Proofread Anywhere Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 69 reviews Review It is the online home of the Proofread Anywhere, a website created by Caitlin Pyle, a professional proofreader who has been helping others work in proofreading since 2007.

Proofread Anywhere is also now the online home of Caitlin Pyle’s training course, Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice™, which is intended to help people with all the training they need to become a professional proofreader.

Though Caitlin says that becoming a proofreader won’t make anyone rich, she says it is an excellent way to earn side income or to even earn a full time income if you are willing to work hard enough.

Understanding the Course

Caitlin Pyle says that before she created her training course, there really wasn’t any real, fully comprehensive proofreading course available online. She wanted to change this, and create a course that didn’t just check the boxes on the skills that proofreaders needed, but that truly prepared people for what it is like to work in the proofreading industry.

To do this, her team reached out to actual court reporters to find out what makes a great proofreader? This feedback was used to create this course from top-to-bottom, resulting in a “thorough, well-planned, rigorous training program for transcript proofreaders.”

Their course covers all important topics, from “formatting and preferences to punctuation and parentheticals” so that their graduates are absolutely as prepared for the reality of working in proofreading as they can be.

How It Works

Proofread Anywhere says that they actually don’t believe that professional proofreading is cut out for everyone, so before you sign up for their paid course they ask all their students to take their seven day free course.

This free course provides prospective students with a new short lesson each day so they can see whether or not proofreading is something they enjoy and can do. If you decide to move forward with their course, you will then sign up for their 30 Day Jumpstart for $197.

Again, the website says they don’t even offer the option for their students to sign up for the entire course at one time, because if anything changes or you decide that this area of business just isn’t for you, Proofread Anywhere doesn’t want you to feel as though you are forced to continue or lose a huge investment.

If you continue past the 30 Day Jumpstart you will move to their 60 Day NextSteps course, which is priced at $400, and once that is successfully completed, you can move on to The Rest of the Course at $300, for a total of $897 for the entire course.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Proofread Anywhere Reviews " is 3.62 out of 5 based on 69 reviews.
  • I’m a graduate of both the Transcript Proofreading course and the General Proofreading course. Both are well worth your money as long as you are willing to put in the work and effort to learn and grow! Neither of the courses are an easy way out, and you will have to practice a lot and pass tests. At the end, you will end up a proofreader that has the skills, confidence, and knowledge to succeed. I started out in the Transcript course and used my proceeds from that section of my business to quit my day job, then I expanded my skills with the General course to start proofreading for authors as well. It’s been almost a year now since I’ve been proofreading and working from home, and I’m so grateful to Caitlin and these courses, as well as my own hard work, for getting me to where I am now.

    That being said, I’ve always had a passion for reading and writing and an eye for detail. Proofreading isn’t for everyone, so make sure you are up for it before starting either course. Caitlin will tell you the same thing :)
  • I completed the course last summer. I have a degree in English, but this course still taught me so much. In fact, I realized how much I didn't know. Plus, the course teaches material specific to court reporting and legal transcripts, something that more than prepared me for the work I do now.

    I have continued to build my business. As of right now, I have consistent work from five reporters and occasional work from others. I have received very positive feedback from my reporters!

    I have a large family, so I've been a stay-at-home mom for many years. This class provided me the perfect opportunity to do something I love from home while contributing financially to our family.

    My husband was nervous that I was falling for a scam when I took the course. Now he sees what a huge blessing it has been for our family.

    I love, love, love my job, and I'm incredibly thankful that I took this course!
  • I came across Proofread Anywhere while researching various ways to make some extra money on the side. I was a little hesitant at first but after reading about it for so long, I decided to give the Transcript Proofreading course a try and purchased the first block of modules. I was drawn to it because I have always had a love for proofreading in general and this was a specific niche that I never had heard of before! I think some people don't understand how much work this course actually is. There is a lot to learn, especially if you have never worked with these specific guidelines before. Its takes time and diligence to get through this course.

    The important thing to remember is YOU get out what YOU put in! Nobody is going to hand you the knowledge and skills, clients, or a paycheck. But if you stick with it and have a love for this type of work, you will be successful. I highly recommend looking into this opportunity. Yes, it is an investment. Some individuals try it out and find that it is not for them, and that is ok. But after making it through and graduating, I was even more pleased to find how much support I have after completing the class. There is a FB group of other graduates that I can reach out to anytime I have a questions while I am working on a transcript. It is a wonderful community to be a part of.

    Yes, the course is pricey, but you get what you pay for. Court Reporters have heard of this course and can trust that you can handle anything they throw at you after completing this rigorous training. Not only do my clients trust my training, but I feel equipped to provide a quality service to them and feel confident in my work.

