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from 17 reviews Review It claims to be the internet’s leading penny stock alert website, which provides its members a free newsletter in order to keep them informed of penny stocks that are ready “to soar” in value. says that they choose their stocks based on their evaluation of important criteria: their short and long term growth potential, the company’s growth potential, their products, and the company’s sector of operation. claims that the stocks they alert you to regularly make gains of over 1,000%, and that if you had been following their alerts from the beginning of their newsletter, your gains would be over 40,000%.

Understanding Penny Stocks

The actual name of penny stocks is microcap stocks or small cap stocks. These are stocks that trade under $5 a share, though penny stock alert companies tend to concentrate their focus on stocks that trade under $1 a share. readily admits that most traders and investment teams will not advocate buying penny stocks, as their low price makes them a risky investment.

Because penny stocks are so inexpensive, they can be easily controlled by one individual’s influence. For a manageable amount of money, a single company or investor can purchase hundreds or thousands of shares.

This large scale purchase will raise the value of the stock, allowing the investor to use this gain to convince others of the stock’s potential, encouraging them to buy. After others purchase the stock, the original investor sells their shares, and walks away with a profit while causing the stock’s price to fall.

Is Legit?

Unfortunately, both the Disclaimer and the FAQ sections of explain that they are not actually an investment company. Rather, they are a marketing and advertising company that is paid to promote certain stocks. says that they do not actually employ any investment bankers, advisors, or analysts, and that their penny stock alerts should not be interpreted as advice to purchase any stocks or invest in any company.

As always with any investment opportunity, you should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose, as that is always a reasonable risk with the stock market. But if you are looking for investment advice, you may wish to seek advice from an actual investment company, rather than a company that receives compensation for promoting stocks.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " " is 1.53 out of 5 based on 17 reviews.
  • I lost $3300 in xuii. Thanks, I'm sure your "affiliates" are all sleeping great knowing they got richer and greedier at our expense!!! They knew exactly when they would sell their" millions of shares" and orchestrated it perfect ally ! Go get them Mr. Sharp as I'm sure this is illegal trading!!! I'd be willing to spend another $3300 to help in the legal expenses to take those people down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Publicists are going to be informed about the misrepresentation of celebrities including Mark Cuban, Curtis Jackson, Donald trump etc. is going down.
  • Most of you guys obviously are just greedy and impatient and that kills you guys, I dropped $3k at .15 a share right when they annoced it and pulled out when it hit .65 cents and I made 13k no joke and that was my first time in stock. You just gotta know when to pull out plain and simple. I feel I can make millions with these guys, if you play your cards right. I was broke too,my truck was the only thing that I had of worth. I sold my truck for $3700 and dropped $3k on there on xuii, I've watched xuii live shows twice. The first akon in Dominican republic it was a little bad the reception but then I saw their 2nd show of Mac miller and it cutt out 1 time but I saw the show from 9:30 till 11:pm. You guys are idiots if you think this company will not get to $3 or $5 or more. Their technology is amazing and has improved dramatically compared to their first shows. Also a tip for you guys, look up their Whois on A domain registar when you look under domain names and you'll see they have been in business since march of 1996 and own everyone one of their domain names, in otherwards over 16 years they have been in business. Don't believe me look it up yourself, this ain't no fly by night company. I don't just invest like an idiot, I do my own research and actually watch shows and do my research on You guys are fools if you think it's crap.
  • The worst scam. I lost 700$ because of them
    • They really boned me too.. I was about to sell my XUII today after they were confirmed and they didn't confirm fast enough and my $300 profit from a $1200 investment turns into me losing $600... I may just make sure this website gets destroyed...
  • Its a scam, just a bunch of scumbags sitting at a desk spewing crap/hype to get suckers like us to buy, while we lose they get rich. My god people, wake up...
  • I've been following pennystock.coms latest pick XUII, which has been trading a $.27 CENTS and not moving, yet they are hyping this to no end. They keep posting positive news from the company that is mediocre at best to entice me to buy, but it's not moving...

    I'll keep an eye out for a long time before I do anything they recommend...
  • It's a bunch of bs ! I followed their advice on 2 different stocks and I am now $800 in the red. These jerks buy millions of shares of the stock, then promote it, and then when the little people like us buy, they sell all of their shares causing the price to plummet. I wouldn't be so pissed off if I had a little money to play with, but I don't. Been unemployed for several months now and was hoping I could make a little bit of return on my investment. Guess I learned my lesson the hard way.
  • You need to be smart. Obviously this is a pump and dump scam site.

    But if your smart and disciplined you can make money.

    Here are some suggestions

    #1 - Only invest once a month in their pick - the second they announce their pick buy - BUT set a threshold of +30%. Sell as soon as it hits +30% NO MATTER WHAT. Once you get that 30% - your done with that pick for ever. (Dump)

    Now you wait for their next pick and do the same (usually once a month).

    You will make money just don't expect 100% return.
    • Hi Dan ... I'm curious to know if your spit balling or speaking from experience. Did you actually subscribe to and follow your own suggestions? how many transacations did you complete?

      Your suggestions make sense - dump with the pumpers and let the suckers give you 30%
  • They hope to fool you and hide the fact they are being paid.

    Why would someone pay to do this? THEY ARE SELLING!

    When the promotion stops, the stock drops like a rock and not enough volume to sell and get out.

    Stay away from 'free' stock sites, they cost more than a good subscription site, for sure.
  • This company hypes up a stock to get people interested and to start buying. Once you get in, it is too late. You are bound to loose. I have invested in 4 stocks using their advise and have an average gain of -75%. One is even a loss of 99.41%. Luckily I have only invested a few hundred dollars, but BEWARE!!! Their emails being their 'top pick' and this investment could see 700% increases!!! are just hoaxes by people who know how to market.
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