Paid 2 Save Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Paid 2 Save, found online at, is a new multi-level marketing opportunity which promises people a way to not only save money on all their daily purchases but also gives them a way to earn money.

Their website says that they understand that people have a large number of things they would love to purchase or experiences they would love to have, if they could just manage to afford it.

The goal of Paid 2 Save is to provide you with a special membership that gives you access to savings opportunities that make these things and experiences more affordable, and also gives you a way to earn money by selling their memberships to other people.

How Do You Save Money?

To become a Paid 2 Save network member you will need to pay an initial sign-up fee which has been quoted as being around $200. You will then pay $50 per month to maintain your Ultimate Membership.

The Ultimate Membership is described as being able to provide people with savings opportunities at places like restaurants, movie theaters, even health care providers and dentists’ offices.

Perhaps their most in-demand feature is their DreamShares, which is similar to a timeshare ownership that members can take advantage of and which promises to help people benefit from great travel opportunities.

The Problems

There are actually many different problems with this company. First, and most important, is that they charge their members quite a lot of money for the opportunity of saving money. This isn’t a great business decision in a world where there are different companies that Groupon and Living Social that you can use for free.

The other serious issue is that on top of the monthly fees you spend to maintain your membership, you must always be signing up new members in order to keep your membership active and receive the most benefits available.

This structure is not remotely beneficial to the customer. If you are someone looking for discounts and savings opportunities, paying a monthly fee for them on top of also working to recruit new members to keep your benefits is unnecessary. There are many other ways to find discounts and promotional offers, including joining free loyalty programs and signing up with other free services online.

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