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from 1 reviews Review It is a website that says they can offer their customers a system that is guaranteed to make them investment profits with a success rate of almost 100%; at 97.88% specifically.

The ProfitCo website is run and operated by a guy named Dan Jones, a former stock broker that worked in trading and investments for more than eight years in the United Kingdom.

He promises his customers that in the years he worked in trading, he learned a method for trading and investment that anyone can use to make money in a simple, easy, and low risk way, regardless of their personal knowledge and experience.

How Does Work?

The investment and trading strategy being promoted by this website is binary options trading, which is a type of trading which requires you to choose a particular stock and decided whether you believe the value of the stock will either rise or fall during a period of time – in this case, within 60 seconds.

The promise of the software is that users will not need to conduct their own research to determine whether they believe a stock will Call or Put. Instead, the software acts as an aggregate, following the leading and most profitable investors and taking the decisions they make about the movements in the value of the stock and telling you to make the same choices.

In this way, they promise that you will be able to receive returns on your investments of between 70% – 80% with each and every investment you make.

The Problem

The main problem with this system is that they are making the same claims and promises that are being made by many, many other investment software programs. In fact, this may be the most common and popular type of investment software being sold on the market today.

And though this software is promoted as being free, using this system requires you to deposit money into a new account at the investment platform that they choose – generally in the amount of around $250. is then given money from the investment platform they have chosen, which in turn means that they are paid for your choice to use this software.

In addition, this company promotes the use of multiple different websites that all use this same kind of system, including links to Free Money System, to Secret Millionaire Society, to Insured Profits, to the 60K Smart System, and to Guaranteed Wealth, all of which have previously been assessed as companies that investors should generally stay away from.

In reality, binary options can be an extremely volatile form of trading and people often and frequently lose their money participating in this type of investment, especially when they have no personal knowledge and experience in this area. Because of this, people should avoid investing in this type of stock until they have done their own research and feel comfortable making their own choices.

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  • Hi Good morning,

    I am a Trinidad and Tobago resident but I don't have a U.S bank account to link to your 60k for 60 seconds trade . How can I receive my money if I am not a U.S resident ? Do send it Via Payza, Payoneer?

    Do you deal with RBTT BANK TRINIDAD?
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