Panel Payday Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Panel Payday is new website which promises to match its members with “verified paid survey panels,” in addition to a wide variety of other opportunities to earn money using the internet.

Unlike many other survey companies around which claim to give people access to high paying online surveys, Panel Payday says that registering with their website is completely free and will give you instant access to their partner companies.

Members can also qualify to earn an instant $25 Sign Up Bonus when initially registering with the company.

What to Know

Panel Payday does a good job of emphasizing that their website is just a place to earn “extra money” instead of a website which will make you rich or replace your day job.

But it is important to know that Panel Payday is not actually the company who you will be working with. Instead, they are simply a website which connects you to their partners, who will ultimately be paying you money.

The $25 Sign Up Bonus is from third party providers when you complete their offers, and their surveys come from independent companies like Panda Research, InboxDollars, and Global Test Market.

The Last Word

When dealing with websites like Panel Payday which connects you to other companies to make money, you must keep in mind that this website will receive money from their partner companies in exchange for your contact information.

This means that they have motivation for promoting companies which may not be the most beneficial for you. This is especially important to keep in mind when evaluating their “real online jobs,” since this is an area which attracts many different unethical or questionable opportunities.

And always when you are being asked to “complete offers,” as in the case of the optional $25 Sign Up Bonus, you must be extremely careful about the Terms & Conditions of these offers, otherwise you may often end up paying more money than you earn.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Panel Payday " is 2 out of 5 based on 19 reviews.
  • Biendo lis comentarios no se q decir pero me envian mensajes que tengo varios cheque y no veo respuesta clara solo quiero saber donde dirigirme gracias
  • It's a scam I've been waiting for a year my the money I've made maybe the post office is behind on delivery a year behind right big scam
    • A big scam cause I never got the info on how to get the money and it is not cool at all to be playing with people who are really looking forward to getting paid for taking the time to meet the requirements for the serveys for you,and I'm pissed!
  • Im writing a complaint and calling make shure yall get sued im tierd of yall fakes lies
  • This pay panel company survey is a total scam now after taking three or four surveys I'm getting phone calls Non-Stop and I receive no benefit none
  • I have to agree ladies and gentlemen I think they're full of crap I've tried several of their surveys I've completed them and I as of yet been able to see a confirmation number to recieve my card and there's a couple of thousand dollar cards just happened to be one of them tonight that I filled it out for paid for their silver deals I've bought everyone they've got I've never received not one of the thousand dollar cards are the hundred dollar cards are the hundred $50 cards that they promised to send I have to agree with you people and I wish that someone would tell me honestly I'm where I could do surveys and be paid for online I am disabled and I cannot live on the Social Security that I receive I need to make some extra money please help me if possibly at all
  • Best scam website ever..... go ahead put ur credit card number and BAM go full BANKRUPT MODE!!!

  • Hello my name is Yunier Valle I won $1000 a week for life when will my reward arrive.
  • This website is Wack. They are just a middle man basically.
  • I'm not sure,I have done several of the survey's recommended. Thought I was earning "PayPal" Credits??!! Don't know where my rewards are??!! And have recieved only (1) of my ¿Prizes? Some movies for my grandkids.
  • I can't find my account
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