Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 22 reviews Review It is a new website dedicated to helping average people find work at home jobs in social media management, which they claim is currently the highest demanded job in the country.

Paid Social Media Jobs says that all companies, from the largest to the smallest, are starting to realize that they need a presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter in order to stay competitive.

But many of these smaller companies cannot afford to keep a full time social media manager on board, so they are outsourcing the work to independent workers who can do the job entirely from home.

What Kind of Experience Do You Need? claims that the best part of becoming a social media manager is the newness of this position. Since this job has only been created in recent years, there is no one out there with a collegiate background or formal training in this field. The field is literally open to everyone.

However, Paid Social Media Jobs claims to be able to give you a leg up on the competition by not only connecting you with companies that are searching for social media managers, but also by training you.

Their training focuses on how to apply for these jobs, what to say in interviews, understanding what will be expected from you in this position, and – most important – how to be a successful social media manager.

What to Know

In exchange for all of the training and knowledge you will be supplied with, you are expected to pay a one time fee of $77.00. If you choose, you can take a 3 Day Trial for $1.00 to see the kind of information you’ll be given.

If you aren’t interested in the job opportunity, you can cancel before your 3 Day Trial is over and receive no further charges. But if you would like to move forward, you simply do nothing and at the end of 3 days you will be charged $77.00 and receive your full membership benefits.

Also, visitors should be aware that does share your contact information with third parties for advertising purposes, so keep this in mind when giving them your email address.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Paid Social Media Jobs " is 2.18 out of 5 based on 22 reviews.
  • Can someone please help me to get an online job that is not a scam? Where can I find an online job like this and is not a scam? Thank you very much.
    • (if you dont live in california)
    • You can go to and make a profile there with skills and services you want to Sell what you can do like writing articles, creating online stores etc. Just look at It is free and doesn't cost anything.
  • Thanks for all the heads up... I almost applied!!!
  • Thanks people for all the input because me myself was wondering about this business and like someone mentioned earlier what respectable business is going to send you a spam email. If they're legit they would also have some kind of live assistance or some kind of number for you to call in which you can speak to someone that represents the company
  • The ideology behind many of these comments are highly flawed. Saying it's automatically a scam because there is an upfront fee is like saying McDonald's franchise is a scam due to the franchisee fee required to get into the business. You have to do better than that when reviewing a product. However, what I do not like about PSMJ is the scarcity tactic they use to encourage interested people to sign up. Usually when a strategy like this is employed it either means the product is not really as good as the claims or it's a brand new product/service that may not be ready to deliver a good enough quality that will satisfy the customer. The industry is actually starting to do something about these types of tactics because it is getting old and people are starting to catch on to what the seller is trying to do.
  • Massive scam!!!! Instead I found it's not a massive amount of money but at least I made couple of hundreds £ in a month spending an hour in Fb.
  • I I do believe that if a company wants you to pay them for a job scam. Go to the support email address on are on their site I've got no response after sending it several times then I came here and found these reviews so of course confirmed my first thought scam!
  • I have been applying for jobs on PSMJ for over three months now. I paid a subscription fee through PayPal but it's been two weeks, I have not had a response. Instead I am getting more emails about jobs which I have already applied for.
  • scammed me out of my money. BEWARE. REPORTED
  • Let's be honest from the outset: any company that requires you to first pay them a fee before they they can pay you is nothing less than a scam, similar to pyramid schemes. I first heard of this website because they started spamming my blog. No respectable website spams; it could be considered illegal and is almost certainly against Google's terms and conditions.


    If you want to earn money online, consider doing some freelance work for websites like Textbroker or Populis. Never, ever part with you money for websites such as these; they're supposed to pay you for doing the work.
    • Thank you all especially people such as yourself Rob and all those who kindly shared your honest reviews. Although it was a definite negative experience for you in a way for what it’s worth i came here to seek answers about the site in question with at least 75% of my mind set out to sign up to get scammed by these clowns had i not read your reviews. Thank you guys for sharing the truth !
  • ANYONE who wants you to pay a fee up front is a SCAMMER!!! DO I need to repeat myself?? Dont go for this crap people you'll get burned!
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