Reviews – Legit or Scam? is the newest member to a network of websites and companies that sell home business success packages.  These kits are designed to help motivated people start their work at home careers.

The type of business featured on has been discussed many times before on a number of internet forums and consumer sites but with this fresh new look there’s a whole new segment of people trying to find out what this whole thing is really about. simply acts as a gateway to introduce you to the real business that you will be working with.  What you get through Pauls Opportunity is a chance to be part of a team that will provide you support and training to get started in this new venture.

Some of the tools they offer include your startup business package – You’ll receive a special DVD with about a 2-hour introduction to this turn-key business… and you’ll also see how real people are making real money in as little as just a few weeks.

So what’s the Business Featured on

On his site Paul Meyers says that the business you’ll be working with

  • is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange
  • is debt-free, cash rich, and in business for over 25 years
  • has 1,000s of testimonials and full-time income earners
  • did more than 3 BILLION dollars in sales last year
  • and has an A+ BBB Rating

After you go through all the steps you’ll find out that this wonderful company is Herbalife – a direct marketing powerhouse that deals with nutrition supplements, vitamins, and other health related products.

The business kit that you receive goes over the ins and outs of this business in much more detail but essentially the idea, as with any direct marketing business, is to build your business through a network of down lines and customers, so that you get paid on the clients you bring in to this business and portions of what their customers purchase.

Is a Scam?

Now I’ve been critical of almost every multi-level type business that I’ve come across but there are certain facts that can’t be denied.  Just as there are people who don’t make money with these opportunities there are some that do.

For every MLM review on this site there are just as many positive comments as there are complaints.  So what it comes down to is simply informing the potential customer of on what it’s really about so that they don’t feel mislead in any way.

Unfortunately the decision to join can only be made by you alone.  Despite all the hype these types of businesses are not hands free and do require a good deal of work, as with anything in life if you want success you have to work for it.

If you are one of the few that feel cut out for this type of work and want more info there’s a money back guarantee on the business kit.  You only pay $9.95 for shipping and handling and then have 90 days to decide if you want to proceed with this opportunity.  If for any reason you choose not to proceed request a refund from Paul for the $9.95 S&H.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • Please remove me from all your email list. I did not sign up
  • If you want to sell Herbalife, you could just go to their web page and sign up directly.
  • I tried Herbal Life a few years ago. What they don't tell you is that they want you to buy advertising. The cost of my advertising was $149.00 per lead. I was buying 30 and 40 leads a month. So do the math. My first month in the business I made World Team. I was even featured on a world wide webinar. After the first month my leads went sour. I kept investing believing all the webinars that I was required to watch. Before I was done I had lost over $47,000.00. To this day losing that amount of money haunts me. Now let me say that there are some people making millions at this business, but the odds of you making that kind of money is slim. If you have a lot of money to invest then go for it. If you don't then stay away from it.
  • Does anyone know how to get these people to stop sending emails. The unsubcribe link does not work. I think all of us need to start making repeated phone requests to Herbalife headquarters. If anyone has the phone numbers please publish them! Perhaps hundreds of us making telephone calls to Herbalife can make their lives just as interesting as they are making ours.
  • This is a scam. I have no earthly idea why these same people keep filling up my inbox and trash and spam folder with spam...and sending me literally HUNDREDS OF unsolicited emails really pisses me off. I am NOT INTERESTED...STOP BEING A PEST PAUL MEYERS...BETHANY GLUICH, GREG MONTOYA....PLEASE GO AWAY AND TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST OF SUCKERS. My millioinaire friend emails are past the point of is harassment at this point and I am sick of wasting my time deleting your nonsense. I am busy...stop bothering me.
  • Internet Marketers are professional pros promoters...They never mention cons because they're con artists.
  • I've unsubscribed a hundred times. Please remove these annoying emails.
  • hi if you are Paul please unsubscribe me ok thanks but im not interested in this stop sending me these emails they are garbage
  • Herbalife is misleading & there has to be something illegal about not telling folks you are going to charge their credit cards; I mean, I can't steal a card & get one with another name without breaking the law? Why are these things still even happening?

    Jesus Christ
  • The business itself isn't a scam - Herbalife is a genuine company with reputable products. The scam however is around the hype Marketing of this business and a mysterious hidden fee that they charge you if you don't post back your decision package. See, this is how they do it. They suck hundreds of thousands of people in with all this hyped up marketing, then tell you that all you'll have to pay is a credit card fee of $9.95 to have the package posted to you to give you more information about the business. And most people would think this would be a reasonable fee to pay for a business that may just change your life, right? Wrong. The real catch is in the small-print. Assuming that most people won't go ahead with this offer, as it's deliberately mislead them out of the real fact that it's just another pyramid scheme like Amway, most people will say thanks but no thanks. What they don't tell you straight away though is that if you don't post back the contents of this package within 15 days -which you have to buy an A4 Envelope and stamp for- , they will deduct another $39.95 from your credit-card details that they've smoothly acquired through charge of a reasonable postage fee.

    Now tell me - How many people actually get told this information if they don't go ahead with the business, and how many people could actually be bothered (or remember to) doing this if they are told?...Especially within 15 days! Think about it. How many people would be ordering these so called "decision packages"? Thousands upon thousands. Just say 5,000 people order this package around Australia within a 6-month period, and at least half of these people don't bother to send these back and get charged with this $39.95 fee. 2,500 X $39.95 = $99,875.00. That's $100K profit right there for doing practically nothing. Sending out a DVD and a few bit bits of A4 paper. In bulk, these items would cost them practically nothing to produce. That's the real scam right there! The business itself may not actually be a scam, but the deliberate hype-marketing and hidden fee surrounding it IS. Case closed! Over and out :)

    • nice thanks!

      i dig it
    • The big people get the money, not the little ones. They're doing legitimate business with the company, just not making very much.
    • It makes so much sense now since you put it that way.... so how do you get paid??? is it like a percentage that goles to your account for every person that you scam??? cuz this sounds like somethin I can do....
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