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from 17 reviews Review It is a new website from Slide, a Google subsidiary, where people looking for help with a problem can utilize the time and effort of a whole crowd of people to provide them with the best solution they can think of.

In order to get help your problem or project, you simply create a contest on and share it with the Prizes community, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. You post a prize amount of your choosing for the winner of the contest.

People submit their solutions or work to your contest, and the winner you choose gets to take home the cash prize. Simply join through Facebook or Twitter to get started.

Creating a Contest

In order to create a contest, you must purchase credits for the prize you will offer. One credit will cost you $1.00.

When you create your contest, you must clearly write a description of what you are looking for in submissions, then give the prize amount and the length the contest will be open to submissions.

Blind contests allow only the contest creator to see their submissions. says this is intended to cut down on copying and increase the variety in submissions.

If you feel that no contest submission really solved your problem or completed your project, you can prolong the contest at an added cost. However, if your contest has received less than 5 submissions or less than 20 votes, you can extend the contest for seven more days, free of charge.

Entering a Contest

You are only allowed to submit one entry per contest, though you can alter your entry after submission if you need to.

If the contest creator decides not to choose a winner, then the submission with the most votes is declared the winner. encourages their contest entrants to share the contests on Facebook and Twitter to earn the most votes possible.

You can also refer your friends and family members to enter contests. If they should win the prize, you will receive 10% of that prize as a bonus for referring people to participate in contests.

After you have won money, you can request payment via PayPal at any time, but you must have at least 5 Prizes credits in order to cash out.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " " is 2.41 out of 5 based on 17 reviews.
  • I never really liked it too much anyway because it seemed too unfair. I use Fiverr now to get name suggestions and such. It's only $5 for a big list of name suggestions, domain suggestions, etc.
  • announced it is shutting down. No more contests created after July 13, 2012 and full shutdown in January, 2013. Why they are even waiting until then, I can't fathom.

    I joined last November, great community of members but the site had major issues that were never resolved. Admin made cosmetic changes but never dealt with core issues involving fraudulent contests & contest creators, vote-spammers, default contests, reneging contest creators, stolen entries / domains by cc's and members.

    Since this March, this site hit the crapper big time so it was not a surprise to get the closing announcement. According to one member on the site, it seems site admin may have used members input for developing a crowd-sourcing software program that they will sell to others. So, no further need is there for the site. They got what they wanted. Isn't that the shit?
    • They actually haven't closed down. So stop spreading lies to people. Get your facts straight.
    • Yeah that is shit!! We all are trying to make money with whatever skills we have and someone in the background cashes in on our talent? they'll get theirs..
  • Contestants are, in fact allowed to submit multiple entries to a maximum of 30. But all of this is academic, as has announced iit's impending closure in the new year, due to a host of problems, many of which could and should have been resolved by the management Among the most blatant scams in recent months were A) the Gold & Silver scam-a contest run by a rather shady individual with connections (wife) to a confirmed criminal, who had spent prison time for his previous dishonest activities. My own entry was among a whole bunch that were rejected in the contest, but nonetheless bought as domains. In this case something WAS done to redress the injustice and the stolen domains were de-registered.

    More recently b) was a contest asking for a name for a company supplying 'innovative equipment to the bar & restaurant trade. When the 'winner' was finally selected, he turned out to be a senior member of staff of the Contest Creator and the domain name he'd submitted was bought by the firm BEFORE the contest had closed; even while genuine contestants were still wasting their time and talent submitting entries right up til the time the contest closed. Because the T&C of Prizes does not exclude participation by family & friends of Contest Creators-nothing was done to expose or penalize this pair of scammers. Meanwhile contestants who raised concerns were suspended or barred from the site. The best thing about Prizes was the sense of community support:the worst thing was the total lack of support from the Administration.
  • All though there are some flaws, with prizes, such as disappearing contest creators, and people that spam you for votes and win by default. PRIZES IS A TON OF FUN. And besides the 10.55% you get taxed on your winnings, the money comes although, it takes awhile it comes. Prizes is working endlessly to fix glitches and has responded to me, the day of every email I sent them. People have been suspended, Mark Lloyd doesn't exist anymore. The only reason why sometimes bad ones win is because the spam people for votes. And a contest that goes to voting will go to them. Still things to fix, but ALOT of fun in the meantime.
    • MLB never left...he still entered contests but had gotten so much flak from members that he stopped his vote-getting activities for a while (1-2 months)but has returned to them after the site closure announcement and is cleaning up nicely on the remaining defaulted contests.

