ParentSpeak Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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ParentSpeak, found online at, describes themselves as an online community of parents that have volunteered to work with C + R Research, a professional market research company.

The website says that ParentSpeak has created a place where parents can connect with other parents just like them to discuss any issues, questions, concerns, products, or anything else that comes to mind.

But ParentSpeak also offers their members the additional opportunity to share your opinions through C + R Research projects, including discussions, polls, surveys, diaries, collages, and more, in exchange for rewards.

What Can I Expect from ParentSpeak?

Like any other online research opportunity, you can choose to put as much or as little time into ParentSpeak as your own personal schedule allows. All participation on their website is completely voluntary, at all times.

They will attempt to invite you to take at least one survey or one other rewarded project each month, though the number may vary depending on whether they need to hear from moms or dads, parents of older or younger children, and any other number of factors. Just because another parent has received a survey or other invitation doesn’t mean you will.

The website says that most of their surveys will offer you a reward of $1, and if you qualify for additional questions or follow up projects, you rewards can increase. If you truly want to increase your earnings, it’s best to complete every project to which you are invited, as it will likely lead to more projects and more incentives.

Is ParentSpeak Legit?

ParentSpeak appears to be an ethical, well liked and well regarded company whose projects their members genuinely enjoy participating in.

This company appears to meet all the requirements of a trustworthy market research company. They do not ask their members to pay any fees to be a part of their research community, and they are open and honest about the potential infrequency for rewarded projects.

They are also honest about how the vast majority of their projects will pay around $1, and that customers must reach a minimum of $10 before they can pay out their account, which is an incredibly reasonable amount.

All-in-all, it appears as though this company would be a good choice for parents who are interested in making some extra money with online market research, and who only want to work with Legitimate Online Survey Companies.

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