Reviews – Legit or Scam?
No Reviews Yet Review It is the online home of ProBux, a pay-to-click website which gives people the chance to earn money from home simply by viewing advertisements which are sent to their inbox.

Their website promises that their members can “Get paid every 30 seconds” by viewing the ads they send them on a daily basis, with a manageable low payout minimum and instant payment to the processor of your choice.

Signing up as a member of ProBux is free for a standard membership, and all you need for initial sign up is to provide them with your full name, your year of birth, and an active email address.

What is Pay-to-Click?

Advertisers can use pay-to-click websites to increase their sales and traffic, reach many clients and customers they otherwise would not have, and to possible expand their demographic.

Advertising companies submit their ads to the websites, which then distribute them to their members. Members watch ads which last between five and thirty seconds on average, sometimes longer, and get paid for them.

Payment for watching these ads is generally very low – often just a few cents per ad, which leads to many detractors saying this earning method is a scam, but pay-to-click websites like offer extra payment to their members for referring friends and family to become members as well.

What You Should Know says that the amount of money you can expect to earn is based on your membership level, whether you remain a Standard member, or move to Golden or Ultimate memberships.

Your pay will also be based on the type and quality of ads you view, the number of referrals you have and the number of ads viewed by your referrals. ProBux has an Earnings Calculator on their website so you can see exactly how many referrals and what strategy you need to use to earn your monthly goal.

This calculator is good because it shows you exactly how much work you can put in to a pay-to-click website and what kind of earnings you can expect, which can help you determine in advance if this is the type of work you’d be interested in doing.

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