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Prosper, located at, was established in 2004 as a business training company that specializes in customized distance education programs. These programs are meant to give you the knowledge and skills you need to reach your personal goals. partners with well known business gurus like Robert G. Allen, Ben Moskel, and Dave Clabeaux, amongst others, to provide the best training for online business offered in the industry.

They offer training in seven different areas: eCommerce, Entrepreneurship, Forex, Personal Development, Personal Finance, Real Estate, and the Stock Market.

You will be given a one-on-one consultation to determine your strengths, weakness, and goals, in order to determine which areas you will be given training in.

Membership is by invitation only, so you must call and speak to a consultant to learn how to get started. If you are interested in learning more about Prosper, the phone number for an initial consultation is 877-454-9266.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Prosper " is 1.42 out of 5 based on 26 reviews.
  • I gave up my $35 hr job to go and work for this company and all they had promised was a big lie.

    Big lie, lie lie
    • i wasted lots of money as well. i cannot login anymore but if you still can then you can put all the involved names on a scamlist. they can continue with another name and start all over again.
  • I have paid for a forex course, They have given me a recorded videos, the contents were poor, the strategy was a big failure as you lose more than you win, I could have got better information for free on youtube.

    The coach was hopeless, I have asked her few questions as I wanted to learn about fibonacci retracement but she said : I do not know about it and I do not use it !!

    They just took my money and delivered nothing of value cause they do not know anything to teach you ... I feel sorry for myself and I wish I have read the reviews before I joined.
  • This program taught me nothing new. I get more information from books and social media. it's waste of time and a waste of money. It needs to be free of charge.
  • i wish i had read these reviews , omg i would def not have taken on the programme, you are only given so much time to do your modules then they whip it from your pc, i wouldn't like to say what i paid, but i am not a happy person, surely if you pay for for something you are allowed to keep it ,
    • I paid them a lot of money in 2011 for an eCommerce course. I had never created a website before and the instructor did give me enough direction to set up the site (the hosting company to go with, how to do drop shipping, and what online store company to choose, etc.). However, they charged me way too much and even talked me into using an accounting firm to incorporate my online store and do my taxes. Never saw any profits. But my site is still on the Internet and I converted it to an affiliate site with articles written by me. I would not recommend because the executive I spoke to before agreeing to pay for the course assured me I would be able to make money...I'm just another person who was conned by companies claiming to teach people how to make money from the Internet.

      After wasting my money in 201I, I tried getting students from a major online tutoring company and happily I derive an income from it.
  • I signed up and was given a coach for my few sessions. Each time she phoned she referred to my children (I don't have any) and other matters that were not ME. So I'd spend some of my session correcting her errors and not working on what was supposed to be helping me. I certainly didn't feel special!! She obviously never made notes etc. I complained and was told I'd get a session with their star coach....still waiting.

    I've just gone to sign in to the site (supposed to have ongoing access) and it's disappeared! I received an email today with a free download of As a Man Thinketh but there's no web address.

    I've just left a message on the phone as I have a time difference and they're obviously closed.
  • I think it odd that the few that have rated this site 4 stars really don't speak of their success or what they have learned. They just seem to try to bash on those that have genuine complaints. Most likely work for the company and are not customers at all. I was attracted to the company because I do believe in the law of attraction. The great part about the law of attraction is that it also led me to this page to get a clearer view. As I was talking to the representative on the phone I realized I already believe that I can create anything. I don't need to pay 15,000 to create something that is going to come from within me anyway. Save your money and invest in yourself. My goal was to go on a dream vacation, I'm now going to do that with the 15,000 I saved by not being scammed by prosper! Thank you everyone for your valuable feedback!
  • We do NOT recommend Prospering to anyone. They give you 6 sessions then you are on your, they have other counselors that did not help. the money you pay it is not worth it. Keep your money and leave.
  • I was just contacted by by Janie. I had got a free ebook called the Five Rituals, supposedly written by someone who had got secrets of long life from Llamas in tibet. She asked me what my goals are. Unfortunately the mobile service was crap and she emailed me to get my landline number. I have taken the opportunity to search this company and found so many who think it is a scam. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. To those who think they owe money, cancel your credit cards, let them take you to court, I don't think they will show because their scam will be out in the open. Thank you all for your reviews, and sorry to hear of you who spent money in good faith. Tim
  • Please don't involve in this trap! Now I am in debt of $2000. Peoples please don't fall for this.
  • I spoke to a representative today for over an hour. He seamlessly plugged in to my hopes and dreams. Finally, he indicated that they only accept about 1% of prospects, because they are focused on individuals who are geared for success and those who will not let anything stand in their way. After making me feel like one of the elite, he proceeded to inquire about my earnings, my cash flow, total assets vs liabilities - and then informed me that I would be a good candidate. In my experience, when someone won't tell you their fees until after they determine your net worth, you'd better get your running shoes.

    He knew all the jargon about plugging in to Universal Intelligence, etc. But, for me, the crux of the problem is that:

    - he tried to convince me that I do not know my own process;

    - that I do not know my own hidden beliefs that are "holding me back";

    - that I need Prosper coaches to locate the source of my issues;

    - that if I changed my belief system, it would just be a superficial overlay without their coaching;

    - that I don't know myself as well as his coaches (who don't know me from Hannibal Lector).

    For me, the most odious aspect of these scams, aside from the money, is the systematic disempowerment of people from their own process. They want us to believe we have no power except what they can show us - for a steep price. True coaching consists of letting the person know they have their own answers. It consists of empowerment without the "dis".

    Without knowing it, he revealed himself. Needless to say, I will not be joining the ranks of their elite. Hopefully, this will be a warning to even one person to take back power and responsibility for their own lives.

    As far as developing a website and blog is concerned, anyone can do that for way less than 10 grand.
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