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Rashkin Online Leaders, run by Aaron and Sophia Rashkin, is a website which promises people working in network marketing a new way to approach their business so they can earn more money, faster.

Aaron and Sophia Rashkin claim that they earn more than $60,000 using a proven system to improve their multi level marketing business, a system which can be used by anyone within the industry to make money.

If you choose to join their program, you’ll receive a “turn key” system that runs 24/7 globally, a business team to close your transactions, one-on-one support from Aaron and Sophia, live coaching events, and a choice between a “proven” high converting sales funnel or being coached on building your own brand.

The Theory

RashkinOnlineLeaders.com explains in detail why most MLM businesses today are failing – they internet killed them, as they say. Because of the internet, there is no longer anyway to build a loyal, lasting downline which will provide you with long term residual income.

Instead, Aaron and Sophia say people willing to sign up for MLM opportunities are only interested in “the next big thing” and getting involved during the “pre-launch” stage, because they believe this is the only way to earn money in network marketing.

This means that while you may be able to get people to initially sign up for your opportunity, they’ll be gone before they can create their own downline, meaning that you’ll never really have the ability to build a downline which can grow or mature.

The Get Paid Today Opportunity

So instead of creating an MLM opportunity where the emphasis is on building long term income, the program sold at RashkinOnlineLeaders.com – Carbon Copy Pro – focuses on getting immediate income.

This requires you to sell a product or service retailed between $1500 – $2000 for an upfront commission, rather than a matrix payment system. The Rashkins claim that making the initial investment so steep eliminates the people who bounce from opportunity to opportunity and makes sure your investors are serious.

If you are interested in CarbonCopyPro, you must apply to see if you fit the requirements to utilize this system, and the application will cost you a $39.95 fee. If you are not accepted into the program, your fee will be refunded.

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