    Caitlyn opened up a door for me with this course that has had nothing but a positive impact on my life. I graduated about 6 months ago, got my first client in the first couple of weeks and quickly earned back what I spent on the course. Currently, my husband and I are setting off on a year-long journey traveling North America in our RV. My proofreading business provides me with the means to work from literally anywhere I want! I am so thankful I stuck with the modules and took a chance on Proofread Anywhere, I couldn't imagine my life without it!

    I highly recommend this course if you are willing to put in the work. Take it seriously and you will not be disappointed!
  • I am a graduate of Proofread Anywhere and am currently working as a proofreader. I have worked as a secretary for 20+ years, have a college degree, and have always had strong English and grammar skills. I still learned things from Caitlin’s course, some specifically geared toward transcripts. As with anything, you get out what you put in. Caitlin’s course totally prepares you to enter the job market, but she’s not going to do the work for you. You have to put yourself out there, make connections and provide excellent service. The additional benefit of belonging to a support group is invaluable. Questions are posted and answers/opinions given on a variety of issues that come up when you are dealing with real people using spoken words, which are rarely textbook grammar and sometimes are just plain weird. Caitlin is brutally honest when she addresses issues with her graduates and fiercely defends us and her programs. I would expect no less of someone who has created what she has. Her program has provided me with the opportunity to earn money for my family’s needs without leaving my home and on my own schedule. For that, I will be eternally grateful.
  • I took the General Proofreading course and learned so much! I was an English major and felt somewhat confident in my grasp of the grammar rules. However, this course was challenging, and I learned how much I didn't know. The support from the online community is wonderful. I'm now slowly building my proofreading business.
  • I took the Proofread Anywhere course nearly three years ago now, and I am still enjoying the benefits! I have a young daughter and this has allowed me to earn an income from home while enjoying her toddler and preschool years.

    You definitely have to put the work into learning transcript proofreading and how to build a business. This course addresses both of those. Work will not fall in your lap. You have to market yourself and then do a spectacular job with each client.

    I am now two and a half years into owning my own business and working from home (or the library, or my car, lol). I don't plan to ever go back to working outside the home. This course has changed my life!
  • I took the general proofreading course and was disappointed. The course gives some very minor examples in some common trouble areas and tells you to use the Chicago Manual of Style to look up things for yourself. There are practice essays, but the answer keys are not always consistent with the style guide or with other essays, and there's no discussion about why changes were made or not made. The marketing advice is minor and not worthwhile to pay for. However, I believe the transcript proofreading side is much more robust. If you want to do general proofreading, look to the Ediditorial Freelancers Association courses instead or find some grammar books and brush up.
  • I remember reading on her website that she will never offer a discount on her Transcript Proofreading course, the idea being that you shouldn't wait for a sale to buy the course. So I purchase the Jumpstart course and two weeks later she's offering a huge discount on the same course. I never continued the program because she had lost my trust. Her website is so commercialized now that it's a turn off. Caitlyn, if you're reading this, I would be willing to give the course another try if you offer me the discount that you said you wouldn't ever offer but then did anyways.
    • She has offered discounts on her Jumpstart course. I don't know why she is lying about it.
    • I am reading this :) We never discount Jumpstart. Our July 4th sale offered a $100 discount on our General Proofreading course, not the Transcript Proofreading course.

      I'm a word woman; I'm a woman of my word.
  • I've been looking at both this course and another one called The Art of Proofreading, by Phon something. Has anyone looked at or been through her course? I figure they're both about the same, although I have no idea how much the "Art" course costs.
  • I’ve been around a long time and usually do due diligence before forking over $500 for anything. This time, I got caught up in Pyle’s exuberance and handed her my cash. It didn’t take long to realize I’d been had. The course and keys are rife with errors, which if you’re pushing proofreading, you’d think someone might have tried it on the product.

    There’s very little real information that you couldn’t find anywhere on the web. I appreciate paying someone to compile the links and references but there’s not much else to crow about. If I could have gotten a refund, even a partial one, I’d have taken it.

    I signed up in the excitement and chaos of Pyle’s Work At Home Summit and my fear is giving anyone else my dollars would just be more of the same. These people obviously make their money by hoping the uninformed will fork over their money and be satisfied with little in return.
    • Ha! Cailin's "exuberance" is what turned me off. She's all hype, pumping people up to give her money. Her free Ultimate Freelance Guide is full of promotions of other freelance bloggers and business people, who are obviously paying her to promote them. The whole thing is so phony and overdone. Yuck.
    • I understand what you mean about the Work-At-Home Summit AND the Proofread Anywhere course being reviewed on this page. The former ropes you in for the latter and they are both Caitlin Pyles courses.
    • Can you be more specific? Are you talking about Work-At-Home School or my proofreading courses? This is a page about the latter.
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