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Quick Cash System, found online at QuickCashSystem.com, is a new money making opportunity that promises people the ability to reach total financial freedom in a short period of time.

And while the promises made in this video presentation by Sarah Markel, the Quick Cash spokeswoman, are very exciting, perhaps the most exciting part for potential customers is that the video insists that the software is free.

What is Quick Cash System?

Quick Cash System is not just an investment software. Instead, their primary roll is that of a portal site, meaning that they are partnered with another company with the goal of bringing in new customers to their website. In this case, they are partnered with their selection of recommended trading platforms.

This online trading platform will specialize in binary options, a type of investment platform that asks people to decide whether they believe a specific stock will rise in value (call) or fall in value (put) during a pre-determined amount of time, which can range from one minute to six months.

The video presentation says that the Quick Cash System software will guide you in making all the investments you need to become a millionaire. Customers who make the right choice about the behavior of a stock will receive an immediate return on their investment, often up to about 85% of the investment they made.

The Problems

Recently, binary options trading has been linked to many different scam companies, which may make people wonder if binary options themselves are a scam. The truth is that binary options are a real and ethical investment opportunity.

The problem is companies that make the same claims as Quick Cash System, promising to make people thousands of dollars in short periods of time, with little to no effort, which is essentially the definition of a “get rich quick” scheme.

The truth is that while the software itself is free, you must partner with the trading platform of their choice in order to use it, and these platforms require a deposit of at least $200 to $250 in order to begin trading. So while you do not pay a fee directly to Quick Cash System, you cannot use their system without having at least $200 to invest.

And once you make that deposit to begin trading, Quick Cash System will be given some kind of a “finder’s fee” from whatever platform they recommended. Whether you are successful at earning money is irrelevant to them, because they are paid when you simply open an account.

Portal websites like this are extremely common and are used by many different binary options trading platforms but the bottom line is that you should not expect much from these systems, if anything at all.

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  • If it sounds too good to be true it probably is don't get scammed by this site you don't get something for nothing especially a place called app cloner nobody's going to send you money for cloning their app you're probably get in trouble by the law instead of getting money don't let apple fool you just by the name of it you can tell it's a scam quick Cash system app cloner from the name you know it's bad. You'd be as bad as them if you fell for this one cuz you be stealing money from somebody else.
  • The advertisement should be banned from the internet! It definitely looks like a “believe it or not” get rich quick scheme. Many folks see that ad believe they might get out of debt or have the riches portrayed in ad. It’s false advertising!
  • If they sell this software for $37 a pop who do you think is making money?
  • Why can’t I find my account ? I joined last year.
  • I have been scammed by the quick cash system. From the beginning they pushed me to invest more and more money because they say the more money you invest the larger sum of money you can make which make sense to me. I made $2285 ams as soon as i asked for withdrawal of the money I’ve made out of trading they ignore me flat and they don’t return your whatsapp. I heard that the quick cash system scam a woman out of $8000, Just after that I’ve tried to contact them but no answer. I was able to recover my funds with the help an INTERNATIONAL REFUND AGENCY Mrs Cynthia Boyce, feel free to contact her via her email address, cynthiamboyce@ gmail. com and she will guide you on effective steps to take and get your invested capital including your bonus back.
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