Product Report Card Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Product Report Card, found online at, says that they give people a chance to earn cash rewards just by sharing their opinions on various products and in different research panels and surveys.

The homepage of Product Report Card provides examples of the types of surveys they offer their users, ranging from a 10 minute Ikea survey which pays one dollar to a research panel on new Microsoft applications which pays more than $100.

The website says that their customers can take less than five minutes to sign up as one of their market research participants and membership with their website is completely free; you will never be asked to pay any fees.

What Can I Expect from Product Report Card?

Though the website does offer those examples of surveys, the reality is that not all surveys will be available to all members. In order to get started with Product Report Card, you will need to fill out a detailed member profile.

In exchange for filling out multiple questionnaires about various aspects of your household – the members, their careers, their health and wellness, daily habits, and more – you will be provided with small rewards, generally about $0.25 per section you fill out.

However, the more sections you fill out will ultimately provide you with the most survey opportunities, because the more specific you are about the demographics you fulfill, the more interested companies are likely to be in your opinions.

Is Product Report Card Legit?

By all appearances, Product Report Card appears to be an ethical, well liked and well regarded company whose goal is to honestly collect a large sample of consumer information in exchange for rewards like cash, Amazon gift cards, or free products.

This company appears to meet all the requirements of a trustworthy market research company. They do not ask their members to pay any fees to be a part of their research community, and they are open and honest about the potential infrequency for rewarded projects.

They are also honest about how the vast majority of their projects will pay around $1, and that customers must reach a minimum of $25 before they can pay out their account, which is the most common payout amount quoted in the market research industry.

All-in-all, it appears as though this company would be a good choice for parents who are interested in making some extra money with online market research, and who only want to work with Legitimate Online Survey Companies.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Product Report Card Reviews " is 1.74 out of 5 based on 35 reviews.
  • Most pay 50 cents, waste time filling out preliminary info only to be told you don’t qualify. It took me nearly a year to earn $22 in my account and now every time I make it to the end of completing a lengthy survey I receive the “something went wrong” message and it refuses to deposit award into my account - this happens automatically on every survey worth over $2.00. No response to my emails and no one to call. Don’t waste your time!
  • This company abuses the market research industry by asking people to spend an hour filling out a survey or watching TV show for $1.00 or $2.50 when any physical market research company will pay you a $100+ for the same tasks or information. Then they take forever to pay you for your time and effort. They have a $25 cash out minimum and now are only offering Amazon gift cards as payment. I did a survey in March and still have not received my reward. I emailed them in May about this and they said allow 4 to 8 more weeks for the payment and that time has passed, still no payment. I would not waste my time with this company unless you feel like wasting hours of your life for nothing.
    • I no how u feel they be scamming people and expect you to wait 60 days for your payment. So I curse them out now they lock my account and block my phone number so I can't even get in contact with him after I've been with them over five years
  • I never received a check from Product report card for the survey I did in April 2019. I did receive a response that they send out the amazon gift cards after the survey is done but they did not send when the survey ends. It will take 3-5 weeks before the gift codes are emailed out as we have to close the study first.
  • They used to be "okay" although very slow to process surveys taken though to payment. Worse, after getting a total amount that I could be sent, they almost always wrote me saying they found my request to receive the earned awards got "overlooked somehow" and asked if I could verify how to receive it (after they held requested payouts for weeks or more past the time I finally got to the $25 - which, as many know, takes a long time, at best.

    But, now... for no good reason! they stopped letting me sign in, owe me $14 in earned survey awards, and refused to respond to my emails sent to support there. In my opinion and experience, they are not to be trusted.
  • They're legit. I've gotten a few payouts from them once I reach the $25 threshold, however now I can only get my payout with an Amazon gift card, which I'm not very fond of.
  • You can only cash out at $25 and you don’t get paid enough to to reach that bar in a year, before they strip your rewards. I made $24 last year and had $5 pending forever and they took away the money I’d earned before I was able to cash out. Don’t waste your time with this unless they send product testing. Product testing is the only thing that rewards you with free products or gift cards for your time
  • It has all the indications of a scam and spam. There is no phone number. I mark the email as spam, but they keep coming, which means that they are sending from a disguised email address. I did not ask for anything from them, which means that them sending emails to me is a violation of federal law, because that makes it unsolicited and therefore "spam."
  • Maybe they were legit at one point, but good luck now getting enough rewards to cash out. They hold onto pending rewards for months at a time and once they register most of you other rewards points have 'expired'. I went from $18 in rewards with another $3 pending to $2 with $2 pending overnight. Even some of my pending rewards expired!
  • They are a total scam! Do not waste your time!
  • Earning log says available they are actually many still pending to be paid out after several months st which time many others have expired. I went from a possible $26 pay out to $18 not eligible for payout overnight. In all $10 have expired. If you do not qualify for a survey they award you ten cents but it takes months to get the ten cents approved. By then several approvals have done expired. There are other good survey sites out there. I've been on this one two and a half years without a single payout. It's a rip off. Don't waste your time.
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