the stock symbols on their Watch List and review periodically.
  • I have just joined the Oxford Club and am interested in the Bond Advantage, Payroll Certificates. Has anyone else invested here? They sound too good to be true with rate of return.

    • stay in the hi yield short term corporate bonds rated b- or better and this service is ok. Ignore the hi flyers---he has a lot of flameouts there, and some bankruptcies. stay in the 3 to 5 year maturity range and try to buy at a discount, you will be fine. Expect 6 or 7 percent return, and possible capital gain on maturity if you buy at a discount.

      Examine his frequent "sell" recommendations with a jaundiced eye. He has to keep touting bonds to appear active, and often recommends selling a stable bond at a significant loss so that he appears busy and touts a new one for you to buy. You can ruin yourself with this service by selling bonds a lot cheaper that when you bought them, so by stable ones and hold to maturity.

      Avoid his hi flyers, and mining and oil are not good bets now.
    • Hello Patti, did you already join the Bond Advantage, Payroll Certificates yet?

      I am in the Oxford Club for almost 2 years now. However, these payroll certificates are new to me.

      Did you join yet?

      Let me know soon.

  • My question is why are all of your reviews from people that go back to January 2014 or before? I'm just hearing this now & it's February 2015. I have heard of "The President's Private Stock Market" in the past & yet I am a bit confused how this relates to the Oxford Income Letter? I must be missing something. Regardless I am forwarding this information to my broker b/c I would like his opinion on what you folks are offering.
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