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from 2 reviews Review It is the online home of a new work at home opportunity which claims that they give anyone the opportunity to make extra money or even a full time living just from taking pictures.

According to the website, users will not need any special photography equipment to take advantage of this program. Anyone with a basic point and shoot digital camera or a smartphone camera has everything they need to get started.

People who are interested in what this company has to offer can get a free trial membership of their services for seven days for just one dollar, and if you choose to keep your membership you will be charged $27.

What is

Without saying it directly, the goal of this website to show people how to make money by taking “stock photos.” Stock photos are the photos that companies use to decorate their websites, and they are often very simple and basic in nature, meaning that they don’t really require any photographic training.

Whenever a company chooses to use one of your photos, they must pay a licensing fee, part of which is paid to you. A single image can sell multiple licenses over the course of years, so a single photo can contribute to your income stream long term.

But what says they are offering you is step-by-step tutorials and training which will give you the “tricks” you need to be successful, as well as full access to their “massive panel” of companies they are partnered with who will post hundreds of new jobs each day and pay you “big bucks” for your photos.

The Problems

The reality is that stock photography is an old and established internet based industry in which people have been earning money for more than a decade, and the reason this website avoids using that phrase directly is probably because their users would search it and find millions of results.

The truth is that the earnings claims made by this website are extremely exaggerated. People cannot just decide how much they want to earn and then make it happen. There is never any guarantee that your pictures will ever be purchased. Generally people only receive a few cents for each stock photo license, and most people who begin in stock photos will go for long periods of time without anyone buying their licenses at all.

Other similar websites sell training courses on how to take stock photos, but this is not all that this website promises you. They also promise you access to companies that pay “big bucks” for their photos, which is essentially what they are selling you for your $27 fee. This is a very common ruse made by all kinds of websites that are basically selling people information they could easily get for free. If you have no experience with stock photography, you would benefit by doing free research first before purchasing any paid products – there will be many sources available to you.

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  • Is the $27 dollar membership fee a monthly fee or one time cost?
  • Rupert, are you for real? Because I like to think that I know how to take a picture and would like a career opportunity. A photo should be captured properly when the shutter is clicked! (Hobbyist photographer educated and experienced with film but very little with digital post processing.)
  • I own and run a major news company and I need to find a photographer that actually knows how to take a picture. Really, the crap I have to publish! Even the page 3 girls are messed up. Oh, how I wish I could take the pictures myself. First of all, why don't we use film anymore? It is really hard to make a negative from a jpeg file. If it weren't for we really wouldn't have any pictures to publish. Anyway, the cable news business is ok but they fired my friend Bill. Listen, he never even read the crap that I print let alone...but I digress.
  • I really want to be a photography that was my dream to do I and I want to show everyone the pictures that I do and I need to get money and I hope people are like my pictures
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