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from 20 reviews Review It is the online home of the PinchMe Box, a box full of free samples that they will provide to you in exchange for your providing the feedback and information their partner companies need.

This company is giving their members an opportunity to participate in important market research. Most market research opportunities just send people surveys and ask them questions about their general habits and preferences when it comes to products.

PinchMe instead sends their members free samples of products and then asks that they provide information and opinions about the specific products they received, so companies can get the most specific feedback possible.

How Does It Work?

First, it is important to understand that while most market research companies that operate online compensate their participants with either money or rewards. PinchMe compensates its members with the free samples they provide – there is no other compensation.

However, this company also doesn’t send their customers any old random products. They do ask their customers to take a survey providing information about themselves and their preferences, and when it is time to request a sample, customers actually get to choose the samples they want to try themselves.

After your products arrive, however, it is important that customers fulfill their end of the bargain by taking the time to go the website and fill out the associated PinchMe Survey so that they are getting the feedback they need. Is Legit, But…

Prospective members who begin looking online for reviews of this company are likely to find a lot of vocal, unhappy people, and it seems that this is due to a single reason: PinchMe simply doesn’t send a lot of boxes.

There are members of their website who report that they have been a member for a long time, have repeatedly requested boxes, have met all of the requirements for the box they requested, and then a box simply never comes.

Some of these unhappy members claim that this company only sends boxes to people who have a strong social media presence with lots of followers, but this hasn’t been verified at this time.

It seems that at the very least has a lot of members who are interested in receiving free samples but they simply don’t have a lot of free samples to give. New customers are welcome to sign up for this service and throw their hat in the ring, but it’s better that people know the concerns about their service upfront.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " PinchMe Reviews " is 1.9 out of 5 based on 20 reviews.
  • First pinchme sent me 2 boxes of tiny samples, eye drops - 2 small vials, small packet of blue diamond almonds, contact lens solution. After that when I log on every Tuesday there are no samples BUT... it has the message to sign up for bonus items which I have to pay , I don't sign up for the bonus items as this is not what I signed up for, with pinchme. So I never receive free samples any more. I think this is a GIMMIK and a SCAM. They first lead you on to think you will receive samples and then they move on to request you to sign up for the bonus items.
  • I did Pinchme less for the samples, as I got nothing as I'm an older, single male who doesn't have children or pets. Yet, I got a one time Amazon gift card for doing one offer for $10, YET I would be leary of doing any other offers as I compared my car insurance, did a credit rating review and tried a inexpensive sugar free offer yet I never got the promised $10 Amazon gift cards for doing these actions.

    Also the sugar free chocolate offer was a mistake as they will get you if you're not careful. Their website doesn't work even if you register and calling in to cancel doesn't mean that the cancelation does indeed take place. So that minimal offer of (six or so) dollars turns into $36.00. My mistake. Now I'll see if I can cancel it somehow

    Yet what bothers me most is the hook that PINCHME has about suckering people in with this, they'll give you an $10 Amazon giftcard if you complete doing these actions with this (and other) companies, and I never got the darn gift cards to Amazon. Sheesh. And PinchMe doesn't make it easy to find any customer service to their company either; I'd say it's impossible to contact them, to complain about this issue. Lesson learned.

    They Pinch US while making money of off us of common people. Plus I'm out $6 and $35 and now $40 by some sugar free candy company in Georgia. Not to sound like a victim, sorry, I'm an adult, yet I'm most bothered that PinchMe doesn't honor it's giving out it's promised Amazon gift cards to people. Also doesn't work with companies which are always consumer friendly with customer service agents in the USA. Rant over.
  • I have only been w them a couple, haven’t received anything yet but what I want to point out is that so far, every email I’ve opened and clicked on something, my HTTPS everywhere has alerted me that the page I was going to was not safe. That’s all I know. More justification to register w fake names and burner email and number.

    Oh I forgot to mention, I emailed back asking about it, ignored every time. Keep getting emails, keep writing back, keep getting ignored. Think I’ll just unsubscribe and be done w them.
  • Pinchme have started spamming my organisation's email addresses. This CANNOT be our mistake because we have never bought anything online and have no Account on ANY website other than Gmail.
  • They send me one box with useful samples, but now I'm expected to complete trial samples or pay for something before I can get any more. That is BS and scam worthy.
  • I have had a pinch me account for 3 months. They said they mailed out my box but 5 weeks later the tracking says label created but not in the system. I am deleting my account because I have sent them several messages
    • A simplified explanation for this site is this:

      You fill out surveys to earn points and can spend those points on products/samples.

