Real Work at Home Jobs – No Scams

If you spend any time reading this blog, you’ll see very quickly that the number of scams and people out there trying to take your money in return for “work at home opportunities” can make you pretty depressed.  But the truth is – despite the scammers and thieves – there really are legitimate work at home jobs available.  You just need to know where to look.

First, there are the jobs that you already know about.  Blogging – creating a free web log centered around whatever topic you choose – is already a well known way to make money from home.  Once you’ve got a following on your blog, you simply add the free Google AdSense application to your site – whenever people click on an ad that’s been placed on your site, then you make money. And making money without spending money is always nice.

Then there’s transcription – when you take audio recordings and create written transcripts of them.  Transcription jobs require good knowledge of the English language, typing speed of at least 75 words per minute, and you may have to take a transcription test before a company will hire you.  Sites that offer legit transcription jobs include and  For more info and transcription job opportunities, check out the OpportunityChecker.comTranscription Jobs page.

There’s also medical transcription.  All the above requirements apply for a medical transcription job, and in addition you need knowledge of medical terms.  If you already have experience working within the medical industry, then check out and for available jobs.  If you don’t have experience, but feel that medical transcription job might be for you, then search for training courses that are based on the American Association for Medical Transcription model curriculum.

And last of the work at home jobs you already know about – though certainly not least – there’s telemarketing. Telemarketing includes, but isn’t limited to, persuading contacts to book an appointment, committing to making a donation, or agreeing to try a product or service. Your calls could also be focused on debt collection.  Among the telemarketing companies to explore: and

And these are only the job opportunities that you’re likely familiar with already.  Check back to later this week for many work at home job opportunities you probably didn’t realize existed!

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