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Profit With Michael, found online at, is a work at home opportunity that says they can offer you a little known secret to making “a ton of money” from home using just a computer and internet connection.

He says that his business opportunity does not require you to use the stock market, buy or sell real estate, or to invest in anything. In fact, he will give you the entire money making system completely for free.

All you have to do is submit your name and email address to get full access to this money making opportunity which is fully automated – all you have to be able to do is point, click, and follow instructions.

What He Says

The video presentation says that there are three things you need to do to make sure that a work at home opportunity is worth your time and money. The first thing is that you need is proof that it works, which is why he shows you pictures of his bank accounts and cars.

The second thing that you should expect from an at home business is that it is completely legal. Some businesses want you to bend or even break the rules to earn money, but Profit With Michael says not only are they legal, they are ethical.

And the third and final thing is that you should never have to pay for information – he strongly believes that if an opportunity is legit, you should be given all information about how it works, up front, and for free.

The Problem

Unfortunately, the Profit With Michael system does not pass the Profit With Michael test. Anyone who is familiar with work at home opportunities knows that pictures of online bank accounts and cars are hardly “proof” of a successful business.

But the biggest problem is that Michael’s third point – that you should never have to pay for information – isn’t true for this opportunity either. He spends an extreme amount of time going on and on and on about how he is giving you a free website and step-by-step instructions for earning money, but before he tells how the website works, you are expected to pay a $29 hosting fee.

This money isn’t going to him, he says, so it’s not quite the same thing as asking you to pay for information, but the truth is that if you have to submit your credit card number before you know what you are getting in return, you are paying for information, and the opportunity is likely untrustworthy.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Profit With Michael " is 1.43 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.
  • I am not getting any response to my emails either. Not only has the clicks stopped but so has the money daily earnings? They say you get paid when your commission account is $1,000 I am at $986 but the problem is the money stopped coming in. I keep emailing Michael but never get a response. This does not make me feel very secure. I think we were taken? If you hear anything encouraging please let me know.

    Shelly [email protected]
  • My commission to date is alteady $748.20.I beg to be paiid when my commission reached $ 600 plus ,michael turned a deaf ear on my request .I got no reply to my emails requesting to be paid my commission. To this date I am still sending the emails michael alyas brian ,with hope that one day when my commission reaches $1K PWM will pay me ,until I came acroos this review where i am able to write what is going on ...good question ...will Michael pay me the commission I earn every day ....a million dollar question that only michael can answer ([email protected])
  • There isn't an honest bone in that man's body. They tell that when you reach $500 in commmissions they will send you your payment for all those emails that you send out each day. I started on Oct.7,2016; I have over $600 in commissions; but have not received any payments. I've emailed them several times, and all I received on more emails on wanting to partner with me. Well, no more! They know where to send my check...but I'm not going to send any more emails until I receive it...if ever. This is definitely the last time that I will be scammed.
  • I'm happy that I came to this review site. I know it's all about the money.The govt should not let this kind of shshit! Along with CLICKBANK they should be locked up!!
  • There is truly no way to make money with any of these get rich quick or even get rich over time websites. P.T. Barnum said there is a sucker born every minute and anyone who has lost money over this piece of crap has proven just that. You have no one to blame but yourselves. We all have a free will. Greed was the motivating force here as it usually is. Michael merely capitalized on it.
  • Click Bank is normally good about cancellations of products!
  • I payed my money,got website set up they sent me to another website and gave me a username and a password that did not work then I didn't hear another peep from them except for a bunch of emails that sent me to the same promo page.
  • I wish the rating scores would be lower than "1". I'd rate this a -100. I was convinced and suckered into the bullish*t of being able to create my own website, I was charged $44.90 when I only agreed to pay the $29 per this genius, "Michael" who really wants to help all make their own money. I guess he was a bit "honest" when be tells us, "I will make money off of YOU." Damn strAight he does EVERY time someone is as hopeful and a bit vulnerable as I, pays the "one time fee". I even took the time to creAte what I wanted my webpage to be. Ugh! I am really feeling like a Dumbass

    /sucker for even considering this crap, let one actuAlly putting my time and effort into it (hence me refusing to give my nAme).

    I truly don't have kind words so I'll stop writing. I'll turn into a swearing, name calling lady if I keep going.

    Whatever's goin' in your life to where any "make money online" opportunity sounds too good to be true; it usually is. Just complete vinegar sacs!

    I do wish you all the best and hoping for the simplest of job searching :)

    I will finally stop typing like I said I would, lol.
  • This is a TOTAL SCAM! You ALSO have to pay to get TRAFFIC to your site, which is SUPPOSED to be done for you!! I'm SO PISSED!!!
  • if you get support to answer you your lucky. Still haven't got a download because I skipped one payment.
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