Pure Leverage Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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Pure Leverage, found online at PureLeverage.com, is a multi level marketing company which promises anyone the ability to make a living at home through their proven system.

Multi level marketing, or network marketing, is a type of business where you earn money in two different ways. First, you earn money by selling a product to customers, and second, by recruiting new sales associates to your team who will also sell those products.

The product being sold by Pure Leverage is an all in one marketing system, which includes an auto-responder service, conference software, video email service, and a lead capture system.

How It Works

According to their website, when you sign up as a Pure Leverage member you will get access to all the tools included in their marketing suite, as well as a training program which will teach you how to create your personal brand and make yourself an authority figure through blogging.

They say that blogging has created more millionaires than any other market online. With their tools and training, Pure Leverage promises they can teach you how to be a successful blogger and create multiple streams of income.

With their blogging system, they claim to be able to teach you how to get the traffic necessary to make sales, and for every product you sell, their compensation plan will match that sale with a 100% commission.

What To Know

Ultimately, the product you are selling when working with PureLeverage.com is the business of selling Pure Leverage. This is not uncommon with companies that are selling complete marketing packages, like Empower Network.

To work with their system, however, you must pay $19.97 a month to be their affiliate, and then another $24.95 each month for their marketing tools. If, after ordering Pure Leverage, you decide that you are unhappy with what you have received or the type of work that you are doing, they do have a 30 day return policy.

As long as you return all items shipped to you and delete all digital, video, audio, and text files you received from them, you can request a refund within 30 days, less a 10% re-stocking fee.

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