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New companies and small companies have opportunities to flourish and can go public at anytime. Purchasing stocks at a low price and selling them at a high price is the strategy of any investor. Penny Stock Wizard is an informational portal to penny stock investors and a marketer for new companies.

A penny stock is a Pink Sheet traded off market focusing on stocks below $5.00. Penny Stocks are shares of small companies sold to raise capital and Pink Sheets are offered to provide these companies credibility. The risk of penny stocks can be contributed to being unpredictable in nature and easily manipulated. On the flip-side, profitability is possible and this can happen in a very short amount of time.

Penny Stock Wizard offers a free penny stock newsletter; within these newsletters, you will find exclusive stock reports and emerging sector growth analysis projections. It is their goal to find emerging industries and unique opportunities outside of Wall Street’s attention. To pick the right candidate for investors, the analysts screen candidates for book value, price to earnings ratio, volume, moving average, shares outstanding, and market capitalization. They provide insight and explanations to assist members through their penny stock picks.

Penny Stock Wizard initially uses paper trading as a means to produce real numbers; the results are presented to investors as another resource of information. The analysts market candidates using email penny stock alerts, detailed investor kits on companies that warrant special consideration, direct mail, audio and video content, online marketing search engine optimization, and social networks (Facebook, twitter, etc.)

While it is important to know the company you are investing in, it is also important to be cautious of penny stock sales pitches. Some of the penny stockbrokers and sites may have an interest in the stock they are presenting to you. Subscribe to a number of penny stock investment sites, follow their investments and evaluate their findings and success. If they are making good suggestions and if they are providing you accurate information, they probably do not have an interest in the company they are reporting to you or “selling to you”.

Make sure that all of your information is coming from professionals in the financial and investment industry. Don’t trust all of the hype, analyze the stock on your own, taking advice into consideration, always remember that many penny stocks are not successful, but buying the ones that are, can be a great way to make money.

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