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PeoplePerHour is a website that connects small businesses with freelance workers from across the internet to help them complete small projects quickly and affordably.

According to, thousands of small businesses use them to hire remote, freelance workers to complete small projects, or just to work for a few hours a week. They claim this allows small businesses to stay flexible.

PeoplePerHour says this benefits small businesses because they can create virtual teams of people across the country – or even internationally – “without the red tape, cost, and bureaucracy of traditional employment.”

They have seven main categories of projects: IT/Programming, Marketing/Sales, Design, Admin/Secretarial, Writing/Translation, Accounting/Legal, or Other. Each category is broken into smaller, more specific categories so workers can something that works for them.

Both businesses and workers can register at for free. The website does take a small fee from workers, however, when they successfully book a job.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " People Per Hour " is 1.72 out of 5 based on 115 reviews.
  • very good, always works and get the right results. We had plenty of people to pick from that wanted to do the work. Once we picked, (the hardest part) The service was quick, efficient, and we were very pleased with the results. No extra charges like other freelance websites.
  • Stay away from this website, their freelancers are fake and liars. I had a very bad experience with a freelancer who has showed me his portfolio using other people websites claiming it was his work, I have chosed him based on these protfolios, which he later admitted that it wasn't his work. I have ended up with a complete I raised a dispute against him and my case has never been investigated. I would highly recommend to stay away from this website
    • Hey Harry, I am not a lair, I am doing projects for buyers on that site. If you do not make general statements, I may agree that some freelancers, should be filtered. In many cases, I apply for jobs I am sure I can do and looking at other applicants profiles (they are public), and reading their descriptions, seems they may not complete the job, because the job relates to other field and need other knolledge. As you see, that problem also prevents me getting jobs, that I would otherwise win. I also must admit my prices are higher compared to others, but I am working with licensed products and that cannot be otherwise. For example if someone tells you that he can make say word template for 7 pounds, he is a lair, it is not possible. Or possible if the sellers uses not purchased windows or office packs, so my conclusion is, that the platform needs improvement and the buyers should be careful when choosing someone.

  • this happened to me:^borrowed it from another person.credits to him/her.

    The issue that jumps out at me is that this poor guy’s account was deactivated with money inside that he had earned, and PPH are not going to give him his money. It never happened to me but there are so many reports of accounts of long time users being suddenly deactivated and funnily enough usually when a big job has just been completed and there is a lot of money there. PPH either says that the user has violated terms and conditions but refuses to explain which terms and conditions exactly have been violated, or they say that the user has failed security checks – this is ridiculous because security checks should be completed before the account is approved if PPH is that concerned about it, by the time the user has been working and earning money it is too late to do security checks and say oh actually no you can’t work on here – he already has. OK deactivate the account if there is a valid reason, but, give the guy his money, anything else is blatant thuggery.
  • extremely bad customer service
  • Dear Faryad;

    My email address is [email protected]

    I'm curious like many others if they credited you all the monies they owed to you in your old account or not.

    Thank you,

    Baha Abhari
  • Unfair business practices worldwide, specially towards Iranian entrepreneurs, like FRAYAD in above comments.

    My reasons are in detail under his review, if interested.

    • Hi Baha,

      This is Faryad. Thank you for your sympathy, your kind words, and your great comments. I do appreciate it.

      We moved to a new location and they gave us access again. It is a long story. I don't know why, but couldn't edit or update my below comment.

      May I have your email address please? I want to stay in touch with you if possible.

      Best regards,

  • If you read this, probably you want to make sure about the place in which you want to invest your time, effort, and money. This will help you. These limited words are summary of 2 years. We were on page 3 and was ranked as 119th - TOP. I didn’t sleep for nights till I got there…

    For *whatever* I say here, emails and replies exist as proof and I’ll be glad to share them.

    My story on PeoplePerHour began on 18th of Jun 2014. Let me copy-paste the first email:

    “I am Faryad, from Iran. I am leading an expert team for graphics design, web design, and web development. My question is, as an Iranian, can we work in your website with no concern?”


    “Hello Faryad

    Thank you for your message.

    People from all over the world are allowed to work on the site, there is no restriction for them. You are welcome to work on our site. You can register and get work.

    Best wishes for your business in PPH.”

