Prizm Tech Binary Options Software Reviews – Legit or Scam?
No Reviews Yet Review It is the online home of the Prizm Tech Binary Options Software, is a new binary options software program which promises to help people earn money even if they have no experience trading.

Binary options is a specific type of trading, where people are asked to make the choice of whether the value of a particular stock will rise or fall during a specific time frame, often as short as just one minute.

The claim of Richard Squire’s Prizm Tech Binary Options Software is that their software will be able to predict the right direction of the stock value movement and make the trades for you, with an accuracy that never goes below 79.8%.

The Claims

The Prizm Tech Binary Options Software begins their sales pitch by explaining to their customers all the reasons why other binary options trading software programs are scams that can’t actually earn them any money, so that they can then explain why their program is different.

The key difference they choose to highlight to their prospective customers is the API Key they provide to you, which allows their software program to communicate with the binary options trading platform they need their customers to sign up with.

In addition, unlike most other trading software, the website says that if you have existing binary options trading accounts, you will be allowed to link them up to the Prizm Tech Binary Options Software, as long as you first create and fund a brand new account at their chosen trading platform.

The Problems

First, it is important to point out that Prizm Tech Binary Options Software is generally the same as all other binary options trading bots – the only goal of this software is to get you to sign up with their chosen trading partner, so they can receive a commission for your sign up.

They can’t guarantee you any earnings at all, much less the $8,000 they claim their average user is able to earn in a month, and the speeches they give regarding the other trading software programs being a scam are just intended to distract their customers and give their program a false sense of legitimacy.

The worst problem may be that there are reports online that this company “steals money,” because they arrange your deposit into the trading platform of their choice and then people are unable to withdraw this money if they are unhappy with the results or the platform.

This claim hasn’t been independently verified, so prospective customers should take it with a grain of salt, but the bottom line is that all binary options trading bots should be avoided, because they simply don’t do what they claim.

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