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Publish Academy, found online at, is a work at home training program from Anik Singal which promised people the skills and information they needed to turn their “passion into profit.”

Anik Singal is known for creating a variety of different training programs for people interested in making online, with his most recent project, the Publish Academy, being created for people who were interested in earning money in digital publishing.

Unfortunately, Publish Academy is no longer open to accepting new members. Instead, customers who are interested in information on digital publishing will be able to order Anik Singal’s newest ebook, “Passion to Profit,” which is nearly 90 pages of information on this industry and how to be successful within it.

What is Digital Publishing?

Digital publishing is the act of self-publishing ebooks and digital magazines, which customers can then purchase or subscribe to, as a way of earning money as an independent business opportunity.

The promise behind digital publishing is that you can take whatever talent, knowledge, or skill you have and be able to earn money by writing about this talent and sharing it with others. And with self-publishing, you can pay the bare minimum in order to receive the largest possible profit from your customers and subscribers.

The promise of Passion to Profit is that it will provide users with “the exact 7 steps” they need to master the quickest and easiest way to start an online business using “the exact system” used by Anik Singal himself.

What to Consider

Since Publish Academy is no longer accepting any members and is instead providing customers with access to a free book of information, there really isn’t any immediate risk to customers who are interested in what Singal has to say.

The book is available for immediate download, but in order to receive it you must provide your email address. This means that you are opening yourself up to receiving marketing and advertising communications from Singal, which means that you will be dealing with sales pitches and product promotions.

Customers will want to protect themselves, and always remember to research all products and offerings before they invest, and to never invest any time or money into an opportunity that they can’t really afford, because these opportunities don’t often pay out or meet the potential that is described in a sales pitch.

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