Paid to Place Reviews – Is Kathy Garcia Legit or a Scam?

Paid to PlacePaid to Place by Kathy Garcia is a website that promises to show you how to make money online placing simple ads. Anytime an opportunity like this comes along it’s very important to carefully research it since in most cases it’s too good to be true.

Right off the bat there’s a clear warning sign on the Paid to Place website that should have you worried about this programs legitimacy. The work at home news video they show has nothing to do with the Paid to Place system; this is a common tactic used by scammers to trick you into thinking that their opportunity is backed by real news organizations.

The video is followed by the all too common desperate Mom story, in which Kathy tells you how she miraculously came across an amazing system for making money from home. Again this is another sales tactic used to appeal to your emotions and have you thinking that this is right for you.

After all that hype she finally reveals her “Almost-Perfect Work at Home Job,” which is getting paid to place ads. She tells you that in today’s economy companies are desperate for people to help them advertise products in an effort to save money on traditional advertising.

While that does sound good there’s much more to this concept than meets the eye…

So Can You Really Get Paid to Place Ads?

Amongst the salesy drivel there are a few keywords that reveal what the Paid to Place system is all about. Even though they claim that you won’t have to sell anything they say that you are given a tracking code to place on and offline ads.

No matter how you cut it that’s affiliate marketing, in which you get paid when one of your referrals buys something or submits their personal info. Understand that there’s no such thing as real companies paying you to simply place ads.

This is a completely fabricated concept that scammers use to sell make money courses. While affiliate marketing is legitimate and a real booming industry, it’s far from what the Paid to Place system claims it is.

Real companies use professional networks to recruit affiliates to promote their offers, these are vetted individuals with websites, marketing experience, and email lists not random people of the street. And even then they only get paid when one of their referrals completes an action, not just for placing the advertisement.

So is Get Paid to Place a Scam?

There are enough warning signs on the first page of the website to not recommend it, but when you dig a little deeper you’ll find more reasons to avoid it.

They sell the program for only $18.95 but they’ve managed to sneak in an additional monthly re-bill. In their terms and conditions you’ll see the real hidden costs, something that many people fail to read.

By Clicking Submit, I have ordered Paid to Place™ for $18.95 which includes a 14-Day membership to the Paid to Place Learning Center that is chocked full of ways to make money online. After the initial 14-days I will be charged $39.95 a month thereafter if I do not cancel. I have read and agree to the terms and the privacy policy . For questions or to cancel, call 1-888-656-1601 ext. 101 , customer service hours are M-F, 9am to 5pm, MST

Coincidentally on the sales page Kathy says that when you place your ads you’ll be getting paid per sale and on a second tier residual sale. This might mean that the Paid to Place system will simply teach you how to place ads promoting the Paid to Place system itself. Which would  just be a new twist on a common scheme.

If you’ve purchased Paid to Place use the above number to try and cancel and get your money back. This may be difficult because in their terms and conditions they’ve also buried a statement saying that monthly fees are not refundable so they might only give you back the initial $18.95.

Here’s additional contact info:

Paid to Place™
144 W. Brigham Rd. Suite 8B
St. George, UT 84790
[email protected]
Customer service: 1-888-656-1601 ext. 101

*It seems that the Paid to Place system has been updated.  There is new contact information, a message from Michelle Boudreau, and they’ve removed the monthly re-bill from the cost of their membership.

Here’s the new contact info:

Paid to Place™
1000 N. West Street Ste. 1200
Wilmington, DE 19801
[email protected]
Customer service: 1-866-439-6817
Customer service – 9am-5pm, MST M-F
Michelle Boudreau