    We signed up. For many times I noticed there are somethings wrong with the platform but I thought maybe these are software bugs. I didn’t care much and each time I composed lists of bug reports trying to report strange behaviors of the platform in my long lists of bugs. Each time they were telling me things like “that’s fine, we are working on it! Oh, we are sorry to hear this, we are fixing.” Stuff like this. I noticed that this is an official robbery because a mistake may happen once or twice accidentally- not after reporting it for hundreds of times. Let me clarify one after another about how they rob you (sellers) specially using their smart proposal credit system. Since I wasn’t a buyer on this scamming website, I don’t know how they rob buyers and I leave this for buyers to review.

    -Proposal credits are not free on this platform. If you want to bid on jobs, you have to buy them. Each proposal credit costs something about 1.5 GBP. They claim each month they give you 15 free credits. They are right. They do this till you get to a point. When you start growing and need to buy more credits, thievery starts. Suppose you have 85 credits. In the beginning of each month, instead of adding 15 free credits, they RESET your credits to 15. Yes! Don’t be shocked! For my last 4 months of working I noticed this robbery and each month I was reporting this to the whole team (support, product, web designer). We had two accounts and this was happening to both of them. They told me, hey, sorry for this! Maybe this is a bug or something. Here are some credits!! And I didn’t know how many credits did I have before getting robbed.

    -When someone posts a job, sellers start to bid. If, after bidding a buyer changes or updates his job or his budget, according to their own terms and email notifications, sellers can cancel proposals and credits must be refunded. This happens very frequently. Someone posts a job for $200 and after 15 minutes changes the budget to $50 (thanks to the uncontrolled bids and junk system of bidding). They claim you can send another proposal for the same job without losing any credits. Guess what? When you cancel your proposal, the credit will NOT refund. If you send another proposal for the same job, ANOTHER credit is consumed and will never refund. This means if you cancel your proposal and send another one, you will lose 2 credits!! A very sneaky type of robbery! This also applies to what they call Featured Proposal Credit which is a more expensive type of proposal credit and features (so-called) the proposal. Featured proposals does NOTHING and they will NOT refund to your account just like normal credits. They just add a ribbon to your proposal and this is what you pay 5 pounds for.

    -PPH is a great place for posting fake and scamming jobs because no one controls anything. They filter things randomly. Spammers and fraudulent buyers keep posting spamming jobs. Newbies and those who are not aware of threats keep sending proposals for all types of jobs. They bid and bid and they lose credits very quickly. Guess what? If after reporting a job (by the community and for hundreds of times) they moderate the fake job, credits will NOT refund to bidders’ accounts. Also if they don’t moderate fake jobs, they will stay pending forever and so does your poor proposal. This means for each pending job you waste your time and your credit (money) like a charm! You will never get your credit back. According to my working experience for 2 years more than %60 of jobs is fake and they remain pending forever. I’ve reported this in detail for more than 10 times and each time they only thank me for reporting!

    Mid-July I decided to ask them to stop robbing us. I sent them an email telling them about all these events including more thievery scenarios. I asked them to stop filching. Guess what? They have deactivated my account in less than 1 hour!! I asked the reason and they sent me one of their junk corporate emails telling me that I have violated their terms! I immediately contacted Christina P (don’t write the full name for her privacy) which works in their product team. Christina was the ONLY helpful person and she was not aware of the stealing algorithm of the platform. She reactivated my account and said this was a mistake! So what if I didn’t have her direct email?! I regained access to my account and was happy that I had it again because it included 2 full years of non-stop working of a group of people. But this isn’t the end!

    Three weeks later I received a system email:

    “Thank you for using PPH.

    In a recent compliance review, we have noted that your account is based in Iran.

    In line with UK AML regulations, PPH is unable to support users operating from this location. As a result, we need to close your account and are providing you with 1 week's notice of closure to complete any work in progress. To find out more, please visit section 2 of our terms and conditions.

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused however please note this is for compliance reasons.”

    I said WHAT??? First of all, what the … does AML mean??? I googled it and found the abbreviation. I was so shocked that couldn’t talk for few hours because:

    -After working as a freelancer for the first year, we closed our offices and focused on working at home. Now we didn’t have any office and we were going to lose our freelancing job as well.

    -It wasn’t about me only. I was concerned about my wife and her team. She faithfully worked on this platform non-stop and we managed to serve about 170 clients from more than 30 countries. We had 178 positive feedbacks and our rating was %99.6. What about our exceptional customer testimonials? Those magnificent clients had written marvellous reviews about our performance and we were relying on their words for our future projects/positions. Are we going to lose them all?

    -I was always sending them bug reports and feature requests. Their product team thanked me personally for many times. More than 100 bugs have been reported by me and they used my ideas to improve their scamming platform and now they are banning me! Can you imagine this?!