      And only ever did cosmetic repair to the beta site and did not address core issues such as fraudulent contests and contest creators and vote spamming. Members routinely found and reported the bogus contests and cc's and spammers to admin. Although some spammers were suspended, admin never did anything about the frauds. If members could figure them out, why couldn't site admin before letting the contest post?

      It's rumored (on the site) that they were just using its members to beta-test a new crowd-sourcing software program that they now intend to sell and that is why the site is closing down....b/c it has served its purpose and is no longer needed. THE ONE PLUS: the great members.
  • I just won $50 on this site and when i try to cash out it asks me for ssn and i dont want to give it just for $50 and if the site is a fake.Can anyone help tell me what to do.
  • Great concept in theory. I believe they are legit. However if you have any issue or problem, they are completely unresponsive. Until they correct this, there are better sites.
  • Scam, a user called Mark Llyod Binar is's own employee, has won the most scam contests on the site, 52 of 73 wins were won by vote-scams, and yet does not ban him or even remove the win-by-votes feature
    • Somehow please explain to me how all of you discovered that it was MLB that gamed Prizes to its downfall, if that's what happened. From what I've been told, he's been actively gaming another site that begins with an S and ends with a P. In the last 8 months of so, the gaming, phony contestants, and general internally defended BS is off the charts. Did you report him? Did Google? I can't believe this activity isn't illegal. Were you able to file reports? You don't have to contact me directly. If you know which site I'm referring to, you can contact whoever you contacted before. The lying, scamming and defensiveness are unbelievable. If this was a brick and mortar store, they'd be gone.
    • I'm still wondering how you guys figured out that MLB was doing all this. I participate on another SHite that I think you used to participate on too. Either MLB or someone like him brought the games over there. Phony contestants. Names scooped. Winners where they use someone's entry and add an extension, then pay it out. If you question anything that's happening, you're warned or threatened. All the legit contestants are on to the scams. I was given the full name of MLB by the former Prizes members. But again, how did you learn his name? He has a very restricted internet presence. Did Prizes tell you who was doing all this?
    • @Foo-Foo unfortunately while nothing can be confirmed, it sure does seem that way,
    • Who's Mark Lloyd Binar? I've been hearing that he's infiltrated another legit site with a bunch of fake personas and even heard about ratings hacking? True?
    • more proof against Turman Ryan aka Dr. Teresa, see this email he sent me which Gmail spam filter caught
    • @ultimate hype, what i forgot to mention was that number 3 came back last week and sent a message to my banned account basically revealing that it was him behind all those fake accounts that i had "fights" with which i knew of course and i can even send yo uall the mails i sent to [email protected] over the months urging them to check all those dubious accounts and i clearly told them i suspect this Turman Ryan to be behind it. So you see what's happening here? Their mods/admins are totally useless.
    • hello ultimate hype, yes my last review was written in excitement after winning my first contest there and "finally" discovering what i thought then was a "true honest groundbreaking crowdsourcing site". Now let me take you word by word on why that was all wrong. True: absolutely not, they are allowing scammers contestants and scammer contest holders to mess people up openly. Same for honest. Groundbreaking? Nothing really is groundbreaking. The number of bugs they have in the site are amazing. yes it's in beta, but even then they are running a crap site. Finally, it is not crowdsourcing at all. Look at hte majority type of contests, the majority type of contestants. basically it is a soon-to-be-brand-twitter-contest site, but currently it is a mommy community for moms and casual time pass online work people. The only talent required from them is the ability to tweet every single entry. The entry itself does not matter at all i think in reality.

