Primo Vacations Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Primo VacationsPrimo Vacations is a throwback to the old days of travel clubs, when you would attend an informational meeting in the hopes of receiving a free cruise.  While drinking mediocre coffee out of tiny Styrofoam cups, you would watch a slideshow of all the world’s glorious destinations, and hear promises of how you could be there yourself for dirt cheap prices – once you join the club.

Travel clubs earned terrible reputations because once you signed up for the club (and paid lots of money to do so), any time you actually tried to book a discounted vacation with your club, your request was inevitably denied.  There was a laundry list of reasons they could – and did – give you, but the long and short of it was that you almost never saw a vacation, much less a free cruise.

Primo Vacations is interesting because they merge the concept of a travel club with a work at home business opportunity.  Apparently your membership fee of $697 not only pays your way into the travel club, but it also gives you the opportunity to sell travel club memberships to others.  For each membership to Primo Vacations that you sell, you receive $500.

So is Primo Vacations a Scam?

Actually, Primo Vacations has the potential to be two scams.  First of all, as a vacation club, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence showing that Primo is different than the old school clubs where you paid your money and received excuses instead of plane tickets.  I have not been able to find a single person who says they actually use Primo Vacations for travel purposes other than the people who are trying to sell you memberships to Primo Vacations.

Second, as a home business opportunity they are a direct sales company.  Direct sales generally means that you are responsible for attracting clients and closing the sales.  Primo Vacations takes the closing out of the equation – once you attract the clients, they claim to basically take the work off your hands and have the sales team follow up and close your sales for you.  Also, for $39.99 a month, Primo Vacations will create a website for you to attract those clients.

And, once that sale is closed at the price of $697, $500 of that price goes to you and $197 goes to the company. Now, as a 1 Up organization, your first $500 will actually go the person that recruited you.  But, after that, all your consequent sales go in your pocket.

Here’s the problem.  Unless Primo Vacations is actually, truly arranging discount vacations for people, then they have a silhouette of a potential pyramid scheme.  A pyramid scheme is when a company claims to be selling a product in a network marketing fashion, where you are rewarded for recruiting in addition to selling the product, but the truth is there is no real product – the only money changing hands is from people being recruited.  I would approach with caution.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • Has anyone doing all this page complaining even USED the actual membership? I’ve read about 8-9 complaints complaining about the gifts that it clearly states you have to pay the taxes and have blackout dates. Bashing a company that you’re clueless on is disgusting. My wife and I bought this back in September in MN. Yes they start the price off at $11000, and yes they do over a program for 4943 but it’s only good for 5 years! A trial membership, we opted to do the Platinum because we have way more than 5 years left in November we went to Fort Lauderdale and stayed in a 3BR condo that was gorgeous and it cost us $434 for the week and saved $1835! The sales people were nothing but direct and professional in our eyes and the few of you on here whining need stop being babies. Read the invitation on the back of the letter! People these days are so negative it makes me sick. Everyone makes fun of millennials but us Baby boomers as a generation are a bunch of whiners sometimes! Sheesh!!!
  • My husband and I joined last month and just booked a vacation in Cabo for March/2020. What is such a bad deal when people buy timeshares for thousands and we pay much less and get a week for 700.00. That's $100 per night! rack rate the same place 350 per night. Yeah, run stay away. Seriously? 4 more trips or so we have our money back and can take more than one week a year.
    • Guessing you are a paid responder.
    • Love this company, been with them for 13 years been vacationing with them with my entire family. Vacations are easy to book, with great savings! Customer Service is very good. My experiences have been good! I would recommend 5 Star for sure. Greg. R. and family
  • We attended a Primo event last night: bottom line they asked us for over $11,000 to join this travel club. When we said no, they brought it down to $3,995. Still said no. And just like someone else here said, as soon as they knew we were a solid NO, they gave us a Walmart gift card valued at $5, a hotel savings card and two print outs of travel packages - that you have to register for at $100 each to even use. PASS. This was 2+ hours of my time I will never get back. And to get all these promises of gifts for attending and basically get spit in the face. NO GIFTS just a bunch of crap.
    • we just went tonight and same thing. ours was down to 4995.00 though... The fact there is no installments and just cash up front is what threw me off. we legit bought a home last year and it was a complete remodel... we did inside this past year and are doing all outside this summer... so up front fee of 5000 just wasn’t in the cards.

      once they realize that, it’s here’s your 5.00 gift card and vacation cruise ( which the guy told us will be a inside cabin with probably bunk beds 😳). thanks but no thanks.

      i’m glad we agreed to not do it... it was tempting, and the guy who presented was very nice though..
    • Went to primo network adventure presentation. Starts out at. $11000. They brought the price down to 4943. Signed on and they said no refunds. Got home and looked at the contract and they have a 10 day refund policy. Huge red flag. Discrepancies between presentation and contract. I emailed to back out and long story short salesman hung up on me. Another representative called back and they say they won't charge us but we will see. Very rude customer service if you want to cancel.
  • Went to Primo presentation. As the kids today say “feels sketch”.

