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Real Income 365 is a new work at home opportunity being offered by Kimberly Hoffman, who claims she went from $20,000 in debt to earning over 1 million dollars a year.

According to Hoffman, Real Income 365 can work for anyone who is willing to follow her step-by-step program and work between 2-3 hours a day. You don’t even need your own computer; she says you can use the computer at the local library and still be successful.

For just $47 you can purchase this “idiot-proof” system that can be followed by anyone with a 9th grade education, even those who are “practically computer illiterate.” Unfortunately, you must pay your $47 before you find out what kind of work you’ll be doing.

Generally speaking, Rule #1 of working online is to NOT give your credit card number to a website or a person who will not give you any information about what you will be receiving, beyond a “step-by-step guide” to a mystery business.

Real Income 365, however, is a Clickbank product, so if you have purchased it and decided that you are unhappy with what you receive, you can request a no-questions asked refund from Clickbank for the first 60 days.

Do you have experience with Real Income 365? If so, please post a review below.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Real Income 365 " is 1.33 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
  • Its a sucky business don't ever do it ...
  • I too was scammed, promised great success for $47.00, not happening. You must upgrade to make significant money and still no guarantees. They don't tell you that up front, and good luck communicating with anyone, no one answers the phone.....EVER. There is no way to make good money taking surveys from home, it just isn't possible. Sorry. Another key fact to know, anytime you see an Arizona address, run and don't look back, they have very few regulations there and allow this scamming to go on. So sad.
  • What no one says about the product is that it does not cost $47.00 USD. At that price don't expect to make money with it. Maybe $50.00 a month that's it. To make more money you will have to pay an other $97.00 USD to have all the options.

    It is like buying a car at $4,700 but you need to pay an extra $9,700 to have the a motor and the transmission. To me that is false representation. I don't understant the philosophy of clickbank concerning these type of product with extra that the client has to pay to make it work. There must be a great percentage of client asking for refund. It means that both the vendor and clickbank has to install system to manage not only sales but also refunds (it is the same for credit card and Paypal etc..)It is a lot of time wasted.

    I prefer to know exactly how much a product cost with all the options included. No extras, no upgrade available. But I am assure that the product will work. Clickbank would gain credibility by offering finished products.
    • I agree with you 200%. I got suckered into paying $17, so that would suggest an even more money upgrade to make ANY MONEY with this program. Of course as an adult I should have known by now that REAL work from home money makers are as few and far between as hens teeth.
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