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Partner with Tom, found online at, is a new work at home earnings opportunity from Tom Rockwell, who claims that his “proven” system for making money online can work for anyone.

Tom Rockwell uses his website to explain to his website visitors that he is currently a multi-millionaire, but the way he earns money requires him to work with partners in order to be compensated by a third party source.

He promises that you can copy his money making program, step by step, completely for free. He promises that his system is 100% legal and ethical, and provides a service that millions of people need.

How Does It Work?

At no point does the website explain what type of work you will be doing. Instead, after you sign up to “partner with Tom,” you will be redirected to a new sales page where it is explained that in order to use Tom’s method, you must get a website.

Further, in order to use Tom’s step by step system, with its 12 unique ways to make money, you are told that you must use a website created by this particular provider,

And, though Tom’s money making system is free, the website that you must purchase from this website company will cost you $97. However, Tom Rockwell guarantees that if you are not happy with the program, you can get a full refund.

Warning Signs

The Partner with Tom website is misleading when it claims to give you a money earning system for “100% free,” since you must pay for this $97 website in order to make use of the system.

It is also not a good sign that you are expected to commit to this payment before ever being told what the money earning opportunity is, and what kind of time, effort, and work will be required from you.

And even though there is a promise of a refund if you are unhappy, this guarantee is shaky. There is no third party payment processor when you purchase this system. Instead you pay your money directly to them, and if you would like a refund the Terms & Conditions, just says to send them an email.

A vague, unclear refund policy coupled with the lack of specifics concerning the actual business practices should make all potential customers cautious.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Partner With Tom " is 1.74 out of 5 based on 54 reviews.
  • He is a millionaire Scammer. We should all get together and report him to attorney Genera in San Francisco, Ca. United we will be strong. He lied to all of us. Get a complaint form from your own state of residance and a complaint form from San Francisco Attorney General. This will help to kill his perpetual lying and scamming.
  • I too am trying to get my $27 back with no luck any help would be appreciated ,going to call bank and let them know again that I can't reach anyone at any of these numbers this is a SCAM and I will tell all on facebook tomorrow if I don't hear anything Tom are a theif......
  • Partner with Tom is another scammer on site, He keep empty promise after he collected ahh his money.
  • I signed up for Partner With Tom website and then I unsubscribed. Today somebody called me ... I think that was somebody tried to get me back there as a paying member. Fortunately I came here to see the review of this program.
  • this thing sucks i need my money back
  • I have purchased "Partner with Tom" for $97(5/30/13) and then charged with additional $393.03 as "professional Services not elsewhere C1" which I did not order. I tried to call 888-399-7039, OH but referred to "GLOBAL" which lead me to this page. I am trying to get refund for these charges, but so far no way to get to them. I am glad to know that many of you are having the similar problem and this certainly looks like a fraud. Thanks to the Eugene's advise, I'll contact my credit card company and ask for the CHARGEBACK.
  • thank god i was abt to purchase it, thanks for tha heads up, and sorry for ur loss
  • I ordered 2 things @$97.00 each then I was charged one charge of $97.00 and then $194.03.So I e-mailed them and called LPG Holdings 877-221-9014 And e-mailed my partner No responce so I called credit card company and disputed it.Ordered on 6-28-2013 got a refund on7-10-2013. try this number 661-310 2107.They finally refunded me without going through all the disputes.

    Good Luck
    • Thanks for the info, I got scammed also and my wife was ready 2 divorce me!!I have been trying everything to get my money back and was ready to give up. Your post was a blessing. Thank you
  • Just an FYI They are now sending emails out for Tea Party Members only- Make money from home so be aware.

    Also, for the people that did get scammed you might want to call American Greed tv show, they might be able to help. Also call your state attorny office and report them.
  • Dear sir I would like to have my money refunded as it was a total of $440.03 as this has totally upset my wife and I would like to have my money refunded thank you James G Welsh
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