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from 20 reviews Review It is the online home of the PinchMe Box, a box full of free samples that they will provide to you in exchange for your providing the feedback and information their partner companies need.

This company is giving their members an opportunity to participate in important market research. Most market research opportunities just send people surveys and ask them questions about their general habits and preferences when it comes to products.

PinchMe instead sends their members free samples of products and then asks that they provide information and opinions about the specific products they received, so companies can get the most specific feedback possible.

How Does It Work?

First, it is important to understand that while most market research companies that operate online compensate their participants with either money or rewards. PinchMe compensates its members with the free samples they provide – there is no other compensation.

However, this company also doesn’t send their customers any old random products. They do ask their customers to take a survey providing information about themselves and their preferences, and when it is time to request a sample, customers actually get to choose the samples they want to try themselves.

After your products arrive, however, it is important that customers fulfill their end of the bargain by taking the time to go the website and fill out the associated PinchMe Survey so that they are getting the feedback they need. Is Legit, But…

Prospective members who begin looking online for reviews of this company are likely to find a lot of vocal, unhappy people, and it seems that this is due to a single reason: PinchMe simply doesn’t send a lot of boxes.

There are members of their website who report that they have been a member for a long time, have repeatedly requested boxes, have met all of the requirements for the box they requested, and then a box simply never comes.

Some of these unhappy members claim that this company only sends boxes to people who have a strong social media presence with lots of followers, but this hasn’t been verified at this time.

It seems that at the very least has a lot of members who are interested in receiving free samples but they simply don’t have a lot of free samples to give. New customers are welcome to sign up for this service and throw their hat in the ring, but it’s better that people know the concerns about their service upfront.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " PinchMe Reviews " is 1.9 out of 5 based on 20 reviews.
  • For the amount of time I spend trying to get the site to load on sample tuesday and what samples I end up getting, honestly, I'd rather just buy the products.
  • PINCHme has changed. I was once very satisfied with their service, but they have made a lot of negative changes to the site. For one, it now takes months to receive your samples. The last one I got from them took 10 months to ship. The ones previous to that were almost as bad. Secondly, they now have "bonus" samples you can qualify for, which sounds great, right? Except you have to go sign up for SiriusXM or other services, or follow links to sketchy sites and give them your email or other personal information. Thirdly, they have another way to get a small sample box. Quizme. This option pairs you up with surveys that also collect your personal information, such as demographics, address, and ask other invasive questions too. But not only this, you also have to complete multiple surveys to even qualify for the samples. Overall, I will be using other services to test samples with. PINCHme isn't worth it anymore.
  • OUT OF 11 WEEKS on the leaderboards weekly results, Thuy N., Lincoln, NE won 7 times; Harshall A., Chicago, IL won 6 times; Paul J., Florence, JY won 4 times; Alexandria B., Las Vegas, NV won 4 times; Whitney D., Hammond, IN won 3 times and Shannon H., Kingston, PA won 3 times. Pinchme claims that they are not fixed but I beg to differ. You be the judge!!
  • I received a box of 4 samples and coupons. All excellent products. The Yardley Charcoal soap not only cleanses skin but leaves it glowing and moisturized. The Vagisil peach blossom scent is fabulous. I've always been a user of the vagisil but the peach blossom scent is great. You not only feel clean and fresh but u smell so good in that area. The HEINZ sandwich spread is fabulously delicious. I am a sandwich person and it's very smooth and tasty. The RAEL personal femine pads are a great idea. I was reading about these organic pads with No Chemicals, Scents. And most importantly TOXIN FREE. I thought to myself this is vital to women. We have so many problems arising with reproductive problems, cancers etc. This is very appropriate. It's very comfortable and a very nice size. I like the material near my skin. It stays dry toward the vaginal area. It's very absorbing;and although its unscented it hides the odor. A great idea. The coupons I received were vagisil $1 off which is something I use. The Yardley soap has a $1 coupon which I will use. I love Yardley soap. The Heinz sandwich spread. I will definitely use at a whopping $2.50 off. Just in time for the 4th of July. Plenty of hotdogs and burgers and with this spread it will be mmmm mmmm good.

    I'm going to try for the first time a Nexcare bandage. I'm wearing it all day it sticks and stretches and is very comfortable. I received a coupon for it as well. I get a 20% off on my next purchase for Rael personal pads. I can purchase at target one of my favorite store.

    I also received a $50 gift card at Hello fresh. The will be my first but I've heard great testimonies about the food.

    Thank u

    I cant wait for my next box not only do I get to try FREE PRODUCTS but it's nice to know u VALUE MY OPINION.

    I hope to continue doing surveys for u.
  • I'm a homemaker and since it's just me and the cats I don't like to spend much on things I don't need. I'm a creature of habit and don't really buy a lot of new things. My granddaughter showed me PINCHme and how to use it. I always thought no one cared about what an old woman had to say - but PINCHme does. I even got a nice box of snacks for free - I just had my daughter come over and cancel it before it charged my account for the second box. Living alone gets you down sometimes but the community on the PINCHme facebook page is amazing. They always interact with their customers and they have no idea how much that can mean to some of us.
  • PINCHme has so many great things to offer besides Sample Tuesday! They are almost constantly running giveaways on Instagram and they have the QWIZme challenge! They have started giving away beauty boxes full of high-end makeup for just completing a QWIZ or two. I love that you aren't required to do surveys like many other sample sites - all they want is for you to try out a few items for free (yeah, you heard that right F R E E) and tell them what you think! Recently, they have started an exclusive trial program where they are sending your FULL SIZED items just for your opinion. I've only been a member for a couple of months but I have already received several boxes and I have a great selection of magazines to drop off at my doctor's offices so people can enjoy some great reading material! I highly recommend PINCHme!
  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE PINCHme!! I mainly stick with Sample Tuesday; update my profile about a week prior, sign on at 12 PM ET and confirm my free samples! And their unboxing videos they post an hour before... So fun!! It's like showing us an inside tour of all the good stuff!!

    I love that I can choose to partake in the offers too (completely separate from their free samples), like the Graze boxes, or magazine subscriptions, but there is no pressure to participate. Same with QWIZme - have some time, do some surveys; don't have time, don't do surveys. But I can still log on at Sample Tuesday and claim my free samples! And all they ask in return is to answer a few questions about your samples!!
  • You have to earn tokens now and do those surveys that you spend a lot of time doing only to find out you didn’t qualify for it, after that survey just took yyou 10 minutes you just answered what snacks you buy , they get their answers and I didn’t get zip for that wasted 10 minutes

    they always have enough 40 year old white females doing the survey.I t has IMO turned into a sort of scam and about ready to take my name off their list

    Also to get free samples example Graze sign up get a free box of 4 snacks you pay shipping and to get even that you have to give credit card info guess what in a week or 2 you get charged full price for your next Graze box before even from blogs comments before you even try your 4 pack they auto enroll you in their club .

    I didn’t fall for it I went and canceled the free box and info before it even processed.

    The Graze site after answering 2 ?’s on snacks would not let me finish my likes and dislikes either kept crashing .

    • Thanks for your review. I got SCAMMED by these people and I hope others read this before fraudulent activity is posted on their credit card. I’m furious! My credit card has ridiculous charges.
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