    -I never charged my clients outside PPH because I was loyal and committed to their system. We used to have customers with monthly invoices but I never accepted their payment offer outside PPH. They could simply and easily send their money to my withdrawal account and therefore we didn’t have to pay any share to PPH. I didn’t do this because I was committed to those beasts.

    -We had sent our CVs to different locations for different positions. Link to our profile was included in all of our CVs and if they close our account, the link will return a nasty error page instead of our beautiful customer testimonials. So what about those people reading our CVs? Most probably they will think we are lying to them. Can you imagine? My profile includes 2 years of our most recent career and the most important ones because they are recent. If we lose them, we had a 2-years gap in our career and people with link to our profile think we want to cheat them.

    Let’s get back to the AML thing. They deactivated our accounts again. This easy! I searched UK authorities and asked about the AML claim. Here’s the result. Please google “uk advisory aml notice june 2016” and read page 1 of the first PDF. Here’s the last line from page 1 I copy from the document:

    “On 24 June 2016, the FATF suspended its call for countermeasures against Iran for twelve months.”

    If it was about AML rules, these rules were onset from 2007, so why did they let us (Iranians) join their website on 2014 with a very warm welcome and without restrictions? On the other hand, if they are obeying AML rules it clearly states that countermeasures are suspended for one year and this document has been released on June; that is 2 months before PPH thieves warn us with their fake AML message.

    Wait! There’s more! Hearing this will drop your jaws: still, there are some active Iranian profiles on the website!!! Please check it for yourself. Go to freelancer’s section and search for Iran. They kept those poor rookies active. It seems like they are planned to be robbed after they gather some money for them in their small wallets.

    I have more surprises for you readers. They closed our account; swallowed the money in our wallet; stole the money in our pending invoices; and clearly stated that they won’t give us access again EVEN IF we live somewhere else than Iran!!!! Let me copy-paste:


    So this means has closed our account, withdraws our earned money for itself, and won't give back our account even if we exit Iran.

    Can you please confirm this?”

    “Hello Faryad,

    Thank you for your message.

    I can now confirm this Faryad.

    Your account will remain closed.

    Thank you for your patience and if you have any other question regarding our case please let me know.

    Kind Regards,


    PPH Senior Advisor”

    PPH thieves:

    You will be more arrogant if you sell yourselves instead of robbing people like this. Your children will read your story.
    • Faryard please, send me victoria's email details.. i just got deactivated today for no reason.
    • Thank you for this professional post.

      I think they missed the opportunity to be leaders of standing up to the unfair trade sanctions & discrimination against Iranian people, against Iranian civilians like you, who believed what they said, but instead of fighting it because they knew you that you are for real, they exploited an already unfair burden for their favor, against you.

      My introduction to pph was through a guy in California, who by attaching a converter to his computer acting he was logging in from UK.

      -My first hourly bought, claimed he has finished cleaning up my hack side, after my payment, I sent him a screen print of my email from my website host stating my hacked site needs to be cleaned, he said he is going to work on it.,....

      - My 2nd and third hourlies never followed up, I was told I have been credited 90%, but money is not back to my credit card, but in my wallet and I can buy other hourlies with it.

      For all of us who are living in west, it is easy, I called my credit card company & I will be credited for my last two incident, & even the first incident, if I find it in my statements, instead of going through their unfair policies and procedures.

      ...... and for you, I am sorry for injustice to you, I get you heard wherever, wherever possible. These petty incidents (!) hurts them too, more than what they imagine.

      I will also follow up with my credit card company fraud unit & if I remember this website, I will refer them to above comments too.


      Why don't you start a similar company from Iran with better customer service & better ratings, with your friends and tell the people of the world, regardless of nationality & politics to work with you?

      Leaving these people behind, West also has a lot of good people too, it has entrepreneurs who support other entrepreneurs & activists committed to change status qua.

      A suggestion; Look up PTE, (Persian Tech Entrepreneurs) and tell them you want a way to get contracts worldwide & get paid and if they can find a way.

      Make Linked in Connections and a group for the cause of Iranian civilians like yourself & connect with Richard Bronson of Virgin Atantic who always supports enterprenuership, Richard Snowden whom should have of lot of brave people around his circles,, Ted Turner of CNN, Julian Asange of Wicki-Leaks I believe West also has Angelina Julies, Warren Buffets, Bill Gates and other great Warriors.

      In their circles in social media, are other great people. Your world wide audience in social media is unlimited from taking legal action, (which I am against, unless you find a contingency lawyer), to exposing them until they pay your damages, to finding other supportive people in creating something positive out of this negative experience.
    • Faryad,

      Read your story, and want to comment on it. For some points you are right namely for the legal one. Namely you honestly mentioned your nationality and you have been allowed in, so that cannot be an argument for deactivating your account.

