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ProfitSourcery, found online at, describes itself as the first available UK product sourcing tool for people who are interested in making money from home by selling products on Amazon.

The goal of ProfitSourcery is to teach people how to earn money using “the power of Amazon and the most effective business model of all, arbitrage.”

Arbitrage is defined as the method of earning money by taking advantage of the price differences in different markets, meaning that you would purchase something at a lower price and resell it in a new market at a higher price.

How Does ProfitSourcery Work?

The goal of successfully making money in this industry, according to their website, is to find the best possible products for selling on Amazon that will also offer the best possible profit margin, but searching through the vast number of products you could potentially sell is both difficult and overwhelming, and is the number one obstacle to success.

ProfitSourcery is software that sorts through millions of product listings every day and provides you with a list of the best products to resell each and every morning. Each product will be an Amazon bestseller and offer a potential profit margin of at least $15 per product.

You will be provided with two links for each recommended product as well. The first link will be see what the regular price of this product is on Amazon, and the second will be for the product being sold through another retailer at a much cheaper price. You simply decide how many you would like to order.

Once you have received your products, you can simply add them to existing listings so you won’t need to take photos or write descriptions. In addition, Amazon will handle all of your delivery issues, so you won’t need to worry about those details either.

What to Consider

Reselling products through is a very popular independent business opportunity that many people have used to either make extra money or to earn a living, and the promise of software that would search through and present you with the best available products for selling would be welcome.

However, if you are considering using this software and entering this specific area of business, there are some costs that you must consider which are not automatically taken into account.

First, the cost of the use of the software itself, which is priced between $57.00 and $97.00 per month, depending on the number of opportunities you would like access to per day, as well as the average profit margin per opportunity.

But you must also consider the cost of purchasing the products themselves, the cost of shipping the products to your home, and the cost of shipping the products to Amazon so they can be transported to your customers.

In addition, like any new business you may be first trying, it may take some time for newcomers to begin really making money with this system, so people who are considering using this software will want to consider what all the costs truly associated with the business will be, and how long they will be able to float these costs before they begin to earn money, and finally, how much money will they need to clear each month in order to just break even.

If you feel comfortable with the figures you come up with, only then should you consider starting your own product selling business.

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