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from 19 reviews Review It is a website that promises to give people the ability to earn up to $250.00 per day performing freelance writing assignments of their own choosing and on their own schedule, as they see fit.

Freelance writing jobs are one of the most popular and well known ways for people to earn money from the comfort of their own homes. Many different people and businesses have a need for various writing projects that they may not have in house staff to complete. says that their website can provide these types of independent writing assignments to their members, who can choose to do as many or as few projects as they like, essentially giving them the ability to name their own salary.

How Does Work?

According to their website, they provide people with two different memberships to their website, a Standard Membership and a Premium Membership. The Standard account is described as being perfect for people who are new to freelance writing. You will be given an assignment with a specific date and time by which to complete it.

Once your assignment is submitted, an administrator will look it over to make sure it fits the requirements. Once the assignment is approved, your payment will be submitted and you can withdraw it to your chosen payment method.

The Premium account, on the other hand, is described as being for those who work as freelance writers full time and have established high quality English language and writing skills. These users can work on any assignment and on any topic of their choosing, and generally get paid double that of a Standard user, though they must pay a $50 fee for their Premium membership.

The Concerns

There is actually a long list of red flags associated with this website. The first is that they spend a lot of time emphasizing the fact that they are an American company based in and working out of the United States. However, they indicate all monetary expressions as 250.00$ or 50.00$, which is an international currency expression, not domestic.

Also, the language on the website is obviously translated or written by someone with poor English skills, and contains awkward statements like “jobs are flowing in to your hands and you can concentrate all your strength on writing original content that will get high appraisal.”

Unfortunately it is difficult to tell what country this company is actually operating out of, as they don’t provide a set of legal Terms and Conditions that dictates the use of their website or provides any contact information.

Other red flags include their exaggerated earnings claims, like being able to make $250.00 per day whenever you choose. In reality, freelance writers must work for a long time and become well established before they can command any kinds of significant daily earnings, and some freelance writers never do.

In general, if freelance writing is something you are interested in trying, you will want to stick with well-known and established sites like those included on our Online Writing, Editing, and Proofreading Jobs page.

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