Panel Bucks Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 16 reviews Review It is the online home of Panel Bucks, a website which promises to give people a way to earn extra money from home with one of the oldest and most popular internet industries, market research.

Long ago, online market research became one of the most popular ways of earning money online because people were told all that was expected of them was to simply provide their own opinions and own experiences in exchange for some form of compensation.

Panel Bucks is not actually a market research company that enrolls members and distributes surveys directly to them. Instead, they partner with a wide variety of market research companies that they encourage you to sign up with.

The Promises

The first promise they offer their potential members is a signing bonus of $25 when they finally commit to enrolling. Once you are enrolled, you will have immediate access to their directory of free market research companies to sign up with, mystery shopping jobs, free online coupons, exclusive offers, and work from home opportunities.

The website is very clear that the best strategy for their members to earn as much money as possible with market research is to simply sign up to work with as many different companies and opportunities as possible.

Panel Bucks goes on to say that the companies they work with will pay their members between $3 to $75 for surveys, $30 to $100 for participating in focus groups, $10 to $50 per hour for mystery shopping jobs, $2 to $50 for trying new products, and $150 or more per hour for work at home opportunities.

Is Panel Bucks Legit?

The fact that Panel Bucks does not ask their customers to pay any membership fees is very important, and is a good step in the right direction, but ultimately this company doesn’t seem very ethical or trustworthy, mostly because they are making a bunch of promises they can’t possibly keep.

The worst is the outrageous numbers they quote for their members’ earnings. The website says that their members can expect to be paid $10.00 for a short survey and up to $150 for a focus group survey.

By any reliable measure of online market research, these numbers are ridiculous. A short online survey pays closer to ten cents than it does to ten dollars, and though $150 focus groups do exist, they tend to be offered only after you have built up experience and a relationship with a company, and even then only if you are willing to do an in person focus group – not an online survey.

The biggest red flag, however, is their promotion of “work at home opportunities” that can pay more than $150 an hour. What this means is they plan on partnering with companies that train you in independent business opportunities to sell you expensive and generally worthless training courses. This is not to the benefit of their members, and because of this, prospective members should find their surveys from other companies.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Panel Bucks Reviews " is 1.38 out of 5 based on 16 reviews.
  • They keep on sending me emails telling me I have all this money but yet I can not cash it out. I have asked them over n over n over again to tell me on how to cashout n yet still no response it is all scams they need to be turned in...
  • How can we cash out our earnings if we don't wanna go further than the surveys we do Do? Is it real, can I speak to a real customer service representative?
  • @Jamie AKA Jme...

    Giving 5 stars for our comments is counterproductive. You are actually giving the company a rating of Excellent, which brings up their ratings, therefore giving them some credibility, which only helps lure more people to fall prey to their scams.
  • Me too Sally
  • I have been dealing with your so called company and havent recieved nothing. I will get a class action law suit against you people. You should be ashamed. Lie Lie and more Lies
  • Panelbucks keeps sending me emails about deposits waiting for me to confirm..$250 and up...what does this have to do with taking surveys? Seems very fishy to me...I clicked on the first few which took me through the black hole of I just delete them because there's no legit reason for them to be giving me that money...
  • panel bucks only has you to take a servy and another and another and the list goes on. i am so over the flood of fake servy's that i wish i could stop these scammer's who only want your information.
  • One more word to the wise...When you do research the survey companies to find out if they're real or not? Please keep in mind they're aware you'll research them if your smart. So obviously they're a step ahead of you by making out a web-link to their own site when you google search or any browser you use to research! They'll have all these fake reviews saying: This company is excellent I got paid $379.00 just answering a few questions!"

    Watch out people these fake companies already know you'll search them online to find out if they're legit or a scam! Such has I did when I researched these companies!

    No money you'll be rewarded only money that gets swapped is coming out of your bank acct into their fat bank account(s)! These companies are getting so much private info from you! Especially, from vulnerable people like myself being disabled! All I was looking for was to be able to be productive in some small way! But these companies, they prey on you & hope that your weak! Once you fill out the registration form & place in your email, phone number etc.? Your doomed and hit extremely hard with soliciting phone calls that never end and emails that drive you crazy! Subjects in all emails are: YOU WON! Or You have a check coming for a certain amount of $X-dollars! All to get you lured in again to doing another survey! It's a horrible roller coaster ride that never ends! PLEASE BEWARE!
  • I'm beyond stumped right now! I made it very clear I was disabled and I was extremely limited & I wanted to still feel productive do something constructive with my life! So, I started doing many different online surveys I registered with and I researched these companies I started with that went on to say these were honorable companies! Well? They're not!

    I've done a few surveys already and I'm asked the most outrageous personal questions. After filling out page after page after page of personal info of myself! These questions start off asking: "what type of soap do I use?" To "how much is our annual income?", "When will our policy for insurance on either the car, health etc., expire etc.?" I started to hit the "None Above" answers on the rest of the survey questions. Realizing I was taking a survey for these companies on myself & my spouse while being promised I'd earn all kinds of free products and free education plus get paid straight into my mailbox at home a check! The list goes on & on of lies! By the time you get to the end of the survey. Has promised from another survey company that said I earned a $1,000.00 Visa card, Or brand new top of the line $799.00 Cell phone, or a $1000.00 Walmart Card? The last pg. of the survey, they tell you now you have to buy a product in order to complete the survey! YET? It's supposed to be all FREE! If you don't buy a certain product out of a huge list of many products they offer you to buy? You just wasted up to two hours filling out the survey by answering questions that never seemed to end! I've had it with scammers, shams, lies! It's a total joke! Don't do these surveys. They lure you in by saying: "You can make a good extra income doing surveys online with these companies that are all a hoax to get only your personal info! More info they get then credit card company get's from you when filling out a form for a credit card! It's and outrage!
  • Thats great and all I needed
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