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The Power Lead System, available online at PLSFunnel.com, describes themselves as a complete, all in one marketing system which can help brand new business owners as well as veteran business owners be more successful.

According to the video presentation on their website, millions of online entrepreneurs are in desperate need of their product, which has everything anyone will need to start making money immediately.

Customers who are interested in what this product can do for their business can now try it out for free, for one week. If you are happy with what the product does for your business, you can continue using it for the cost of less than one dollar a day.

The Claims

PLS Funnel says that they spent almost twenty years in developing and custom programming for the Power Lead System, which they say is the “world’s most effective marketing system,” and has worked with well known companies like Solavei and Global Resorts Network.

Their system allows you to create custom Google Hangout Pages, Lead Capture Pages, Video Sales Pages, as well as to see who is opening your emails and clicking your links, so you can better understand your customers and the sale techniques that are working.

You can also create and design custom sales funnels, even if you have no experience or skills with computers. Previously, this software cost $18,000 to license and was only available to well established companies, but they have now decided to open up licensing to everyone who is interested.

The Business Opportunity

The Power Lead System is not just for business solutions, though. It is also in itself a business opportunity, with what they call a 100% compensation plan. While most network and multi level marketing opportunities have downlines, Power Lead has “frontlines.”

Affiliates will earn $20 per month for every sale that occurs on your frontline; all odd numbered sales will be placed on your frontline. All even number sales will be considered rollup sales, and the $20 monthly commission will be paid to the person who recruited you. All of the rollup sales of the members you recruited to your frontline will be directed to you. Power Lead System calls this 100% commissions.

It is hard to evaluate whether or not the Power Lead compensation plan works as it is described, however, because PLS hasn’t actually launched yet. As of right now, all you can do is sign up for their notification list so that you receive an email when the system is actually ready to be launched.

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Average Rating for " Power Lead System " is 2 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.
  • I have tried several times to get ahold of these people because I paid 56$ for this system then when it was time to login it told me to go back to the person I got it from. Just a big circle of BS. Then I tried to get the 100 percent refund and there is no phone number to get in touch with any one. I don't know if the system works because you
  • Hi

    You have made a succinct review but I can find a date. In that sense is PLS the same in 2015 and in 2020.

    There might be significant improvements to underline


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