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • Is there anybody out there that has a different number than the St. George number? I can't get ahold of anybody and the voicemail is full. I'm not getting any response from the emails. I need my money back. $191 goes a long way when you're not employed. PLEASE HELP!!!!
  • I just got off the phone with someone from paid to place claiming to be a "mentor" to help me get this business off the ground( I made a whole $1) along with the help of $1000 down and $168.00 per month for 18 months. Lets not mention the $77 that I spent to get this bullshit!!. And for the customer service rep that spoke earlier, I do have a job a damn good one but it requires hours away from home that's why I fell for this crap, I was so desperate to spend more time with my family and still earn $6000+ per month. Your talking about people being lazy why don't you get a real job and get YOUR ass off the couch that you are scamming people from!!! Life is funny karma is a bitch and when it catches up with you miss thang and this bogus ass company, don't "ask" why? Say these words, "I deserve it". Oh and for the record you are not a customer service rep (they are a bit more professional) you are a skank that got tired of making money on her back and decided to make it sitting on your ass ripping people off!!! Yes people it is a scam!!! No doubt about it!!!
  • Hi, my name is (Bleep), I work customer support for Paid to Place. I have to say that I have no mercy for you idiots trying to get rich quick from at home. I mean, how lazy can you be? I work 40 hours a week in an office, answering phone calls. Originally, the job description was troubleshooting for the Paid to Place program. However, it seems all I do is hear bitching and whining from you people, wanting your money back. Well, first off, nobody forced you to use your credit card. Second, if you have a problem with ANY company, and the customer service rep (me) is telling you there is nothing that can be done, then you, (the idiot), should call your fucking bank and file a dispute. Threatening me with "lawyers" and the "BBB" will NOT get your money back. Calling me every day will NOT get your money back. Calling your bank and filing a dispute WILL get you your money back. Are we learning yet you dumb shits? And btw, Paid to Place is not a scam, its just a poorly run business. Scams do not have customer support, scams do not send out paychecks for the clients who are actually successful at this program. Scams take your money and skip town. Now stop your bitching, if you have money owed to you by Paid to Place, then don't call me, call your bank, problem solved. Have a nice day Morons.
    • And one more suggestion. If you don't want to be mislead by Work-From-At-Home companies, then get a real fucking job people. Get off welfare, fill out applications and get to some burger flipping. At least its honest work, you get paid for it and you don't have to invest any money into a "training" program. As I said, I don't feel sorry for any of you and nor should anyone else.
    • Oh, and your address information is out of date. Paid to Place is located @

      765 North Bluff St. Suite K2

      St. George, UT 84770
  • I too ordered in end of march and cancelled less then 30 days, i got an email for the cancellation but told 30 days for refund, called then was told 30 business days, then called and told it'll be ther in a week, it is July!!! i would love to get in the class action $97.00! I want it back!
  • I have been calling for weeks now. Every time I called, I kept getting excuses as to why they haven't done anything. Then, I got a phony email, cursing me out. Then another acting like they were the Federal Trade Commission. I do not understand this mess. My 57.00 is precious to me, this is crazy! When a class action id filed, please let me know, cause I want my money back!!! I will NOT count this as a loss! They are scammers for real!
  • I bought into the program on February 14th and requested my refund on March 19th 2013. As of today, I have called several times to get my refund which I still haven't received. The first time I called I got a woman named Kris that said she replaced the person that used to handle the refunds and thats why mine did not get processed and she would take it personally to the refund department that day. Obviously that did not happen. Each person I talk to looks up my account, sees that it did not get refunded, tells me that they are going to get it taken care of "today" and then nothing happens. "Not taking it" please let us know where your attorney goes with this. I left a message today with management and am waiting for a response.
  • Similar to what I am reading below, I too was scammed. Out of work and didnt really have the money to spend but thought i would try it.....After a month of no results decided to take advantage of money back gyarantee hhhhhhaaaaaa what a joke!! They first told me 10 days then 30 now it is 30 business days and now they hang up on me everytome i call, it's ridiculous dont fall for their scam!
  • I have spoken with my attorney he is liking what he is seeing and is looking into a class action law suite keep the complaints coming people
    • I have been waiting 6 months for a $191 refund. The St. George customer service line is a bunch of junk. I used to call and get the run around. I try calling now and there is no answer and the voicemail is full. I've emailed several times and I get no response. Anybody out there have updated info about this "company" so I can continue trying to get my refund?
    • I have the same story. 97 dollars out! It really is about the principle of it. There has to be a way to get this site shut down. :(
    • I AM IN FOR A LAWSUIT AT THIS POINT IT IS ABOUT THE PRINCIPLE! I have now been waiting 64 days!
    • I cancelled mine April 9, 2013 & still getting the run around they told me they are just customer service they only respond to their management through email, have no way of giving me managements contact info & would not cc me on the email so that I can see they are even requesting the refund.
    • Thanks for your update what number did you call and which manager did you speak with that you were able to get your money back from??
    • update I have to say after talking with the manager I got my money refunded to me it took a few days to hit the bank but she did what she said she would do and im thankful
  • Someone should put paid to place on on torrent sites...
  • Save yourself a headache and keep your money in your pocket !

    It's a total scam .

    I guess I'm not the only one that after cancelling , had to call SEVERAL. Times and never got her money back .

    Don't fall for it !!!!
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