Postcard Profits Reviews – Legit or Scam?, and other websites that promote making money through postcard marketing, work on an interesting theory.  The claim is that marketing to people through email is so overdone currently, and the volume of traditional mail is so low, that marketing through traditional mail will actually be more successful at catching people’s attention.

Luke Jaten, the man behind Postcard Profits, claims that he’s been using this system for years and that he’s made up to $50,000 in a single week using it.  He says that he will teach you his personal, guaranteed method for making money by sending you ten CDs with step-by-step instructions for being successful, and that if the program isn’t for you, then you can send the CDs back to him within 30 days no questions asked – all you pay is the cost of shipping and handling.

However, there seem to be a lot of questions regarding Jaten’s program.  First of all, there is almost no information available online that explains exactly what this program is about, other than mailing postcards.  You will find people posting on forums that Jaten is a great guy and that they’ve made “tons of money” with his program, though there are no explanations as to how.

Second of all, Jaten’s terms and conditions state that the company – DMG Marketing – is located in Cheyenne, WY.  But the website is registered in Pennsylvania, and the customer service number has a Colorado area code.  Generally speaking, when people are trying to sell you “get rich quick” programs over the internet, the more states that are involved, the worse it is for the consumer.

Finally, Jaten’s promise is that if you return the product within 30 days then you won’t be charged the 5 installments of $59.99.  However, people who have bought the product claim that returning it is tough – there are no instructions on the website or included in the package itself.  And multiple people have called the Colorado based customer service number without ever getting an answer.  There are even people who have claimed that they hadn’t even received the product before they started being charged the $59.99.

So is Postcard Profits a Scam…?

While I haven’t personally bought this product, I would say that certainly seems like a scam.  First, you should be very cautious about giving your credit card number to a guy that has no contact information on his website, especially if that guy has already had issues with the FTC.  Jaten worked with a previous program called Proven Concepts; Proven Concepts claimed that you could make $1200/hr by mailing out postcards.  The program cost $129 and then required a further investment of $477 for the mailing materials and resources.  If you wished to get a refund on the product, you were refunded the $129, but the $477 was your loss.

Jaten’s old Proven Concepts program sounds eerily similar to Postcard Profits.  The video on the website includes personal testimonies from a man who claims to have made $87,900 in one month. Or the people who claim to have made $25,000 in 3 days – they “put the postcards in the mail on Friday, and had made $25,000 by Monday.”

Here’s my problem with these claims: this whole system works on the concept that people receive LESS real mail.  Why are Luke Jaten and his successful customers practically begging people to join them in mailing advertisements? Wouldn’t that negatively impact the whole system? And if Jaten is making up to $50,000 a week mailing postcards, why did he decide to create multiple sets of CDs that he has to advertise and mail to people? Call me cynical, but when something seems to good to be true, it usually is.

Even if you think that Jaten’s system is worth a try, just remember that it costs $300 to purchase the CDs alone.  That’s without the cost of the postcards, mailing lists, 800 numbers, and anything else needed to make his “proven method” work. While it may not be impossible to make money the way that Jaten is describing, you certainly won’t be able to do it without already having a lot of money to invest in this opportunity.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • postcard networker is a bigger scam then all of them i lost mt pants stay a way please
  • I signed up, paid $59 one time charge, received booklet in a timely period but two emails and a newsletter address failed. The booklet is not even close to what I was expecting.

    Found this site and will prepare my bank to kiss them goodbye immediately. We are all looking for honesty, I do not think I will find it with Luke.
  • I had a customer at one of my workplace doing this scam. He tried to get me into it, but I have always been incredibly wary of these 'get rich quick' schemes. Turns out I am always right. I will be sure to tell him I turned him down because the whole thing is a scam revolving around stealing people's bank and credit card information and charging them. Sad that people still do this.
  • To anyone who has gotten taken from this company you need to initiate a chargeback through your credit card company you used. Because it is an over the line or over the internet order you will win. This company seems extra shady and they would not be able to fight those chargebacks. I work for a processing company and I know what a chargeback is and how easy it is for the consumer to beat the merchant. Trust me. DO A CHARGEBACK
  • What does BBB say?

