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Quirky.com is a community driven website for people who have ideas or concepts of products they would like to invent and are looking for help finalizing their product and getting it to market.

Many other traditional product development companies, like Davison, requires you to submit your idea to their team and pay them to develop a prototype for you. Once this prototype is developed, you can choose to take it and go through the rest of the marketing process yourself, or pay the company to do it for you.

Quirky takes a new and innovative approach to the product development process, a process which technically will cost you none of your own money.

How It Works

Become a member of the Quirky.com community for free and then submit your idea. The website says that the best ideas will be well researched, easy to understand, and able to build with available technology. It also must be a physical, consumer product.

For 30 days after you submit your idea, the community can vote on it and collaborate with you, adding to the idea. If you get 200 votes or your idea is picked by their staff, it will then go to Expert Reviews.

Every Thursday industry experts get together and debate the best ideas that have been taken from the website, and they will choose which products they then want to go on and develop.

The Catch

Once you submit your idea to the Quirky.com community, it no longer is your property. It now belongs to the whole community as much as it belongs to you and everyone from the community who provides important feedback that is used in the final product will earn a percentage of the profits from the product.

The amount that you influence the product is considered Influence Points and directly translates to the percentage of the profits that you will eventually earn.

While some people might have complaints about only receiving a small part of the profits from an idea they came up with, Quirky is the one who pays to develop the product and bring it to market, and they are the only ones who lose money if the product fails.

It may not be an arrangement that works for everyone, but for people who feel confident that they have a successful idea but may not have the financial resources to bring it to market, this may be a company they would consider working with.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Quirky.com " is 2.27 out of 5 based on 15 reviews.
  • This website is a complete scam. I purchased a product which did not work as advertised (false advertisement) and then they wouldn’t take the product back for a refund. Don’t waste your time with them, look somewhere else for a similar product. You will be happy you did.
  • Is a completely scan, they take your money, don't send you the product and take your money, the modern thief of today day, be careful
  • I was skeptical but it definitely not a scam! It gives the opportunity for average an average person like me to put my ideas up with a chance of being created. The review process is slow but they do have a whole community, that talks about everything and really have your back. Highly recommend.
  • Quirky is AMAZING!! I was a tad skeptical at first I must admit. Especially after reading reviews. But honestly, I have had the best experience!! Under new management, you really get the feeling Quirky cares about your dreams and ambitions. I even got to chat with the president over email a few weeks ago. Talk about customer obsession-Quirky has it!

    Every time I had a question about the invention process, customer support was there every step of the way. It's apparent quirky is here to stay! Seriously-give it a shot!
  • Quirky had a 30% off sale three weeks ago, the same day I purchased a "spacebar"... it's been sitting waiting for pickup since I purchased it -- it hasn't been shipped!

    I've tried calling (with an automated message which says to email) and I've tried emailing EVERY email I can find online. At one point I reached out to a wink employee without any help! These guys were so promising but now they're straight up shady.

    I wouldn't recommend purchasing from them.
  • I ordered a Space Bar 3 years ago. One of the cables stopped working. I contacted Quirky and received a response indicating that they were struggling to stay afloat. They made no effort to connect me with the inventor so that I could get the cable replaced. For whatever reason, this cable is not available ANYWHERE. I went to Microcenter which has what appears to be every cable imaginable and they didn't have anything resembling this cable. So, bottom line, the major benefit of the Space Bar is not working. And, Quirky is still selling it. Appalling.
  • I am sure glad you guys went through it before I got there. I been screwed by so many that I check all reviews anymore. Its a shame the LAW let's them get away with stuff like this. OH WHAT AM I THINKING IF YOU HAVE BEEN TAKEN BY ANY OF THESE SCAMMING SO-CALLED INVENTION COMPANIES SUE THEM SORRY I FORGOT SUE THEM THERE IS NO TIME LIMIT SUE SUE SUE. YEEHAW REVENGE IS HERE SUE SUE SUE.
    • Quirky must be an international online Chinese scammer. I am one of its unlimited online victims. This notorious scammer should be put in jail for justice to their crimes. Be careful and boycott Quirky!!! It is the worst to order anything with Quirky...
  • To all the inventors here that continue to be disappointed by the scams and scammers, I hope to one day be able to join forces with you and bring a team of honest inventors and business people together to make a "real" company that actual helps those lacking funds, time or business acumen to get the ideals patented, marketed and sold. God willing ... soon!
  • I have had many winning ideas to only see them in production years later. One of which was developed by Philips Electronics. It was 4 years after I first conceived the product that I saw an infomercial on it. Since then, I had thought about organizing an inventor's help company that would do just want Quirky proposes to do, which is not require anything from someone that submits ideas of worth, of which they would receive a royalty percentage upon successful development, marketing and sales. When I first heard and read about Quirky, I was excited to find out more.

    But, the more and more I found out, the more that they appear just like all of the others. The reviews I have read, brings much disappointment from the perspective that a company professes to help its patrons and front the development and marketing costs involved. Bottom line, if it was my outfit, I would not take on anything that wasn't a winning product. It is what they should do, and not get anyone's hopes up by making shallow promises. They are not registered with the Better Business Bureau, and maybe for good reason. Requiring $10 K to move an idea forward is what should be advertised on the front-end, not on the back-end. In my opinion, this company needs to overhaul its front-end pitch! At least then I will have a little more respect for them.
    • Why would you take your ideas and make someone else rich?. I don’t understand how someone does this but is smart enough to invent stuff? I guess it’s just laziness and lack of knowledge.
  • As a vendor, do not extend credit - they do not pay! GET YOUR MONEY UPFRONT, like they want from their "inventors". Also, cannot contact AP direct (unless you have caller id - but they dont answer!). Have to go through customer service to give AP a message... again useless. For all the hype Ben Kaufman is getting, the real story needs to get out there... how they treat inventors, vendors, etc. I read reviews from employeees who even state they mismanage money, are disorganized... see glassdoor.
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