      For the proposal credits you are not right, you loose a credit when you bid and changing your mind is absolutely your problem, saying you may not decide what to offer, with an exception, in case the buyer changes the project description, only in that case you should get refund. In case the buyer changes the price, you should not cancel, because your price should be based on your hourly rate and not what the buyer esstimates, you are the professional not the buyer.

      You may not blame PPH for pending projects, since it is difficult to assume if the project is delayed on purpose or just the client still cannot decide, with some time limit offcourse.

      I am using PPH, I am relatively happy, but I do not rely on them for income, just for extra income, so am not that critical. The only two issues I have, is 1 project resellers, individuals who bid on projects in platform A and sell it in platform B for lower price, and 2, the extreamly low minimum, I think it should go from 7 GBP to say 50 GBP, in order to elliminate the buyers who want lots of work for nothing.


  • So here's the thing about PPH. It's great if you are a legit seller of quality work - I am a writer and get nicely paid jobs all the time through them. I have sound samples and only deal with established buyers.

    But what I see a lot of is buyers wanting to pay $1 for 100 words, or want stuff done so cheap! I only search now for $$$ jobs - professional level. If you offer cheap pay - you get cheap work.

    Also I would probably never use PPH for design work, or IT work... there are too many cheap bidders. With writing you kind of know what you are getting - based on samples. Over the past couple years - I have booked recurring jobs for magazines, blogs, video scripts... over 100 jobs. Now I am a full-time freelancer with repeat clients all over the world. You have to make yourself worth more than the bottom of the barrel - and there are buyers on there willing to pay for quality. You just have to find them.
    • ET, I agree to that one, the earned funds, should either be sent to the owner of the deactivated account, or to his counterpart as a refund. Also that should be publicly explained, (although this relations are private), just because so many reports.

      And about the Iranian team, (proves your words), they have been working for a long time, and yah, at some point "Boy sorry but I just see you are an Iranian, God you should shut your account."

      Aside of that, the buyers and sellers should be vary careful who they choose to do business with.

    • The issue that jumps out at me is that this poor guy's account was deactivated with money inside that he had earned, and PPH are not going to give him his money. It never happened to me but there are so many reports of accounts of long time users being suddenly disactivated and funnily enough usually when a big job has just been completed and there is a lot of money there. PPH either says that the user has violated terms and conditions but refuses to explain which terms and conditions exactly have been violated, or they say that the user has failed security checks - this is ridiculous because security checks should be completed before the account is approved if PPH is that concerned about it, by the time the user has been working and earning money it is too late to do security checks and say oh actually no you can't work on here - he already has. OK disactivate the account if there is a valid reason, but, give the guy his money, anything else is blatant dishonesty.
    • Absolutely agree, you shouldn't higher any buyer or work for any seller, just for the sake of it. The buyer should make sure that the seller understands the request and pay attention to details. The seller before bidding should make sure that the job is clear from A to Z, and case something is not clear, just do not bid or ask.

      I am doing IT work and definitely, I bid if I am 100% sure, that I can do the job, if the proposal is clear, not common words.

      Unfortunately lately PPH removed the ability to see the buyer's link before sending a proposal, so that lowers the amount of proposals I sent, I want to read reviews and read them in between the lines.

      So I prefer, buyers making NOT generic but specific posts, and writing NOT generic but detailed and specific reviews so more or less try to protect myself in advance than cry out later.

      Hope my tips help

  • This is a strange site indeed. I actually found a few free lancers I used, a few good - one I use now in my company, and also a lot of really bad quality fee lancers, where we needed to redo the work.

    I noticed small fees around in my account that I didnt know was the reason for this fee and I coulndt find it anywhere.

    The site should connect sellers and buyers and take a fee. But they filled up my mail box with advertising slogans for work, like it was PPH that sells these services. Strange mix of roles that I do not like. I stopped using PPH and the owner contacted me PERSONALLY, if he could do something for me. Clearly they notice who stops buying and take action..crazy..thinking about the many users
  • Please stay far away from this site, it really is a platform for con artist to lure people that do not know any better. Anyone with a brain can see this is a scam site from miles away. Also most of the good review are done by the sellers themselves. Right off the bat you can tell this site is a con site given that their featured listings are fake instagram/ facebook / twitter followers. Most of the jobs offered can be generic mockups and the buyer will always be at a loss when the seller presents this "evidence" of a project fulfilled.
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