    No one ever told us the name or what is was until we got there. If I had known the name I would have looked it up and not gone. No one ever told us about selling anything, but the whole thing felt like Amway to me.

    One thing that did catch our attention is that one membership supposedly covers 5 households.

    When calling we were told we won 2 of the 5 prizes, and a 3 day 2 night vacation. However, 3 of the 5 must match your VIP number on your invitation. So you are left with the Walmart card that can be between 5-100 dollars and a 7 night cruise. Yes. We got 5 dollar Walmart card and a voucher for the cruise that we are responsible for all taxes, fees, and transfers, bla, bla, bla. It also appears we received airfare but have not read the small print yet. We also received a 500 dollar hotel savings card. You are suppose to go on line when you are traveling and need a hotel and get a room for a greatly discounted rate. Haven’t read the small print yet.

    Also when we confirmed, we were told we would be getting a 100.00 dining card. Never got that.

    It’s true, when you say no for the 6 or 7th time, they send the new kid out to tell you what you haven’t won. No car, no 50,000, no 65”TV, no IPad. So you basically get vouchers for the cruise, airfare, and the 5.00 Walmart card. I don’t know what fees are associated with the cruise and airfare but this whole thing has already wasted about 5 hours of time and I am not really in the mood to try to negotiate through these “prizes”.
  • Back away from this scam operation 😝 they tell you it costs them 1,000 to have you in attendance with the "free" gifts guaranteed. Big joke🤣 also wanted to "help" us out of our timeshare by discounts if $4,000 off the $10,995 membership, ha 😄 😜. Totally a waste of time & insult to your intelligence. Once they knew we were a firm "NO" quickly handed us our free crap.. . Walmart card if undisclosed amount & travel vouchers to pay to register. Spread the word. . Don't bother with them or even believe you are guaranteed big discounts unless you think front loading a "club" will get you big benefits 😝
  • There is a product - the vacation membership. What can be debated is whether or not the membership has value at its price-point.

    From what I understand, you only make commission from the selling of products, not the recruiting of people.
    • I attended a Primo vacation seminar last night in Annapolis, MD. The presentation was so poor and with many inappropriate statements. The conversation for 2 hours was about God, cancer, school shootings and the fact we will all die at some point, some of us sooner than others. Very little content on traveling. The fee for membership was also $14,000 up front and $349. A month. In return you would receive 40-60 % off travel arrangements. I wouldn’t recommend anyone attending a Primo Vacation seminar.
  • Primo Vacations and especially David Pollock are scammers and master scam artists. Avoid ANY travel club. Not worth it, goto a real registered travel agent in your area, support your local business don't throw your money away to scammers.
  • I'm blown away with the Primo Vacations Club! In my opinion, it's the best travel club on the planet.

    I own a membership personally, and have many happy customers. I also know Rob Hannley, the CEO, personally & can tell you he's a principled man filled with integrity.

    I couldn't be happier. Thank you Rob for putting together such a great travel club! The savings are astounding!
  • I Purchased a travel membership from Primovacations for $697 dollars as I believed them to be a reputable company. I never ever managed to access a vacation during all the time I was allowed access to the site, due to the travel desk's non existent customer service. I was shocked to read allegations in scam sites all over the internet regarding D Pollack who is Rob Hannley's travel business associate.

    In view of the Primo vacations travel desk's appalling service towards me I asked D Pollack if the allegations were true about him as I didn't wish to be associated with him or Primo if they were. It was my right as a consumer and the responsible thing for me to do in the circumstances.

    I obviously hit a raw nerve as he banned me from the site and threatened to sue me. In spite of the allegations having been made by countless others and not myself!

    I'm most disappointed in Rob Hannley the CEO of Primovacations as he didnt care about me as a paying member and backed Pollack instead. Hannley portrays himself as a devout christian ? How pious and hypocritical of him .
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