      Now to the ban. How do i keep this short? Frankly i was not expecting a ban, even though i was kinda expecting it. Confusing yeah. I mean i knew i had let go of the control and should not have been too surpised if i got a suspension. In fact i was expecting it since a couple of months ago. When i started really discussing hte state of affairs with people on the forums and comments. Then that scammer started winning contest after contest and people left right and centre were screaming for ssome kind of intervention and justice. Recently 7 contests were reversed from the win to the bot scammer, to others. Who is to say the new winners are genuine? Anyway. What happened is i took on teh fight with too many of the bots. 1) there was the main scammer bot of course whose every scam used to get reported by me 2) there was a mad woman called Teresa 3) Who i think was a fake account created by a guy named Ryan Turman This 3rd number fellow had allegedly stopped using Prizes few months ago because of a spat he and i had. Basically he got pwned for words and had to go away coz he had been exposed for a phoney. He used to write "over 100 winning entries" as his tagline on the site when in reality he had won only 7. So people complained (chiefly me) and prizes removed the display of JFF (just for fun, no money, casual contests for fun) and so his win count came to 7 and he could not use the tagline "over 100 winning contests" anymore. Anyway, i knew this fool was waaay too sick to just go away. Later i kept spotting people who would deliberately flame and try to start a war of words with me, without any sort of provocation. Then he went too far and abused people close to me. So i let go of all shackles and totally threw words back at them. I knew what they were doing, 6-7 of them must be in touch coordinating the whole drama, basically they started flaming me simultenously on many contests and posts and i can imagine each of them sending a message to [email protected] thus making prizes really feel as if some kind of major offender. Now all that which has happened, makes me confused as to how can themselves be the culprit. But after the ban i could not care and i lol at them using meme trolling etc. It's not just me but a few other enlightened folk too at the site who enjoy those funny pokes.

      That is besides the point though. You want to know if they are legit and if you should spend your valuable time there....right? Well you should not. If i really hated them i'd not tell you that i won around 1600 dollars there in as many contests. So yes there are genuine contest holders and genuine people win. But tehre are wayyyyyy tooooo many things they have not answered and that makes them very very vehemently the main culprit. The other possibility ais that at launch they were throwing money around like its water and i guess some people must have really taken the site for a ride and made 1000s if not 100s of dollars. Coz they were giving $100 coupons and also upgrading every 2nd contest even if they were like "name my doggy" types. So because of that there were like 200 contests on at a time nad thus many genuine contest holders and so i won a few of them and i was happy. Now they have some 35 contest and i can bet half of them are their own fake contests just to populate the site with "fake activity". But don't take my word for it. I would advise you to spend a week going to teh site from the oldest contests to now. Trust me, if you do this and then decide not to waste time there, you would only lose a week. If you go there in the present unrectified situation, you'll be wasting wayyy more than a week.
    • Last November, you said prizes is "trustable crowdsourcing sites" and now you said it is scam. Can you please explain why? I also visit the site forum and notice that you were banned by the site. Is this the reason? I'm still checking the site if they are legit.
  • A lot of these contests are completely fixed. I entered one that was "creative ways to propose to my girlfriend" and there were thousands of entries. The winner was "go to the place you met and tell her how much you love her" ARE YOU KIDDING? Then I saw that this person was the top winner of all the contests so I know it must be fixed. Also there are so many Jesus freaks on there that have to throw "following Christ" into every contest entry. Believe what you want but give me a break.
    • aly its the same guy im talking about mlb, must be's own account or one of the corrupt staff's account
  • I've tried unsubscribing to this site& they keep emailing me.So if anyone is listen please stop.
  • Most of the contests require that you verify your account. I did this, and still every time I try entering a contest it keeps asking me to verify my account. I have posted several comments on this on their forum, and tried contacting But they refuse to respond. So be very aware! After submitting the verification details, they will have your email address, a picture and your mobile/landline number. Something stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!
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