Profit Maker Method Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Profit Maker Method, found online at, is a new type of trading software currently in beta testing that promises to help people with little to no experience begin making money with binary options trading right away.

Binary options trading is a specific type of trading which asks people to decide how the value of a certain stock will behave in a specific amount of time, from as short as 60 seconds to as long as six months. Investors will need to decide if the value will rise, or Call, or if the value will fall, or Put.

The Profit Maker Method is a type of software which promises to make this decision for you, meaning that even people with no knowledge or experience in binary options trading can expect to make profits immediately after getting started.

What is Profit Maker Method Promising?

According to their website, the Profit Maker Method is giving people the chance to “turn $7 into $2,300 every day, for life,” which means that people who can afford a $7 investment should be able to expect to earn nearly $900,000 in the first year of use.

To get started, customers will need to create an account with the binary options trading platform Profit Maker has chosen, which at this time is Vision Binary. Once you sign up with this company, you will have immediate access to the Profit Maker Method software.

The software actually takes control of your investment process by finding the investment you should make and the choice you should make about the direction of the stock’s value and then giving users a real-time alert to make the investment. The website says that customers using their software are averaging more than $1,900 in profits.

The Red Flags

Unfortunately, it appears as though the Profit Maker Method is just another investment bot in an industry filled with investment bots, ridiculous promises, and unethical companies.

While binary options trading is technically a legitimate form of trading, they have unfortunately become associated with companies like this making outrageous earnings promises and claims that people can make nearly a million dollars without having to invest much money of their own, and with absolutely no knowledge or experience with trading and investment.

The bottom line is that no company should promise people that they can earn thousands of dollars in one day with no time, effort, skills, or knowledge. It simply isn’t true; the reality is that binary options trading is like any other investment method, in that people with no knowledge of what they are doing are significantly more likely to lose their money than they are to make money.

Customers who are interested in binary trading would be much better off reading and studying this type of trading and working with a platform and a licensed adviser directly, than relying on one of these unethical “get rich quick” systems.

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