Paid Surveys Etc Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Well, this is not the first time Reviewopedia has investigated a paid online survey company, and it probably won’t be the last.  The latest website I’m looking into is Paid Surveys Etc. claims that you can make between $500 and $3500 a month completing surveys online, and it will only take you around 5 – 15 minutes to complete a survey.

Michelle McAllister is the face behind Paid Surveys Etc, and on her sales page she tells many heartwarming stories, including details about how she completes a survey in the morning before making her two kids breakfast and walking them to school, and how she generously explained this paid survey system to her sister so she could quit her job and stay home with her newborn daughter.

Unfortunately, it appears that Paid Surveys Etc is a scam.  There are a couple of reasons why I say this.  First, though I am not a paid member of, there are a couple of issues with the claims that McAllister makes.  There is no consistency with the figures she quotes on her website.  She has three different wage ranges in three different locations on her sales page.

Also, when you first sign on to the site, a box pops up claiming that “due to an error that ocurred with paid members” she is offering everyone a 50% coupon for membership, as long as they enter their email address.  There is a note adding that this offer is only good for 3 days from this date; the date happens to be 3 days earlier!  Wow, good thing I got here just in time.

Unfortunately I suspect that the 50% off coupon will always be there, and no matter what day I look at the site, it will always be the last day of a 3 day offer.  In fact, I’m sure of it – you can find many other customers posting in business forums that reference their 50% off coupon, dated much earlier than Dec 9, 2009; as early as 2006.

Finally, there have been reports from previous customers that when they signed up to, they were never able to complete a single survey.  Either they were always told they weren’t qualified to take a particular survey – after they had spent a large chunk of time filling out paperwork – or they simply never received any surveys.  But whatever the complaint about, the outcome was always the same: bad customer service number, no way to get the “guaranteed” refund.

The truth is that there are companies out there who will pay you to take surveys.  The pay is never as high as all the websites trying to sell you a membership will claim, but if you’re looking for some extra cash you can sign up with companies for free.  Check out an earlier article we wrote on paid online surveys, which includes a list of companies that are free and have proven reliable.

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  • I'm not sure what it is with trying to get paid to complete online tasks, but it never seems to work out for me. Maybe I'll have some better luck later, but it seems there are a lot of scams out there careful.
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