      The problem is this:

      When you click on a survey, they have you answer some questions to see if you're the target audience they are looking for to answer their survey. Many times, you don't qualify, but even if you do, the next (and most annoying) issue comes up.

      If you manage to start a survey, you can be anywhere in it (I've been 97% complete) after 15 minutes of answering questions, and if you answer a question with an answer they don't like or want, they say you didn't qualify and you get NO points for it.

      Basically, the preliminary questions are pointless because they can end your survey once they have all the information they want and you get no reward for it.

      They get millions of free survey answers without rewarding the survey takers by cutting you off after 10 to 20 minutes of wasting your time! I've had PinchMe for 2 years and am on it monthly. I've only gotten 2000 points total.

      It is not a good use of your time, as the scam lies within their habit of waiting until you're basically done giving them their research answers, then they say you didn't fit their target audience. I feel if you pass the preliminary questions, they should no longer be allowed to back out and must reward you for the time you spent.
  • PinchMe is a marketing scam. They now lock your "Free" samples unless you sign up for their "free trial" offers, knowing people will forget. That "free" sample will cost you charges billed if you don't read the fine print. QWIZ me etc is all aimed at a few demographics. After they get all your answers (aka all your info) they tell you that you don't qualify while jamming your inbox full of spam and don't give the credit towards free boxes for doing the effort. Also they do not send the samples, then blame you if you don't do the surveys. Another bunch of overly educated people using their business degrees to make people as miserable as possible and turn them into faceless consumers for their information. While you sign your rights away to participate against any legal remedy, this place is bound to be shut down by the FTC eventually.
  • Once a month they offer samples. It is very difficult to qualify for the samples, then it takes a long time to receive them. It has become far more geared towards "surveys for samples" or pay for a membership or purchase something in exchange for a sample. It is really an aggravating situation, and to add to the frustration, too many site problems without any resolution or problem solved. By the time customer support answers your question, it is usually, "try again next month (wink, wink, giggle...) The samples have all been claimed (false sadness, shrug...)" Simply put, PinchMe does not value my time. PinchMe does not VALUE ME. PinchMe will not value your time, either.
  • I have been a member of PinchMe for many years. It used to be a fantastic site where I would get samples about every 6 or 8 weeks, and quite a few of them, too. The last year or so, I have read many unsatisfied members commenting on the same issues I have gone through. There are so many new members that samples are fewer. This also causes the site to crash EVERY TIME sample day comes. And, on the rare occasion that you do get them, instead of coming promptly like before, they often aren't even shipped out until 3 months later, as seen in our order history page. You will get an email telling you that there are samples waiting for you, you log on, put them in your box, then, poof, they disappear with no explanation. The latest "tricks" they use are requiring you to sign up for a "partner" offer, often shady deals, or umwanted magazines just to get one small sample of candy, lately. No, thanks. There are surveys to earn points towards boxes, but often I don't meet the requirements. Waste of time. I have emailed them on occassion, they are usually slow to respond. If you do get a response, it is a canned answer that doesn't address the issue, and makes you feel like a number. New management is definitely dropping the proverbial ball.
    • I experienced the same issue. They want me to sign up for trial offers which I have to pay for, I received only 2 boxes at the very beginning.
  • Pinchme seems to care a great deal for people who are into social media. I just saw that the two winners of their beauty box giveaway were both Instagram bloggers with a following. They also send out big boxes full of nice samples and full size products to YouTubers as content for them to make videos, and get more people to their site to sign up. I don't understand why they want so many more people to sign up when it appears they don't have enough samples to go around for the people already signed up. It is almost impossible to get onto their page at 12:00 on "sample Tuesday" where it is first come first serve. This month I went on 15 min early because I haven't been able to get on for the last few months. I was there only to be kicked off at 12:00. There is too much traffic and they can't handle it, so why are they always trying to get more people to join? The sample boxes I have received, several months later, have never looked anything like the sample boxes influencers get. I could say more..
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