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Power Secure Learning
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Power Secure Learning


Power Secure Learning is the latest incarnation of a popular work at home scam. They make use of the standard sales page used to promote this opportunity which features many deceptive tricks and unsubstantiated claims.

Their sales page will have you believe that you can earn over a 100k a year simply posting links online. Not only is this a complete exaggeration of the kind of money you can make but they deliberately do not tell you what this opportunity actually is.

In reality nobody is going to pay you just to post links. Marketers have been using this fictitious story to help them sell their training courses. If they told you the truth upfront, that they were really just selling you basic internet marketing info, then nobody would buy.

In most cases after you purchase the basic package your info will be passed on to additional coaching companies. You’ll get calls under the guise of a free consultation from sales reps just trying to sell you on coaching packages costing upwards of ten thousand dollars.

Even though this link posting opportunity has been around for several years now, people are still falling for it because the promoters are always changing the names and websites. As soon as too many negative reviews come out they change the name. In this case they’re using the nonsensical Power Secure Learning title along with Fiona Rankin as the spokeswoman.

Is Power Secure Learning a Scam?

Recently the FTC has issued new guidelines for sellers of business opportunities stating that they must send their customers a disclosure document containing the company name and contact details along with any earning claims that they’re making.

This has forced many U.S. marketers to suspend their promotions of these link posting opportunities. However companies operating outside the U.S. are still getting their ads through. In this case if you look up the whois info on Power Secure Learning you’ll see that the website is registered in Panama.

With all the red flags that this business opportunity has combined with the fact that it’s run by someone outside the States it’s best to avoid this program.

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Average Rating for " Fiona Rankin " is 1 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.
  • I signed up and received a free consultation from someone who only asked me questions about myself and there was no training involved. I have never gotten an email with membership information that I was supposed to receive right after signing up. I believe this is completely a scam and it isn't really an opportunity to make money. I hope to get my initial 97.00 dollars back and a flag went up as soon as I was asked how much I was willing to invest to make money.

    When will people actually work for money instead of scamming people?
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