    They give them an F.
  • Hi Everyone

    I'm so grateful to you all for speaking out as this is the second scam I almost recently got involved with. Alarm bells went off when there was no Paypal and requesting credit card details so I went investigating and found your site. My husband and I have lost a few thousand now with different programs so that's it for me. All this hype about making money on line is just that - hype. The only people making money on line are the scam artists.

    I really hope you get your money refunded and that these scam artists are exposed for what they are.
    • Hi Tess

      I want to thank you for your review of "post card Profits." I purposely typed this title to order the program " I'd thought I'd missed. I'm always leery of giving CC information without careful consideration. I have always believed that, "if it sounds too good to be true", it probably is. I'm looking to supplement our income & cannot take reckless risks. Thanks so much for sparing me the grief!!
  • I just ordered the $4.95 book and got charged $4.95 but then the next day on my account, i find $99 charge as well!

    The phone number is always on voice mail! This is frustrating and now I fear I have given my credit info. away to theives! I would not do this ever again! And I am stupid for not checking the site out more thoroughly!

    DON'T DO IT!
    • Hi Deirdre

      I only had 1 experience with "online" offers but I guess I was fortunate because Instant Cash Commissions used CLICKSURE for the purchase orders. After 1 week, I requested a refund & was informed that it would not be charged to my card & and it wasn't. I wouldn't beat yourself up because, how many folks "do research" before buying? I tripped onto this site by accident & am very greatful for the info. I'm getting. I hope this serves as some form of encouragement. I wonder if all the lavish rides & real estate you see is not a facade!! I tried to purchase Twin Peak Profit program but was told my card info. was invalid. Maybe that was a blessing in disguise.
  • As far as I can see Luke Jaten is a scam. I not only paid for the CDs itself but an extra $250.00 for the affiliate program which was available around October and November of 2008. I was told I would receive a letter along with some pertinent information in the mail that would allow me to make use of the affiliate program and guess what, I received nothing. I called weeks later and I was told that the affiliate program was still in development because of some difficulties Luke was supposedly having in trying to get it to work efficiently.

    My regret is that I was too patient and bought their words that the affiliate program would be ready in a few months. I waited it out and decided not to cancel but once several months had passed and I tried calling them to get a refund rather than having to wait any longer I got nothing but an answering machine after calling time and time again. I left many messages but never got a reply. I kinda gave up after calling so many times for months on end(03/09-10/09) and decided at the time to just forget the whole thing like a bad nightmare.

    A couple months later I started calling customer service again just to see if there would be someone who would answer the phone when I called. When someone by the name of Nick answered my hopes were renewed that I might be able to get my money back but this soon came crashing down when he said that the database from the past year had been completely emptied and therefore retrieving my transaction records was something he could not do.

    The only solution Nick had was for me to e-mail Luke wherein he would flag my message as urgent because apparently Luke has all his e-mail pre-screened. Since then(about three months ago) I’ve e-mailed Luke more than once and called the customer service line on multiple occasions and still I’ve yet to receive a reply. This is not an opportunity given it’s theft, simple as that. If anyone would like to contact me my e-mail is [email protected]

  • I received and email, viewed the online video and ordered the program, received the CD's and listened to them. I used a "one time use" credit card number for only the shipping and kept all the paperwork (which had a return address). The "system" is not easy, and requires an initial outlay of money to have postcards printed, buy mailing lists, produce a product that will sell, and set up an 800 number for placing orders. I didn't have that kind of money to invest so I sent the CD's back by USPS with a tracking number within the 30 days. I'm glad I used the "one time use" credit card number so they couldn't make additional charges. I can't state whether this is a scam or if the program works. It seems feasible, but without actually giving it a try I couldn't say if it would be successful or not.
  • I too bought this sorry ... program i returned it 1 day outside of the thirty day trial period which was not actually thirty days from the time i got it but from the day I ordered it. They continue to charge my card 59.99 telling me they will refund. Now I will cancel my card. This guy scammed me for 120.00 so far. He and his product is a big time scam. DO NOT BUY HIS WELL PUT TOGETHER VIDEO SCAM!!!!!
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