PaidVerts Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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PaidVerts, found online at, is pay-to-click website that offers to compensate members in exchange for watching the chosen advertisements that are sent directly to them.

Advertisers and companies use PaidVerts to send their advertisers to users who will view them and not only get exposure to their company, but also to give them some feedback on their ads.

As the PaidVerts member pool grows larger, and members view ads, the advertisers will be able to have access to a more targeted audience. Because of this, they pay PaidVerts, and in turn PaidVerts has the ability to pay their members.

How Does PaidVerts Work?

First, users must sign up for their free accounts and register in order to begin receiving ads on a daily basis. When you are sent ads, you have 18 hours in which to view the ads and complete the process otherwise the ad will be pulled from you and sent to another member.

When you click on an ad to view it, you must watch the ad and then submit three lines of text about the content of the ad and the company or service it is representing. You then must visit that company’s website for at least 30 seconds.

Once you have completed these tasks, you will “unlock” your cash payment. You can also earn “Bonus Ad Points,” which is the measurement of your value to various advertisers. More bonus ad points results in your ability to receive larger valued ads.

What To Consider

Using pay-to-click websites is a legitimate way to earn small amounts of money online. Most of these sites only pay a few cents for each advertisement watched, but this company states that as more information is gathered about you, and as your Bonus Ad Points add up, the advertisements they send you can pay as much as a dollar or more.

Potential members should also note that while this company works with many different payment processors, they have different fees and different minimum cash out amounts depending on what processor you use.

In general, this company doesn’t seem to have many customer complaints regarding the way they do business, so it is up to the potential members to determine whether or not this company is a good fit for them personally.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • Only be fooling people. Fake site. Not paying. Don't encourage such sites.
  • Yes Dude it is correct
  • I am using paidverts from months but its very difficult make a lot money without any investment..Because to get 1$ you have to click more than hundred ads (if you are lucky) each of 30 Seconds with lot of copy paste things so,it will cost more than 2-3 hours just to make 1-2 $ initially so if you invest good otherwise its difficult..But recently came across this crowdsoursing site which give mini jobs from which we can earn about 10-20 $.. So it helped me a lot to invest that money in paidverts to get some constant high amount ads now with higher bap group.
  • Did anybody get screwed over yet? If they invested money, and couldn't transfer the money to paypal when they got serious money?
  • It is a long process... you have to be patient and you HAVE to buy at least a couple of dollars worth of ad packs if you want to get rid of the low value ads.

    You have to put a referral name at the beginning... if you do not, they automatically put the number one guy on site as your sponsor... He is rich enough... try putting somebody you know that is in it.

    If you do not know anyone, feel free to put my tag: Valcatraz

    Thank you
  • I recently got paid $300. Sign up now
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