Proofread Anywhere Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 65 reviews Review It is the online home of the Proofread Anywhere, a website created by Caitlin Pyle, a professional proofreader who has been helping others work in proofreading since 2007.

Proofread Anywhere is also now the online home of Caitlin Pyle’s training course, Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice™, which is intended to help people with all the training they need to become a professional proofreader.

Though Caitlin says that becoming a proofreader won’t make anyone rich, she says it is an excellent way to earn side income or to even earn a full time income if you are willing to work hard enough.

Understanding the Course

Caitlin Pyle says that before she created her training course, there really wasn’t any real, fully comprehensive proofreading course available online. She wanted to change this, and create a course that didn’t just check the boxes on the skills that proofreaders needed, but that truly prepared people for what it is like to work in the proofreading industry.

To do this, her team reached out to actual court reporters to find out what makes a great proofreader? This feedback was used to create this course from top-to-bottom, resulting in a “thorough, well-planned, rigorous training program for transcript proofreaders.”

Their course covers all important topics, from “formatting and preferences to punctuation and parentheticals” so that their graduates are absolutely as prepared for the reality of working in proofreading as they can be.

How It Works

Proofread Anywhere says that they actually don’t believe that professional proofreading is cut out for everyone, so before you sign up for their paid course they ask all their students to take their seven day free course.

This free course provides prospective students with a new short lesson each day so they can see whether or not proofreading is something they enjoy and can do. If you decide to move forward with their course, you will then sign up for their 30 Day Jumpstart for $197.

Again, the website says they don’t even offer the option for their students to sign up for the entire course at one time, because if anything changes or you decide that this area of business just isn’t for you, Proofread Anywhere doesn’t want you to feel as though you are forced to continue or lose a huge investment.

If you continue past the 30 Day Jumpstart you will move to their 60 Day NextSteps course, which is priced at $400, and once that is successfully completed, you can move on to The Rest of the Course at $300, for a total of $897 for the entire course.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Proofread Anywhere Reviews " is 3.68 out of 5 based on 65 reviews.
  • I don't think bollshtreader has taken the paid course. There are quizzes with the paid course, and you have to pass them to move to the next level. So the PA course itself is actually very, very good. But as far as actually working as a transcript proofreader, there are many, many caveats.

    -- The court reporting environment is *very* insular and cliquish. It's hard to break in and actually keep clients.

    -- Some reporters hold a grudge against Caitlin Pyle because she created PA and made over a million dollars teaching people how to proofread after getting fired from a court reporting agency (though it wasn't because she lacked skill). So some reporters won't use a PA proofreader, and some reporters are continually badmouthing PA and PDF transcript proofreading.

    -- A lot of people who want to do this job are introverts. And if you're an introvert, you're probably going to struggle with marketing.

    -- The social media outlets for finding court reporting clients are saturated now with proofreaders looking for work. Other ways of marketing require more work (not that that's a bad thing), but those methods are arguably less effective.

    -- You spend over $1,200 to go through this course and learn how to proofread properly for court reporters. You kill yourself learning the rules, and while you are told that court reporters' "preferences" are a factor, you don't realize until you get out there and try to do actual work that some reporters actually want you to ignore good English and just do it "their way." That's very hard to do over and over again when you're a person who cares about quality.

    -- You can make more money scoping (editing) for court reporters than you can proofreading. Look into "Internet Scoping School" or "Best Scoping Techniques" if interested. But remember, you'll be dealing with the same reporters who make proofreaders' lives difficult. Stories of "bad scopists" are rampant in the court reporting environment.

    -- Stories about "bad proofreaders" are also rampant out there. While those stories aren't necessarily fair because court reporters' preferences can vary so widely, bad word of mouth can *kill* your career fairly easily.

    -- A LOT of reporters are trying to save money by having you do a scopist's (editor's) work at a proofreader's rate. It's very, very hard to make decent money that way. And badly scoped transcripts are LEGION out there.

    -- If you don't work weekends, it may affect your ability to find regular clients.

    -- Of course, there are some success stories out there. But I've noticed that quite a few transcript proofreaders have quietly walked away from this line of work to look for other ways to earn money as a freelancer.

    So the (paid) Proofread Anywhere course -- it's great. Actually working as a transcript proofreader -- not so much.
    • Wow! JustMe, everything you said about the Transcript Proofreader Profession is a TOTAL turnoff! Why would I want to invest in a course to learn how to do this?
  • This course is a waste of time. Save your money. You can find everything you need online for free. Really. There are other proofreading courses that charge 10x less than this one and there is no more 7-day trial. It's a very slick company and they really know how to market to pull you in, but there is no guarantee of a job even if you follow everything there. They will tell you they say that but then admonish you as being a loser if you don't take the course. The modules are oversimplified. You can read through them in one day. There are no online quizzes just handouts. Don't do it. Just don't.
    • Hey, folks! I’m Caitlin Pyle, the founder of Proofread Anywhere. Seems like there are some questions about the courses in the comments, so I wanted to jump in here and help out.

      To clarify, I offer two courses: Transcript Proofreading, which has been around for almost three years, and General Proofreading, which launched about seven months ago. The Transcript Proofreading course has grown tremendously since it launched, and since it serves a very particular niche within proofreading, it does go into more depth than my General Proofreading course. However, since my General Proofreading course launched, we’ve already DOUBLED the course content and practice worksheets/essays. We’re continuing to improve both courses on a regular basis, which can only benefit students because they receive LIFETIME ACCESS with the course fee. You can't beat that!

      As for the comment on “there is no guarantee of a job even if you follow everything there,” bollshtreader is absolutely right. In both of my courses (as well as my numerous blog posts, newsletters, and social media posts), I stress that I provide all the tools you need to get clients, but I have NEVER guaranteed you will get clients solely by passing a course. I cannot make you work hard, do excellent work, or market yourself -- that’s all on YOU. (And for the record, I've never called someone a loser for not taking one of my courses ;-))

      On “whether anyone who is educated, meticulous about spelling and grammar, and detail-oriented actually NEEDS a proofreading course,” the answer is YES. Those skills are part of an extremely important foundation to make it as a successful proofreader, but those skills are not enough. Do you know how to turn your proofreading skills into a thriving business? Do you know how to market yourself or find quality clients? Do you know how to work with client preferences? Do you know the best resources for proofreaders to use? These are just SOME of the things touched on in both of my courses. Skills are great, but you have to know HOW to use those skills. And I teach you how to do that.

      If you still don’t believe that my courses are worth it, please feel free to check out the many success stories I’ve featured on my blog: You can also always email me at [email protected], and my team and I will make sure your questions are answered. I hope to see you in one of my courses someday :-)
    • I guess my question is whether anyone who is educated, meticulous about spelling and grammar, and detail-oriented actually NEEDS a proofreading course. I am intrigued and interested in the course, but I truly believe I will get nothing from it.

      Boll, I assume you completed the course. Regardless of its cost, did you learn anything you did not otherwise know?

    • This course is NOT a waste of time, and it is very reasonably priced. It is designed specifically to train students to proofread court transcripts. There are online quizzes to prepare students for the tests, and they are very thorough. There are very few other resources online that train students to proofread court transcripts, and this kind of proofreading is very different from other kinds of proofreading. You certainly cannot find free resources that will teach everything you need to know to proofread court documents.

      Why would you believe that you should be guaranteed a job? Only you can guarantee yourself a job by working hard and following what you are taught. There is no way anyone else can guarantee that you will find work. Only lazy people would believe that jobs should be guaranteed.

      I highly recommend this course to those who are willing to work hard and have a strong desire to succeed.
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