PeopleString Reviews – Legit or Scam? is a subsidiary of BigString Corp, a company that works with specialty emails.  PeopleString works on the concept that most people use both the Internet and social networking sites to do most of their daily activities, whether it be checking mail, shopping, or reconnecting with friends and family.

According to the information provided on, sites like Facebook, MySpace, and even Google receive large revenues from advertisers trying to reach the markets who use these sites every day.

People String claims that they will pay out 70% of their advertising revenues to the people who use their site to do the same activities they would be doing anyway, whether that is checking email, surfing the web, online shopping, or online networking.  There are several different ways that you can earn money after signing up with People String.

First, you can refer other people to become members.  People String has a basic MLM component in that you get a percentage of the money made by the people you refer to the site, in addition to a smaller percentage of the money made by the people that they eventually refer.

PeopleString has two different memberships: a free membership and an “Entrepreneur” membership.  The difference between the two memberships is both what you pay and what you are paid in return.  The free membership is, of course, free, and it pays out 5% of money earned by each direct referral and 2% from their referrals.  The Entrepreneur membership, on the other hand, costs $200 and pays out 20% for direct referrals and 5% from their referrals.

PeopleString also has a program they call “Mailbox-Cashbox,” where you agree to monitor the direct mailing advertisements that come to your home in exchange for payments.  Beyond getting paid $1.50 simply to sign up for that program, there doesn’t seem to be any hard and fast figures on what you get paid for participating.

So is People String a Scam…?

Actually, PeopleString appears pretty legit.  There have been some reports by customers that the $200 membership is not really worth it; unless you’re ready to work hard at recruiting people, it might take you some time to make your money back. But the other functions of the site – web surfing, social networking, filling out surveys, looking at ads – are available to free members and there doesn’t seem to be any complaints about the company paying their members.

The “Mailbox-Cashbox” program is very new – apparently it just launched in October of this year.  PeopleString requires that you provide your mailing address and then receive a “snail mail” postcard that you must then fill out and mail back as verification.

While there seem to be some complaints about this from customers who are eager to get started, PeopleString does say that the verification process will take up to 90 days.  They do this to ensure that people don’t take advantage of getting paid simply to sign up for the program, resulting in spam to unsuspecting homeowners.

PeopleString isn’t claiming to make you a fortune, and it probably won’t.  But if you are interested in getting paid to do your normal, every day Internet activities (and maybe a couple extra surveys) then PeopleString could work for you.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • Peoplestring is now history....completely gone as far as the social network, facebook, etc. Bloomberg listed they were going to close that part of Peoplestring by December 2012....well it went down allot sooner. What a waste of time and money....I don't think the company is gone, but the opportunity portion is. So, it means nothing too anyone wanting to make money....glad I didn't have stock. I don't think they were a scam, but just a failed business idea. They might have become somewhat of a scam near the end, wanting the members to pay for some other pipe dream they had...oh yeah..gas cards.
  • With any Pyramid scheme.. only those on top get the rewards. Suckered into the $200 for the Entrepreneur and then the Rewardstring upgrade for $250. In about 2+ years… made about half back.(maybe)

    They stopped paying out. They closed the forum because of the negativity. NO SUPPORT.

    Scam?? That could be debatable. But a rip off scheme… ?? Not so debatable.

    • I'll vouch for this poster. I've been involved with Peoplestring a couple years myself and while they've always struggled with with accusation of scam, etc at least they were paying members and minimally responsive to member questions and concerns.

      They did, in fact, close their member forum, Facebook fan page, AND completely eliminated the email service they provided with each account. They did all this without explanation or comment. As the poster indicated - most likely because of the increasing negativity. Support is nonexistent. I've sent many support requests, even recently and all have gone unanswered.

      Peoplestring has not shared advertising revenue with members since early 2012! I'm still waiting for payout I've requested 3 months ago! I doubt Peoplestring is around much longer anyway. At least I didn't pay them anything - sure wasted a TON of time on this company without ethics though.
  • This is a useless company from my perspective.

    Support is essentially non existent. You write to clarify something or to ask a question, and most of the time you get no response. If you do get a response, it doesn't deal with the issue you raised, leaving you to think, "did they READ my ticket?"

    I have received NO mail for money as advertised. They have not paid out any ad revenue since Jan 9, 2012. So, what do you think? I think it's going under soon.

    As many have said, the only way to make decent money is by getting lots of referrals. What happens when those referrals don't get referrals? They get discouraged, stop working the program, and your money dries up. A House of cards.

