Project Breakthrough Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Project Breakthrough is a new work at home training program offered by the creators of High Traffic Academy and is described as being able to give anyone the ability to make money within just fourteen days.

High Traffic Academy describes themselves as a full service training academy whose goal is to provide people with the tools, resources, events, and web-based video training they need to generate internet traffic and make real money working online.

The High Traffic Academy offers a wide variety of training courses, many of which seem to begin as highly priced as $297.00 and can often be more expensive. Project Breakthrough, on the other hand, is promised as completely free of charge.

The Promises

This program actually makes a wide variety of promises, the most important of which is that this company promises their customers that they will be able to make money within just 14 days of starting the program.

Within this two week window, the program promises to teach their students how to earn money without depending on anyone and how to scale and multiply your income once you begin earning, all using a step-by-step video guide.

In addition, as mentioned above, this website repeatedly promises that Project Breakthrough is entirely free, essentially for no other reason than because the creators, Jason McClain and Vick Strizheus, feel bad that so many people have so much difficulty earning money online.

The Concerns

The biggest concern about this program is that they provide very nearly no information whatsoever on what this program will offer their students, what skills and knowledge their students can really expect at the end of the program, and what exactly they mean with their promise that all their students will be earning money at the end of two weeks.

One of the reasons why this website provides so little information is because Project Breakthrough is essentially just a teaser course which ultimate trains their students to be affiliates for High Traffic Academy, and which will provide incredibly limited earnings opportunities until you eventually agree to purchase and use many of the more expensive courses and tools provided by the main website.

A second reason, of course, could be the fact that they are trying to provide as little information as possible to get the most number of people to sign up in the hopes of getting more information and trying the program for themselves.

The bottom line is that not much online is really free, especially when affiliated with a company that has so much to sell. Customers who try this program for themselves should do so with caution at what will eventually be attempted to be sold to them.

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