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Profit Web System is a work at home opportunity currently being promoted by Katie Smith and Angela Bussio, and described on their website as “the biggest money making secret of 2012.”

Katie Smith and Angela Bussio are previously responsible for Home Profit Masters and the Profit Masters Academy, two other work at home opportunities that focused on link posting and affiliate marketing just like Profit Web System.

It is not uncommon for internet marketing training courses to repackage their information under a new title and through a new website; these courses tend to accumulate large numbers of negative reviews by customers who were unsuccessful with their training, which leads to the company needing a fresh start to keep up their sales.

The question that new customers must ask themselves is whether the negative reviews are due to the failings of the users, who are now simply venting their frustration, or are they due to the failings of the company?

What Profit Web System Promises

According to their website, anyone of any age and background can do this job from home with “no over head,” they can learn to do it in one afternoon, and they can begin earning money immediately with “no training.”

In addition, the website says that users can expect to earn an average of $15 per link they post which, coupled with the fast pace at which links can be posted, means that you can easily earn $375 per day.

Finally, if there is some reason you are unhappy with this system or are unable to make money with it, the sales page states there is a 2 month “Make Money or It’s Free” guarantee, meaning that if you cannot earn money in the first 60 days you can request a refund of the $97 cost of Profit Web System.

The Problems

Internet marketing is a legitimate way of earning money online and in some cases has led to people earning large sums of money, which is why it is such a popular opportunity.

Unfortunately, internet training programs tend to grossly misrepresent the difficulty of this business, in order to convince people to buy their product. And Profit Web System – just like Home Profit Masters and Profit Masters Academy – is guilty of severely misleading their customers.

First, no one is “paid to post links,” they are given a commission when their link results in a sale. Because of this, it is almost deceptive to tell their customers to expect a specific commission per link and to tell them that they can begin making money immediately.

Secondly, it is almost certainly untrue when they say their link posting opportunity has “no over head.” Overhead refers to the operating costs of a business, and internet marketing certainly has costs. Even if you are provided with a free website, which is often the case, there is the cost of hosting and maintenance, and often advertising costs.

Finally, even though the sales page of Profit Web System says they have a Money Back Guarantee, their Terms & Conditions doesn’t list any refund policy or any details on this guarantee. This means that there is no real policy, and therefore no real way for you to claim a refund if you should need one.

Update: This program is now being marketed under a new name, Web Fortune Masters by Angela Bussio.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Profit Web System " is 1.21 out of 5 based on 128 reviews.
  • where is our government agents to arrest this guy and stop these scams?
  • Do not sign up with this company. It is a scam and a fraud. You should never have to pay to work. I was told the same thing, "I would have to wait 30 days before I could get a refund on my credit card. I called my card company and they said they could remove the charges because it had not been posted to my account as yet due to the 3 Day Right Recession Law in California."

  • No one mentioned that it was recommended by Donald Trump. That where I heard it from. CNN reported that he supports this method where anyone that's not lazy can make money. Am I the only one that listen to the video? If that was fake then he need to sue. I certainly will when I find out thr truth.
  • They could NOT answer basic questions about their proposed business model. I' m thinking this is not a good opportunity other than to give my money away... I'll be contacting the BBB. They even refused to give me the Corp address.
  • If it is a good deal right now, it will still be a good deal a few hours from now, or the next day. They talk about working at home with top rated companies, but never say who the companies are. And when you try to exit the page, they always have a pop-up asking you if you are sure that you want to leave the page. I would say approach with extreme caution. It is better to resist the bait than to struggle on the hook as these scammers reel you in. Yes, I am painfully aware that there are start up costs when entering into any business venture, but the honest people will tell you that straight up and usually, if you do some research, you may find good services needed to start and run the business at a more affordable cost. A lot of crap they try to sell you such as virtual offices, virtual business cards, etc......could all be added on as your business grows and needs change.
  • I’m also reading all these comments and I also have to admit I also feel as stupid as Christine and others.I also feel for it, since I have been sick for almost a year and not able to return to my regular routines. I just called to cancel my $97.00 online purchase before the 1 month trial. They said I will have to wait until the 30-day predefined date in order to do so. I wonder if there is a way to report this and get my money back whenever I choose. I hope this is not a scam.
    • Immedaitely contact your credit card company (or bank if you used a debit card), and request to file a charge back. You just have to explain to them you were scammed, and they will reverse the transaction and you will get your money back. Do this NOW- the sooner the better!
  • coincidence? I think not. I have been praying for something to come along that is better than my current employment. I came across the Angela Bussie program and read it all. I thought to myself that maybe this is the answer that God has lead me to. NOT! As i was ready to punch in the numbers for my credit card, my computer shut down I lost my place. I then decided after it did its thing to try to find the website and low and behold I come across this. I'm not going to do it as I feel strongly that that was my sign!
  • it is a scam! dont go forward
  • it is real or fake
  • DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!!!! It is a scam and a rip off. I signed up just to check it out for $9.99 or whatever the exact amount was. After that I received 10 phone calls a day from several places all over the US. And now they have decided to steal my credit card number and use it to buy thing out in Utah. I will be suing everyone I can that is involved in this company.
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