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Profits Infinity, found online at, is a new money making opportunity which promises people the ability to earn $3,874.92 in just the first day of use, and eventually more than $10,000 per day.

Profits Infinity gives people access to software that works with a binary options investment platform. Because this software is so new, they are allowing all new members to try this product for themselves, completely for free.

How Does Profits Infinity Work?

For those who don’t know, binary options are a specific kind of investment where customers look at the current valuation of a stock and decide whether that stock will move up or down in value during a specific time period which ranges anywhere between one minute and six months.

Though this type of investment system may seem simple, in truth it is extremely complicated. There is a lot to consider when deciding how a stock will be valued over any period of time at all – it’s not actually any statistically easier to know whether a stock will go up or down in sixty seconds than it is to know what it will be doing next year.

The promise of the Profits Infinity software is that investors will never need to decide on their own whether a stock will rise or fall. Instead, the software will tell you what to choose, and all you have to do is place your investment for the chosen time period.

Red Flags

In order to use Profits Infinity, you must sign up with the specific binary options trading platform that they choose, which is currently a website called Binary Book. And though Profits Infinity says that you can use their software for free, in order to get started with Binary Book you must deposit money into your trading account and most of these companies ask that you provide a minimum of $250 to begin.

Another issue is the completely ridiculous and unrealistic promises they make to their customers about the kind of money they can earn, with claims of more than $10,000 per day, or nearly $400,000 per year just for clicking a button when you are told.

There is absolutely no way they can guarantee those kinds of earnings, and of course they don’t. The truth is that binary options trading can be very volatile and is routinely described as one of the highest risk investment options currently available to day traders.

The bottom line is that you should never invest any money that you don’t feel comfortable losing, and there is no such thing as special software that will guarantee you any earnings. The responsibility of choosing when and how to invest your money is entirely yours.

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  • This guy posing as a Doctor from North East present his case of how he became a millionaire with in a short period of time after treating one of his patients the hospital where he was working. Unfortunately his patient died but before his death he gave one of the nurses a small package to pass it on to this Doctor. It was a small disc which reveals to him how to put down $250.00 and by the end of the day his account is going to be five or ten times higher than what he has started with. In a short period of time he also became a millionaire and his profits start to go higher and higher while he is sleeping while he is having his dinner. No matter what his automatic profit plan was just working non stop. Finally he quit his medical profession and started to enjoy his life taking vacations and doing things he always liked to do, playing Golf going on cruise. All the routine thing what the millionaires do. The reason for his success was this Trading Program.which is unique to his firm only. After the site ask me to sign up and took my Visa number,I went at the bottom of that site which was in U. K and there is a phone number which I tried to call remains busy all the time up until the night. After promising that as soon as the money is deposited into my accountI can watch my account increasing in value.was totally false. During the night I check the site and the value was still showing as zero. I do not know how our Securities and Trade Commission allow such scams to run on our computers and do not take any action. It is not Nigeria or any third world country but it is our friend U K?
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