Profinity Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 169 reviews Review It is a website that offers you a free credit report when you sign up with Profinity for a free trial that includes credit monitoring and credit alerts.

Profinity says that during your free trial you will credit monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and if anything should happen to your credit during the trial, you will be sent an email alert informing you.

If you do not cancel your credit monitoring services from Profinity within the time frame of your free trial, you will enrolled in their subscription service and charged a monthly fee.

However, nowhere on their website, including their Terms & Conditions, do they explain the length of the free trial or what the monthly subscription fee will be if you do decide to enroll in their program.

Profinity also offers the Save & Protect program, which will help you find deals on “everything you already spend money on,” like groceries, flights, and utility bills. The Profinity Save & Protect program costs $15.96 a month to join.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Profinity " is 1.43 out of 5 based on 169 reviews.
  • SCAM! I worked for them years ago. Somehow they would get information on the last 4 digits. Then talk so fast slipping in along with your item you would be receiving the Profinity discount card free for 30 days. Cancel any time you want to. 90% of people didn't even know they had been up sold. Most continued to pay $15.96 for 6 months unknowingly. The card did save you a little money, but only if you diligently worked it. Wasn't worth the trouble. SCAM.
  • Does anyone out there have an actual phone number so i can cancel this bs? If so please please post it.

    Thanks so much
  • I worked as an independent contractor for Profinity on 2 separate occasions. One thing that raises a red flag with them, is that they have used several different names over the last few years. The have used Profinity, GC, and now they use USA Contact as well. My biggest problem is that they train you over a 2 day period, and then throw you into the lions den. When this occurs you will be taking inbound calls, in which the caller has issues in which you are unable to handle. When you send a Team Leader a message, with a question that you would like to have answered, many times they become upset because they feel as though you should already know the answer to the question that is being asked. Many times people call in with issues, that not even the team leaders and supervisors can answer. A person learns by trial and error, and Profinity leaves very little room for error. The give you a crash course and let you make mistakes which may possibly get you terminated.

    One of the things that I did not like about Profinity ( that they promise the consumers a credit score from all 3 credit bureaus for $1 during the 1 week trial, but they are not completely truthful when they fail to reveal to the customers, that if you only pay $1, you will only get your TransUnion score. In order to see all 3 scores a customer would have to upgrade their membership, by paying an additional $24.95 which will give them access to all 3 scores for 30 days. It is understandable that when people call in they are upset, because they were only able to view their TransUnion score for $1. Profinity expects agents to produce a 40% retention average, when callers request that their membership be cancelled. After being misled like that most consumers request that their membership be cancelled.

    Rusty Lowry is one of the team leaders, and he can be down right nasty the way that he talks to people. I let him know that I did not appreciate him speaking to me, in the tone that he used. At that point I was on Rusty's hit list. I knew it and he knew it. I did not devastate me because I have several streams of income. This company can be dishonest, although they refund money that the customers were not aware that they were being charged. I would advise anyone who wants to use their services, to read the fine print. I would also recommend to anyone who may be considering contracting with Profinity/GC/ USA Contact, to have another source of income, and not depend solely on what you would earn with them.
  • I had a pretty good experience with I paid nearly 8 dollars a month I believe. I received coupons sometimes a few of them were expired. I received a restaurant voucher for $25 after submitting a restaurant receipt. I also received grocery vouchers but couldn't get the benefits because I didn't pay the monthly fee that month or any month after that. This was all some years ago when I was like 17 or 18 yrs old. I was just reading reviews here to read everyone else's opinions
  • I suspect they are a total scam.

    Bogus rental ads have shown up in San Francisco using Profinity.

    The prospective landlord will contact you with a link to Profinity to obtain a credit report.

    The link is bogus, the rental unit is bogus.

    I smell a RAT.
  • They got me what I wanted. They were real nice to me and it seemed legit to me. I mean, I paid for the service but they said it would be $2 and it was. That seemed like a good price for all that stuff.
  • its a scam!!!!! Dont give ur info and ive already call my credit card company. Hopefully i can get my money back.
  • My personal experience with the girl on the phone was kind of rude at first, but she came around. I guess it is sort of a hard job to do. Really., I think that people should be nice to each other all the time like G-d intended. Either way I got what I was looking from profinity, but in the end, I guess that the experience you have with the customer service person can be the experience you have with the whole company. If my customer experience person was not nice to me in the end I might not have give this many stars. But she ended up very nice and I actually had a pretty good chat with her. She knew her stuff. I think she had been there a long time.
  • Well, I really only had experience with their credit score reporting and I am not sure what else they do, because no one ever talked to me about that. I just know what I know and I think that is a lot about this kind of thing. You get your credit score from them. I guess that is okay. I mean, it's kind of plain vanilla anyway in that they don't offer you anything you can't also pay for somewhere else too. And it is basically the same price too, so you kind of know what you are getting when you get it I think. I don't think they are better than anyone else, I just think they are the say. But I can't tell the difference between tap water and bottled water either because it is all the same to me. I am not saying that they are saints but I don't think people who make potato chips are saints either, but I buy them a lot more often than I get my credit report.
  • The company is full of it, it sways ways to get customer to sign with Lexington Law and if they dont have a credit card they are really saying screw you. We work at home, pay sucks and you are paid by the talk time, like really. ..... I have better time with other companies. I know much much more but I will keep my mouth shut for now.
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