    I do use their email, but it has annoying flaws. I had better switch to another email system before they fold.
    • I actually liked their email service but it too is gone now. Pointless to mention but it was useless as a main email account; however, the recallable email feature complemented my main email accounts nicely.

      Peoplestring is history. I'm waiting for my payout I'll never likely receive. So much time wasted.
  • The people voting 5 stars are probably new and falling for it. You harass your friends to join so you get a 50 cent referral that takes about 3 months or more. When you earn People dollars they tell you there people dollars equal.01 real dollars. 1 cent. Before you get paid you need to reach $25 real dollars. More than 2/3 of the games you download for points WILL give your computer a virus. People that promote are looking for new people to earn for them
    • Atman, respectfully - of course people that promote Peoplestring are looking for new people to earn for them.

      Everyone earns from performing basic computer activities through Peoplestring.

      But, if you've anticipated PeopleString to provide you substantial income based solely upon what you do alone (email, surfing, games, etc) then you don't understand the concept. You will earn, but yes, it will be far less than if you made effort to give away the free memberships.

      PeopleString pays the person who the new user signs up under a percentage of their activity. That is the potential of the program so naturally, the more people that sign up for the free membership under your referral link, the more money a person makes. That's the whole idea! But, if you're harassing your friends then you're doing it wrong.

      Regarding your other comments:

      Peoplestring clearly makes the distinction between peopledollars and US dollars. There is no secret to that.

      There is also no secret to the minimum $25 which much be attained before receiving a payout.

      Your statement referencing 2/3 of downloaded games containing viruses is completely unfounded and unsubstantiated. Third party advertisers often install toolbars and software that unwary downloaders inadvertently install because they don't read the install instructions. Options do exist to opt out of additional "adware" (not viruses) if you take the time to read instead of merely clicking "next" during the install procedure. This is what ad supported software relies upon.

      I am not new to Peoplestring, nor do I actively pursue getting others to sign up. I use the computer as I always do. If an ad interests me - I check it out; if it doesn't, I don't. Simple. Still, I've earned income from Peoplestring and they do pay. By no means am I making a fortune; but it is steady, consistent, and hasn't cost me a dime. They're not kidding when they say you get money for doing things you probably already do. If I made effort to get others to join then yes, I would earn more.
  • it's a pump and dump scam: with news:


    Darin Myman, President & CEO of PeopleString Corp, To Appear On Bloomberg TV's "Taking Stock With Pimm Fox" 5:30 PM EDT, Friday, May 6, 2011

    RED BANK, N. J., May 5, 2011: -- Darin Myman, president and CEO of PeopleString Corporation (OTCBB: PLPE), is scheduled to appear on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock with Pimm Fox" at 5:30 PM EDT, Friday, May 6, 2011, to discuss the recent launching of PeopleString's new PeopleDeals, a social coupon platform that allows merchants to launch real-time social media marketing campaigns and, through its ShareItUp feature, offer deals that grow in value as they are shared via social networks, email or text. The platform leverages the power of social media, mobile applications and email, allowing merchants to connect directly with their target consumers and create customized deals that best fit their unique business needs. PeopleDeals’ proprietary shareItUp feature incentivizes customer loyalty by increasing the value of deals as they are shared. PeopleDeals exists as a stand-alone web portal and Facebook application, with mobile applications on both the iPhone and Android operating systems launching in the coming weeks. Businesses can try PeopleDeals for free
  • I've been on and TRYING to friend people for a month; TWO people, who look like clone accounts for maybe my ' entrepreneur ' who signed me up, have friended me. Absolutely ZERO happens on there. If you are really getting some action, share a screenshot. It's a farce; prove it otherwise. Free though it is -- it ain't a social site either.
  • Is peoplestring only in U.S. because when I refer it to my friend he answers me that peoplestring is for U.S. only and Its getting hard to refer my referral link to other people here in the Philippines because they believe that peoplestring is for U.S. only.Please help me answering the question. Thanks!
  • Hi!, I am also a free member of peoplesting from the Philippines and how do you get paid if you claim your earnings and how people point convert it into cash.
  • PS is a joke. I was a entrepreneur until they disabled my account. I paid the $200 to upgrade. I had some disagreements with Bruce and he disabled my account with a remark that I had a TOS issue. What ever that is. Plus they do not pay back 70% of its revenues, they will not back that up either.
  • I'm free member here in the where can I cash out checks coming from peoplestring?
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