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Points2Shop, located online at Points2Shop.com, is a website which promises its members the ability to earn money from home while performing simple and easy tasks in their spare time.

This website claims to be different from other sorts of rewards sites or market research sites in the type of earnings opportunities they offer their members, as well as the fact that they claim to offer a “supportive community” where their members can share strategies for earning.

Signing up for Points2Shop requires no invitation or special codes, just a current, active email address. In addition, they promise you that membership is completely free.

How It Works

After you become a member, you will immediately be awarded 250 points. In order to earn more points, you must complete tasks like viewing advertisements, signing up for newsletters, taking quizzes, and participating in surveys. These points can then be exchanged for prizes in their Rewards Gallery.

Their members also have a chance to earn cash by winning competitive games and entering monthly contests, or by referring new members to Points2Shop.com with their personal referral link.

For every new member you refer to Points2Shop, you will be given $1.50 to your account, as well as a lifetime earnings of 15% from every offer they complete in exchange for monetary compensation.

What You Should Know

The forums and “supportive community” that Points2Shop discusses on their members page has unfortunately given rumors to a “Points2Shop hack,” which some members have complained is a scam to earn easy points or even to falsely increase earnings.

Another important thing to keep in mind with these type of sites is that often the most points or money you can earn is by completing offers for companies – this often requires you to purchase a product or participate in a trial membership.

Often times if you are not very careful about the terms of these offers, you could end up paying more money to the company than you earn for participating in the trial. This can lead to many customer complaints that otherwise could have been avoided.

The bottom line is that reward sites and market research sites do give you an opportunity to make a little extra money on the side, but you must really understand the terms of everything you sign up for, as well as the rules of participation and compensation.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Points2Shop Complaints " is 4 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.
  • Tony is wrong. It's not a scam in itself. It sure is a waste of time when you know you can make more than 2$ per hour, but it's legit nonetheless.
  • This review is going to be short and to the point.

    I personally have tried all kinds of "rewards", and have been through scams; I have tried these sites and those sites, and different ways to make cash online. And I've gotta hand it to points2shop. They have a lot of more offers which means you can more chances for $. The offers tend to be easier with diversity, some surveys are even entertaining. Also a social aspect to it with the shoutbox and whatnot. In the end, Better support, site, features. If you're looking for cash they have a nice and quick withdrawal system through paypal and what not.

    The legitimate survey supporters even sponsor the site, so everything you need is there.

    I strongly suggest this site way over other options, don't let false reviews drag you in or something! oh and of course, good luck to you!
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