Paid Instantly Club Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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The Paid Instantly Club, found online at, says that they provide people with a way to get paid “instantly” and without having to recruit new people or sponsor new members.

Their website says that most money making opportunities available on the internet rely strongly on members being able to recruit new members, either from their personal pool of family and friends, or trying to find cold leads on the internet, both of which can be extremely difficult and is often one of the main reasons people dislike MLMs.

In addition to having the opportunity to get paid instantly without recruiting new members, this website also says that their members can get started with as little as just $3.00.

The Promises

As mentioned above, this is not a company that forces their members to be reliant on recruiting new people in order to earn money. All you have to do is purchase an ad pack which is priced at either $3.00, $6.00, or $12.00.

Once you purchase your pack you become a part of a matrix cycler, where the newest members to purchase packs will have their fees paid up toward the top of the matrix. Members can maintain six different matrix positions at one time.

Limiting their members to only six positions at one time provides the most opportunities for all their members, and gives their business model “sustainability.” Members will not move out of their matrix position until they have received two payments from that particular position.

As that time, if they are waiting on another position, they can purchase further ad packs and hold six positions simultaneously once more.

The Problems

The most significant issue with this opportunity is that it is essentially a Ponzi Scheme, which is a type of investment or business opportunity where the existing members of the opportunity earn money simply by taking the investments of new members.

The Paid Instantly Club tries very hard to distance themselves from this characterization by emphasizing over and over that their program does not rely on recruiting new members for existing members to earn money; however, they do require that all members purchase new advertising packs after they have received three payments, otherwise they will no longer be able to earn money from their system.

But forcing their customers to constantly re-invest effectively eliminates the need to be constantly recruiting new members, and the structure of a Ponzi Scheme is still in place – the money being earned by members isn’t made from selling products or services. Customers should avoid these types of programs at all costs, as they are illegal and ultimately are not sustainable.

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