Penny Stock Millionaire Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Penny Stock is a website run by John Bell, promoting his Hack the Stock Market program, which he promises has the ability to consistently make anyone money in the market.

Bell’s program revolves around the buying and selling of penny stocks, a particular type of stock that is valued under $5.00, and sometimes even valued under $1.00.  The strategy that he outline in his Hack The Stock Market report is all about identifying stocks whose prices are dropping, buying them when they are low, and then simply waiting for them to rise in value.

In addition, Bell says that his strategy is so easy, you can read his 62 page report in two hours, and make money with your investments that same day.  To keep making your profits, Bell claims that with only takes about an hour or so a week to research stocks, you can consistently be making money.

The Hack The Stock Market report is offered at for a 31 day trial period which will only cost you $4.95.  If you decide to continue with the program and do not cancel your membership, you will be charged $124.05, for a grand total of $129.00.

So What’s the Deal with Penny Stock Millionaire?

Well, I haven’t purchased or read Bell’s Hack The Stock Market report, but I can tell already that many of the promises he makes are worth questioning.

In the first place, when someone claims that not only is it unbelievably easy to make money with the program they are selling you, but you can also begin making money immediately, you should question what they’re saying.  Bell is literally saying that after taking only two hours to read and understand his program and only one hour each week to research stocks, you will be making $120,000 a year.  That is literally unbelievable.

Next, customer reports conflict with Bell’s claims that his report is easy to understand and simple to use right away.  Many customers have said that the report is filled with minute details and is complicated.  This includes customers who give Bell positive reviews – even they confirmed that this program is much harder to use than Bell says.

And finally, while the first charge of $4.95 is processed through Clickbank, who offers reliable 60 day money back guarantees, the second automatic charge of $124.05 is not necessarily processed the same way.  Also, there is no clearly stated refund policy regarding the second charge of $124.05, which generally means that the $124.05 will not be refunded.

Because of this, you should be particularly careful about canceling and requesting a refund within the trial period if you decide this program isn’t for you, or you may lose your money.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • Thanks Guys.

    Been overloaded with shit from this guy. Was on the verg of joining. But went onto Google for information on him.

    You probably saved me. Thank you.
  • Well I can actually say I joined about almost 3 weeks ago he gave out 4 picks so far the entry price and exit price only had 100 dollars to invest made $99 profit so I'm up 199 now hopefully it continues to go far I can't complain
  • There will always be a person claiming to know the secrets of making money with his "technique". Snake oil sales men are always looking for the weak minds. Get rich schemes are always 100% not accurate. First they promise too good to be true stories. Then they charge a fee. People fall for that magical way of the message. Of course anyone wants to hear "Do this and become a millionaire". People keep wanting the easy way out. A real invention to make money is to be creative and build a business that has real value to people. Selling anything that has disclaimers to protect the so called "secrets" to make millions inventors are not a way to sell a product of any kind.
  • John Bell is a scammer. Stay away!!!!
  • Is this the only site that has reviews on this program???? Has anyone actually made money from Bell's program? I get emails everyday about joining. Could someone please tell me if this is a legit program or a scam?
  • I was interested in John Bell's strategy and picks mostly out of curiosity. I have seen many promoters in the past when penny stocks were the thing in the 80s and traded in the pink sheets. Typically they were high market cap stocks with little or no upside potential and many ways for the insiders or promoters to get out at the expense of those buying. His last 2 picks dropped like a rock after a day or so, where the spike in price probably allowed large profits for someone (who knows whom) at the expense of the loyal followers. His last 2 were TFER currently at 0.201 and NGRC at .181 as of 1/15/2013. He just emailed promising to "make it up" with his next pick. I for one will be looking for his pick ans short the hell out of it because it will drop like a rock if his track record holds true. I say run away fast from this guy. He hasn't a clue what he is doing.
  • John Bell is an utter fraud. His latest pick, Titan Iron Ore (TFER) he hyped for a month and swore he would QUIT if it didn't go over at least $5.00. It opened at about $1.00, I bought at $1.24, the next day it went down and down and down and now sits at 22 cents. From John Bell -- silence, and THEN: "Wait till you hear about my latest pick!!" He probably made a bundle on all of us stupids, but he won't make any money FOR you. RUN the other way! He's a piece of dreck -- and also anonymous, phony address, no contact info.
    • On December 6 he released National Graphite (NGRC). He promised the stock would approach $2.00 quickly. I bought it at .84 and it is now at .30. It has been in a nosedive since I bought it 6 days ago. A 64% drop in a week. He did the same thing recently with TFER. I think he is selling short or pumping and dumping. Very bad info from this guy.
  • I got in on his JAMN pick when the email came to me, I bought in at just under 2.00. It rose to over 5.00..... What's wrong with that profit?
    • It went down to 0.01, this mean that he choose stock that is best for shorting. I would recommend him if you are into shorting
  • Got an email from John Bell saying the next pick would be sent on March 7.
  • John Bell is a scammer. His Hack the Stock Market guide is okay information, but he WILL LIE TO YOU about stocks, saying they have promise, so that he can get his thousands and thousands of subscribers to buy the stock, which he hypes up for months and months before actually revealing them.

    Then people buy the stock, the value shoots up, and he dumps his shares! Then, even after the first major drop in price, where he has made a lot of money, he says he's getting back in the game or that he still has shares, and expects the value to rebound. Then, the value of the stock goes down, and he makes even more money. John Bell is a LIAR.

    Need proof? Go to and type in JAMN for a coffee company he promoted in 2011. Notice what happened around May of 2011. If he really bought the stock at the price he said he did, then he would have lost a lot of money, but he came back with emails talking about how successful he was and how much money he and everyone else made.

    Yeah, they made money, they made thousands off of the people who got in late, thinking this was a real stock with value set to increase naturally throughout the years, when in fact it was just a textbook pump-and-dump stock. As of writing this right now JAMN is worth 30 cents per share! How did it hit 5 bucks for a few days? Because he lied to thousands of people, then profited.

    He should be thrown in jail for stealing money from people this way. He does not make the disclaimer that these are penny stocks, he is lying to people. I lost a few thousand bucks because of this. I have had moderate success in the stock market before this incident as well.

    Do NOT trust John Bell, he will lie to you and fatten his pockets in the most dishonest of ways.
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