Penny Matrix Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Penny Matrix is a new company which claims to give everyone the ability to earn a monthly income of up to $19,659.60 with an extremely affordable investment of just $7 per month and some time and effort.

After you have invested your $7 and become a Penny Matrix member, you make a goal of recruiting two new members every two days for the rest of the month. If you and your recruited members are successful at this, they say at the end of the month you will have earned $19,659.60.

In addition to the monthly earnings, you will also have access to an enormous library of “valuable” eBooks. After becoming a member, you can download one eBook every month in which you maintain an active membership.

How Does Penny Matrix Work?

Penny Matrix encourages the maximum possible team build effort through offering a 100% matching bonus for every member that you recruit to the program who pays their monthly membership fee.

On the first of every month, as long as you have earned at least $10, you will be sent a check with your last month’s earnings. Each check over $20 that is issued will incur a $3.00 charge.

If you ever become inactive with your membership fees, you will lose any earnings that you would have made that month. When you become active again, your inactivity will be punished by only awarding you with half your earnings for that first month of activity.

Is Penny Matrix a Pyramid Scheme?

One of the most important things to consider when evaluating if something is a pyramid, or Ponzi, scheme is to determine how money is actually being made.

It is obviously very difficult to believe that you can earn this kind of money on a monthly basis through simply recruiting people to an eLibrary program. Possible consumers may have questions, complaints, or even want payment proof before they are willing to sign up.

In an actual multi level marketing program, money is being made through your direct sale of products as well as commissions made from the sales of your recruited associates. In this particular program, money is being made only through the membership fees.

Though the website also gives their members the ability to download eBooks from a library, people are not really purchasing an online library membership – they want an earnings opportunity, and the money changing hands in this program is coming almost entirely from the recruitment of new members.

This is fairly good evidence indicating a possible scam. Yes, members may get paid out, they may even get paid out large sums of money, but this earnings pattern is not sustainable, and eventually everyone involved will likely lose their money.

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