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Postal Job Placement, located online at, is an online service which claims to help people be able to successfully go through the US Postal Service hiring process.

According to their website, is not actually affiliated with the United States Postal Service; rather they are just a job resources and training service that you can use to give yourself a better opportunity to be hired with the USPS.

To access to the training tools and resources that this website has to offer, you must Register and pay a deposit of $70, either upfront or over the course three weeks, as well as provide your name, email address, and residential zip code.

How Does It Work?

First, in order to get a job with the USPS, you must be over 18 and a US Citizen. After you register with this website, you can get access to all of their tools and resources, which begins with a Hiring Guide that gives you an overview of the hiring process.

You will also have access to Job Alerts, so you can be emailed when job openings are posted in your area, and a Job Locator which shows available openings all over the country.

Finally, they also offer Exam Simulator which is an automatically timed and graded practice system similar to the official exam, as well as Tips for Getting Hired and Live Agent Support.

What to Know

Their website says that after you register, you will have access to all these tools and resources for a period of only four months, after that your registration becomes inactive.

In addition, though they say most candidates can get through their program and be hired within a couple weeks, depending on job availability, they cannot guarantee you that you’ll be hired.

But the most important piece of information to know is that even though their website says that your $70 deposit will be refunded after you take your official Post Office Exam at the testing center, they don’t actually have a system of automatic repayment.

Instead it is up to you to contact them with proof that you took your exam and to officially request a refund of your deposit, otherwise they will not return your money.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Postal Job Placement " is 1.62 out of 5 based on 26 reviews.
  • It is a scam!!! The test is free at to practice I would like to WORN!! the people that gotten hired for the USPS, My co workers at USPS that in your Ethical Conduct Misuse of position An employee shall not use the name of the USPS for his own private gain or a friends private gain with whom he is affiliated in non government capacity or for the endorsement of any product service or enterprise!!! In short make a video of yourself and get fired!!!!

    Your Truly

    Justin Finley

    RCA Blackfoot Office
  • They are misleading people to get your money.... You're paying for there service to help you get a high score on the exam. The way they describe it is not that though so don't be fooled
  • Yeah, i'm a dumb, gullible person and I paid for this service, but i was told that the exam itself cost 90 bucks, not that i was paying for a service. I'm disputing it with my card now. I don't know how i could be so friggin dumb. These people who say it works for them are obviously employees of the company or they are paid by the company to give good reviews.
  • I knew that applying for the post office did not cost anything, but I wanted to be better prepared so I purchased the service. I did try and see if the postal service provided any testing material first and was surprised to find out they offered nothing which is also why I bought the service. Good news is I did pass with an 87 and actually found a job within a month. It was worth it since you can only take the test once every 4 months.
    • Like i said you can take the test Free at as many times as you wish. Hope you did not try for that 1000.00 starting bonus. lol
  • Total scam taking advantage of gullible people desperate for a job.
  • I just took the test and passed the first time. I am very hopeful that I can get a job very soon. So far, there are no job listing in my area.

    I am a single mom and I am in deed, in need of a good paying job. I pray this was worth the money and effort.
  • I've been in the employment industry for years. If you want to work for the US Postal Service, you DO NOT HAVE TO PAY ANY MONEY; DO NOT PAY FOR A JOB; it defeats the purpose of finding a jobs. If you want to work for USPS, go here:
  • 80% of those who take the postal exam fail it. I scored a 84. But if I hadn't taken it a few times for practice using the Postal Exam Simulator, which was included as part of my $70 fee with Postal Job Placement and their site, I would not have done as well. The first few times I took the practice exams on the simulator at their site, I scored in the 50's and 60's. I kept taking them til I saw my scores improve. It helped a lot practice. Then I took the official exam at the post office and I was able to pass. Its not an easy exam so if you don't pass, don't feel bad. Im an average student and went to a couple of years of college.
  • I purchased from this company and was quite pleased with everything. Their customer service is top-notch and every time I called in, I was immediately connected to a live agent who was always polite, professional and patient with my numerous questions. I never felt rushed by any of them.

    The study materials and exam simulator were pretty amazing, too. Because of this company, I was able to score an 86.2 on my test, which is very good. Because of that score, I got my pick of several open positions in my area. If it wasn't for this program and all that they offer, I don't think I would have passed the test. Thank you, Postal Job Placement!
    • I scored 84 without any studying, if you can read & write you will pass lol. For jobs and info just go right to the USPS site
    • Why am I hearing that this is all a scam. That you shouldn't have to pay for anything. You are the one person so far that has said that it worked for you. What's the catch?
  • A very big scam
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